You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS) – Season 2- (intro)

Hello friends. I m come back with the season 2 of my previous ff. Friends this season is surely connected to the previous one. So don’t be confused okay? If u wamt the links of the previous season then plz ask me, I will give u. I know u all know about the characters but then too giving it-

Viplav Tripathi- A romantic husband of Dhaani, loving father of Deepak and Vidhi and also a naughty jeeja of RL.(both share a cute bond)

Dhaani Tripathi- A caring wife of Viplav, sweet but sometimes strict mother and also a loving bhabhi of Raj(actually they share a great bond of bhabhi-devar)

Deepak Tripathi- A naughty boy, he is Vidhaani’s son, he is more closer to Viplav but also loves Dhaani equally, loves his sister but always keeps on fighting with her.

Vidhi Tripathi-A naughty but sweet girl, she is a lovely daughter of our Vidhaani, she loves his brother a lot but also keeps on fighting with him.

Raj Tripathi- A caring husband and a loving father of Atharva and Priya, loves his brother and bhabhi a lot, he shares a special bond with Dhaani as a naughty devar.

Rajlakshmi Tripathi- A lovely wife and a cute mother of Atharva and Priya, she is sometimes strict with them but still loves them very much, she shares a cute bond with Viplav.

Atharva- son of RL and Raj.

Priya- daughter of RL and Raj.

The story revolves around a cute family who stays in one house. And…….! And I don’t have anything to To know more about it, keep reading!


  1. maha

    Wow !! season 2 of ki and ka, interesting 🙂
    I will surely enjoy reading cute romance of vidhani and bond of brother and sister.. waiting for the next one .. Go on 🙂

  2. Shruthy

    |Registered Member

    Wow that’s nice. But honestly telling, I dont remember what was the seasin 1’s story. Need to read it again.
    Anyways cant wait for part 2! But dont forget to post the other ones. You keep writing new stories and forget the old ones

    • Mariyam123


      Thanks Shruthy. In the next episode I will give u the links. Then u read and u will get a fair idea about it.

      Oh plz don’t tell I have forgotten the old ones. I remember but I have no idea on how to make it interesting for u. I m posting the new ones first so that u don’t forget my ffs. When I will get a exciting episode for the old ones I will post it.

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        Oh don’t need to worry, I guess I will find them 🙂
        Sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you … Don’t worry take your time 🙂

    • Mariyam123


      Thank u Aiswarya. Not at all good. I have not started till now. Whenever I open my books I just get lazy! Thanks for asking dear.

    • Mariyam123


      Thanks kavya. Keep reading.

      I m very sorry dear. I could not read your ff. I m very busy so was unable to read. I will try to read it asap and also comment.

  3. Renu

    Great elle looking forward for this seems this to be exciting. As all stories start with viplav n dhanis fights slowly developing into love then they get married n the story ends in their marriage or anniversary or child birth. But here every thing is already done so eagerly waiting for suspense m??

  4. Lakshmi

    oh dear season 2……..hmmm very interesting….i am wondering from where did u get these much of ideas..? but superb dear and continue like this……very anxiously waiting for the first epi….and ur cp is so cute….and also ur pp of dhani is looking wow….

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