You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS) – Episode 9


Hi friends. I m back with my ff. Hope u all r liking the current track. Here’s the ninth one.

Viplav is in bathroom bathing. He closes the shower and opens his eyes. He smiles seeing Dhaani in front of him. He says Dhaani you. Dhaani says yes any problem? Viplav smilingly says no no problem. Dhaani u will not hug me? Viplav is now on cloud nine. He says why not? Come and he hugs her. But unfortunately she was not Dhaani but the wall. He was dreaming. He says am I gone mad in her love? Yes I love her. He jumps and says I love her I love her. Dhaani I love u and smiles.

In happiness he goes out only with the towel. He goes to the kitchen. There Dhaani is preparing food. He goes there and says hi Dhaani!!! How m I looking? Dhaani sees him and screams and turns back. Viplav says what happened? Am I looking handsome? Dhaani says look at yourself. From which angle u r looking handsome? Viplav sees himself and screams. Dhaani says u don’t have shame. Anyone comes out with a towel? Viplav says at least I wore towel. First say thank u to me. ( He is saying this to trouble her.) Dhaani says first u go. Viplav says first u say thank u then only I will go. Poor Dhaani!!! She says ok baba thank u!! Now go. Viplav says for what thank u? Dhaani says for troubling me, now go? Viplav says now I will not go only.

Just then Kanak comes. She sees Viplav without clothes and Dhaani asking him to go with her eyes closed. Kanak says beta today what happened? U brought clothes na? Viplav hesitantly says no no m..maa. I m going. I thought my clothes were here. So I came. Kanak says beta u kept ur clothes in the kitchen? Viplav says I was not getting my clothes so I thought to find it in the kitchen. Kanak says now go or u want to stay like this only? Viplav says going maa and he goes.

At night, Viplav and Raj r sleeping. Viplav is in his dreams. He is dreaming about Dhaani. He is about to kiss Dhaani but he kisses Raj. He gets up and finds Raj in front of him. He says from where this donkey came over here? He tries to sleep but in vain. He thinks to meet Dhaani and come. He goes.

Viplav reaches Dhaani’s room. He is out of Dhaani’s room but the door is closed from inside. He thinks Dhaani I m coming in a heroic manner. Just wait and watch!! He goes down out of the house. He climbs the pipe and comes through the window.

There he finds Dhaani. Dhaani us sleeping. He goes near her. He is continuously seeing Dhaani. Bol do na zara…….plays…… Shalu coughs. Viplav slowly hides. Viplav thinks beta u go or moti will catch me. He smiles at Dhaani and goes. The episode ends.

Precap- No precap.(Just wait and watch)

Friends hope u all loved today’s episode. Don’t forget to drop ur valuable comments. Also read my second ff Revenge or love. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Chuttki…enjoyed episode to the fullest…keep going….. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  2. Wow Louella u are so talented you write so wonderful… Loving it update the next part soon..

    1. Thanks a lot Maria. I will post the next one ASAP.

  3. Elle wonderful i just bursted out?????????when viplav asked how am i looking.? To sweet romantic. I seriously wonder how u can write all this at this age??well u seem to be sup……er intelligent ????

    1. Thank u so much Renu. Don’t appreciate me so much. I will be on cloud nine.

    2. hi renu my name means…ascetic,a devoted to god,pious virgin

      1. Thks batool too gud

  4. Loving this naughty wala Viplav. Imagining him as so is quiet funny and your ViDhaani are too cute. ??❤️ keep rocking!

    1. Thanks Shuruthy. I think u r a silent reader. Plz do keep reading and commenting. Also try to comment on other ffs too.

  5. superb episode Louella ….you are writing two ff ….superb sis …all the best 🙂

    1. Thank u Avijit bhai.

  6. Awesome episode louella…??
    Veryy funny??
    Maze aa gaye??

    1. Thanks Arshi di.

  7. Really suberb Louella naughty viplav and cute vidhaan scenes really great and writing two ff is not a easy task great effort keep it up……?

    1. Thanks Kaviya. Keep reading.

  8. Nice episode Louella. I always love and enjoying viplav s naughtiness. Keep it up

    1. Thanks Latha.

    1. Thanks batool.

  9. superb epi princess n keep going..

    1. Thanks Vaishnavi.

  10. Awsome good going cutie..

    1. Thanks Meghs di.

  11. Haha.. funny! ? Enjoyed! ?

    1. Thanks Mahira.

  12. louella very funny hahaha……laughed alot today…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks lakshmi.

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