You R My Life (Intro)


Hi guys this is my first fan fiction…….i hope u all like it

Ishita , Raman .shagun and aakash were friends. Ishta is a medical student whereas Raman shagun and aakash r MBA students. There r studying in Delhi Institute. Coming to the story…..
Aakash: what’s this yaar why it’s happening to me..?
Raman: what happened aki…what’s the prblm ?
Aakash: Raman plz hlp me yaar…
Raman: will u tell me what the matter is?
Aakash: I’ve proposed a girl… named pinky…she had accepted but…
Raman: what? The girl she’s topper right…then…
Aakash: she’s saying thet I’ve to get top result in this semester, then she’ll love me..!
Raman: OMG! That’s impossible right
Aakash: ya.. that’s my problem wat to do now…?

Jst then ishu nd shagun come there…..
Ishu: hey guys..what’s up?
Raman: hm..hey Jhansi ki raani r ur classes over… came so early today…?
Ishu:will u jst shut up..? always muttering something…by the way I’m coming frm the ground..
Shagun: why this aakash so upset?
Raman narrates the whole story to them…
Ishu: aakash don’t worry yaar….for ur information..that pinky was already in love with some one…she used to say abt him every day to avery one a he’s an NRI…
Aakash: what?! Then why didn’t she tell me when I proposed her..?
Shagun: may be she wanted to insult u.
Aakash: she’s such a liar.. ijst hate her….i go nd ask …
Ishu : don’t don’t blme her aakash…may be u r also not in love with her ur jst attracted towards her…if u r in love her na.. then u’ll a strange feeling… really it’s a strange feeling u know….
Shagun : experience ha…. Do u have anyone in ur life?
Ishu : no yaar…not yet.. may be not even in future…
Raman: why? Won’t u get marry?
Ishu: no.. becoz I’m going to engage soon. Sorry I forgot to say…
All r in shock….
Shagun: what? R u joking?
Ishu: no yaaar I’m serious it’s true…amma said it to me today… I refused but she forced me to do so..
Aakash: idiot…didn’t tell us by the congrats…(hugs her)
Shagun: congrats ishu…..(hugs)…who’s the lucky guy?
Ishu: even I don’t know I didn’t see him, even don’t his name but he’s from America….had a job there..he’s coming here in this month…to see me. Then I’ll show him to u guys.
Aakash: oh that’s great then when will u give a party…
Shagun: yes yes we want a party….. what do u say Raman ?
Raman: sorry guys….i have an urgent work.. plz u guys continue…
Aakash: Raman yaar do u have an urgent work than our ishu?
Raman: yes I do have…sorry once again bye…
He goes frm there…to his home…nd straight to his room….opens his diary nd takes apic… talking to it. It’s ishita’s..
Raman: r u really happy ishu with this relation u r going to make?….i don’t know how to react… I thought of proposing u on the u r having ur most memorable day which u r receiving ur degree by getting first in this semester , this is ur biggest goal right…I thought o making that movement even more better than ever. But you’ve decided… I won’t stop u… I wish u to be happy forever. That’s it what I want. Congrats ishu for ur …..
Saying this he puts that pic in the diary with teared eyes….

Ishu comes to raman’s room… opens his diary nd sees her pic in his diary nd gets shocked seeing it.

Credit to: priya

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  1. Hii priya….Very nice starting..please continue and update regularly..

  2. Yes its nice update soon and introduce some family members toi then ot will be.more intresting

  3. thankyou neha, zee and hayati for ur support….
    ya i’ll make sure… that i’ll update regularly for sur..
    nd the upcoming trck w’ll be more intresting…. with ishra scenes…!!!!

  4. Nice one Priya..

  5. Good….very good…but please do not introduce to many pair..

  6. Amazing!! Loved it ❤️Pls update ?

  7. thank you nivedha , lovely nd maanya…vry much!!

  8. Amazing pls update regularly

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey priya,It’s a good one…..plz update regularly…… I am waiting yaar……

  10. THANK YOU mishti nd reshma
    i’ll update regularly…

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