You R My Life part 11

The episode starts with raman nd vandu thinking abt ishu’s behavior.
Raman: vandu what had happened to her? Is evry thing ok? She’s sayin to herself then it’s no raman it’s her imagination… something.
Vandu suddenly bursts into laughter. Raman looks at her in confused.
Vandu: sry, actually frm the I came ishu’s behaving like this. Frm the past 2 days she’s calling ur name. the day I came I scared her nd woke her up, she taunted me, iasked her will she do the same I mean getting up late, even after her marriage. Then she said that raman is so sweet, he can’t m struggling, so he won’t wake me up. The same thing happened today.
Raman: really?!!!!r u serious.
Vandu: yes of course I’m serious.
Raman: but vandu, y ‘ll she do this… I don’t understand.
Vandu: arey buddu!!! I think she’s in love with u, see I don’t know, I’m jst saying.
Meanwhile vandu gets a call frm abhi so she goes. Shagun nd aakash arrives there. Raman shares this with them.
Aakash: really? Did ishu…
Raman: yes yaar akhi, vandu told me.

Shagun: I don’t believe this. Raman she’s falling for u.
Raman: I don’t know but vandu also thinks the same.
Aakash: hey guys ishu’s coming.
Ishu: hi… when did u come? Shall we practice?
Shagun: sure come on guys.
They started practicing. While practicing …
Raman: Ishu, I heard that u’re remembering me, imagining me …. What’s going on?
Ishu: nothing raman….akka became mad, totally mad in jiju’s love, so she shuld have told this right don’t believe her.
Raman: oh, there’s nothing between us except friendship right?
Ishu: ya… of course!!!
Raman to himself: wow raman! Ishu’s in love with u, slowly she’s falling for u. now it’s ur turn to make her trap in ur love.
Meanwhile raman gets a call. He attends.
Raman: hello! ……… what r u serious? ………. Ok I’ll come. (Ends the call)
Ishu: raman what happened?

Raman: my sister, I mean simmi, has given birth to a baby girl. I have to go to see her. I’m eagerly waiting frm 9 months to see the baby.
Ishu: oh… will u go today?
Raman: yes…!
Ishu: how can u Raman, tomorrow is sangeeth right?
Raman: then what shld I do?
Ishu: hm… can’t u go on Sunday, after the sangeeth? Plz?
Raman:hm… ok fine.
Ishu: thankyou.
They continued their practice.
Raman:hm… ok fine.
Ishu: thankyou.
On the day of sangeeth……
All of them were chatting with each other. Raman nd aakash were in shrewani nd were talking. jst then ishu came in a blue lehanga, with red combination matching to raman’s sherwani, nd raman is stunned for her beauty.
Meanwhile the program starts. Aakash is hosting the program.
Aakash: may I pay ur attention plz? (All turned to him) so, good evening all, hope this night brings u all happiness. R u all waiting for the performances? So let’s start with a beautiful performance of dhule nd dhulhan!!!!
All clapped for them. Abhi nd vandu danced on MANWA LAAGE.
By the time while shagun walking she slips nd falls down, her ankle gets twisted.

Ishra to perform……. All praising them as best Jodi…..ishu blushes nd thinks abt raman.

sry to say this but, I will post my fan fiction every weekend because of my busy schedule. But I promise to update it every Sunday regularly nd a long one.

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