You R My Life part 10


The episode starts with ishu bringing coffee to them; she gives first to raman nd nd then to shagun aakash. Raman smells it.
Raman: hm… it smells gud did u made it, it’s really gud.
Ishu: thanks raman …. U know u r the one who said my coffee is gud without tasting it.nd even I made it for first time.
Aakash nice experiment ishu as Raman said it’s gud.
They drank coffee, while ishu staring Raman in surprise. After they practice a littile nd went to their respective homes. Raman goes to his room nd thinks abt ishu, while ishu thinks abt Raman. She feels the same feeling when she imagines Raman.
Ishu: what’s this strange feeling? Why am I feeling for Raman? Am i….
Meanwhile vandu comes
Vandu: ishu didn’t u sleep still?
Ishu: no akka..i’m waiting for u.
Vandu: I’m jst talking to abhi.
Ishu: hm…. Romance ha?
Vandu: shut up ishu.
Ishu: akka can I ask u something?
Vandu: s ishu…
Ishu: akka what is the feeling of love?
Vandu: it’s a great feeling ishu, now u won’t understand if I say…. U’ll undrstnd only when u fall in love with someone.
Ishu: okay…. Then how did u decide that abhi jiju is perfect for u? I mean do u know that he’ll make ur life beautiful?
Vandu: see ishu… we can decide before that our mate’ll make us happy or not but, they make us believe that they r perfect for us nd make us realize that they’ll make us happy.
Ishu: really?
Vandu: ya!!! By the way y do u want to take love classes frm me? Wait…on that day, when I came here u were talking abt raman right? That time u diverted me, say do u love him? I know u do.
Ishu: don’t know akka… I’m confused. Ok I’m sleepy, good night.
Vandu: dramebazzzz….. I’ll find out…. Ok goodnight.
The next morning ishu’ll dream the same dream i.e raman proposing her. Again ishu abt to accept vandu woke her up.
Ishu: what Raman…. I thought u was so sweet but u’re becoming like vandu akka.
Vandu: hello madam, where is Raman here?
Ishu realized what she said nd says: did I say Raman?
Vandu: yes madam, I told na, u r in love with him.
Ishu: no
Vandu: yes
Ishu: no
vandu: yes

ishu: no no no (screams)
ishu goes frm there to washroom. She looks into the mirror nd talks to herself.
Ishu: do u know what have u done? R u mad? y r u thinkind abt him? Don’t know that u love him or not. See ishu u shouldn’t slip ur tongue without any confirmation. So be controlled. ok gud girl.
She freshens up nd goes downstairs to eat breakfast. She sits nd calls amma for breakfast.
Amma frm kitchen: coming ishu.
Ishu sees raman coming from kitchen nd bringing her breakfast.
Ishu: raman!!! When did u come? Whre’s amma nd y r u bringing breakfast for me?
(Actually it’s ishu’s imagination)
Amma: what r u talking ishu? Have u gone mad? I think u r so hungry have some idlies, u’ll be better.
Saying this amma goes. Ishu rubs her eyes nd sees amma going to kitchen. Ishu in confusion.
Ishu to herself: y am I thinking abt raman even imaging him? What’s happening to u ishu?
Thinking that she ate her breakfast. After she sat with her mobile playing games. Meanwhile Raman comes. Ishu sees hi but avoids thinking it’s her imagination.
Raman: what happened ishu? Avoiding me? Y what’s the problem?
Ishu: no ishu, no. it’s no raman it’s jst ur imagination. Don’t slip ur tongue by greeting.
Raman to himself: what?!!! Ishu’s imaging me? OMG is she falling for me?
Meanwhile vandu comes.
Vandu: hey raman… when did u came?
Ishu in shock: akka can u see raman?
Vandu: ha… here beside u.
Ishu: what?! Really u r not joking right?
Vandu: ishu I agree that I have sight but not that much that I can’t see a man.
Ishu: means it’s not my imagination, u really came raman? Oh… I’m sorry.
Saying this she leaves feeling shy.
Raman nd vandu in confusion thinking what happened to her.

Vandu to inform raman abt ishu’s behavior….raman to know that ishu’s falling for him.

Credit to: priya

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