You R My Life part 12


Hello guys I’m back nd sorry for the late update…. Really I’m so busy in my works that I don’t have time to breathe. But today there’s a little time as it’s REPUBLIC DAY. So here u go with episode 12…..
Recap: raman nd vandu find ishuu’s weird behavior…….on the day of sangeeth abhi nd vandu perform…. While shagun walks she slips.
The episode starts with shagun falling while walking…..
Shagun: aaaaa……..
Ishu: shagun….. r u fine?
Shagun: ishu my ankle OMG I can’t take…..
Raman: shagun… firt u get up…(give his hand to get up, but she couldn’t… raman lifts her in her arms nd made her sit on a chair.)
Ishu: raman take care I’ll go nd get some medicines….(goes)
Aakash: shagun: what happened r u ok?
Shagun: aakash I jst fell while walking yaar…. It’s paining.

Raman: don’t worry shagun.
(ishu comes with medicines….. aakash makes shagun take medicines ns massages her ankle)
Shagun: ishu, raman i think I can’t dance so u jst go ahead.
Ishu: but without u…. shagun: no prblm… what will all think if dhulhan’s sis wont dance in her sangeeth so …
Raman: shagun r u sure..?
Shagun: yes I’m 1000% sure.
Aakash: ok guys I’ll jst go nd announce. …………Hm….. dhule nd dhulhan rocked the stage…… but let’s see what’ll these best friends do to the stage, come welcome my beloved friend ISHITA nd my bestie RAMAN.
( ishra went to the stage…. MEHERBAA HUA plays… they had a romantic dance… they both were lost in their romance…they danced….. all clapped for them. Ishu comes down the stage to vandu.)
Ishu: akka… how’s our performance….?
Vandu: ishu ur romance on the stage was rocking yaar….
Abhi: yes ishu….. u guys look good together, really ur chemistry was awesome.
Ishu: what’s this jiju?….
Vandu: really ishu…
Ishu: OMG!!! What’s all this? I’m going… ( she goes feeling shy. She went near a pole nd smiles thinking vandu nd abhi’s words. Meanwhile ishu hears 2 girls talking)
Girl 1 : I love today’s night yaar all the performances were good.

Girl 2: oh… tell me which one did u like most.
Girl1: hm…. I loved ishita nd raman’s the most yaar
Girl 2 : really I too loved it the most
Girl 1: they look like there r made for each other right.
Girl 2: yeh they were awesome…. Nd by the raman looks so handsome today right.
Girl 1: yah…
( they both laugh nd went… ishu smiles thinking abt raman. She feels something strange nd turns back she sees raman talking with someone. She stares at him. He notices her nd slowly comes towards her)
Raman: what madam, am I looking so handsome…? Staring at me.
Ishu: no…..
Raman: then why r u staring at me?
Ishu: a…. actually all were praising u that u r so helpful, smart nd….
Raman: handsome?
Ishu: hm…. Ya handsome….. a littile bit.
Raman: a little bit…? But u r so beautiful today.
Ishu: ha ha vry funny… stop kidding me yaar.

Raman: no no I’m serious…. Ur r so beautiful today that the moon can’t beat u, that twnkling stars
can’t beat u nd those pretty flowers can’t beat u nd these jewels u wear can’t beat u. u r that much beautiful.
They had nd eyelock.
Ishu: really raman?
Raman: yes ofcourse…. See all boys r looking at u nd they r jealous becoz u r talking with me. (
ishu looks around all boys were looking at ishu.)
Ishu: OMG ! raman ….. but I’m talking with the one whom all girls r looking…. Nd praising…..u know. But anyways thanks for ur compliments.
Raman: ur welcome…. Nd thanks for ur compliments too.
Ishu: and where’ re shagun nd aakash?
Raman: hm.. well shagun has a little pain so she’s resting, aakash ‘s managing her.
Ishu: nd ?
Raman: and I’m leaving for Mumbai the nxt morning to see my new born niece (sis’s daughter).
Ishu: oh… happy journey.

Raman: r u indirectly saying me to get lost?
Ishu: no no
Raman: jst kidding. Ok bye.
Ishu: bye…. Call me while going. Raman: ok.( he goes, ishu smiles thinkind him)
The next mornig…. Ishu woke up early to receive raman’s call. She’s waiting for his call. It’s 10:00 am….he didn’t call till. So she called him, but switched off. She called shagun:
Ishu: hello ! shagun did raman call u?
Shagun: no yaar. But anything serious.
Ishu: no no jst alike, ok then take rest bye. ( she ends the call nd calls to aakash)
Ishu: hello! Aakash…did raman called u?
Aaksh: no ishu but he said that he’s going to see his niece.
Ishu: ya I know that. But he’s not calling me or not receiving my calls. Ok bye I’ll talk to u later.
She ends the call. Here aakash thinks…

Aakash: hm… before raman used to think like this but now ishu…. If raman knows na he’ll become mad. He smiles.
2 days went on…. Ishu is worried thinking abt raman. She feels restless unless she talks with him.
Ishu: this raman na… such a mean guy….created this feeling nd went… now what abt me? Don’t y, ican’t stop thinking abt him sometimes I feel that I can’t even survie thinking abt him. Let him come back I’ll kill him. No no ishu if kill him then who’ll love u nd whom u’ll love? (She’s surprised for her words)
LOVE…? Am I in love with him….. yes I’m love with him. I love Raman. (Smiles) let him come I’ll tell my feeling to him…. No no why ishld say he’ll say na. but if he don’t have such feeling then?……. then, I’ll behave like I love him nd have feelings towards him….. where r u raman? Come fast na… missing u sooo much… call me or jst msg me I’ll be happy.

Ishu gets a call that raman has met with n accident……. She cries vigorously.

Plz forgive… I don’t have time to upload my ff, but whenever I’ve time I’m sure I’ll update, plz don’t expect me to update regularly.

Credit to: priya

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