You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS) – Episode 8


Hi friends. Hope u all r liking my ff. So here’s the eight episode.

Raj and Viplav r still hearing the girl’s talks. He smiles seeing Dhaani and is continuously seeing her. Shalu sees them and says u both came here. Now go from here. Saying this she pushes both of them and closes the door. Raj says chalo bhai. We will go out. Girls r waiting for our heroic entry. Viplav says chotte u go. I will not flirt. Raj says ohoo!! Now u will flirt with Dhaani. Viplav shows his killer smile.

Mohan says Shambhu now u have come in our house u have to stay here for one week. Shambhu says but… Mohan says no but. You have to stay here. I will show u
your rooms and he goes with Shambhu and Kanak. Viplav and Raj come down. Dulaari says arey beta come I will show you your room. They all go.

It’s afternoon. Dhaani is in the kitchen preparing food for everyone. Viplav is searching for Dhaani. Dhaani then places a stool to climb up to take the flour. Viplav at last comes in the kitchen and finds Dhaani. Dhaani is struggling to take the flour. Viplav says very clever girl. You r imitating like the heroines in films na. The heroine tries to take the flour and then her leg slips and she falls down but the hero saves her. He bends down and says come u fall I will hold u. Dhaani comes down of the stool and says no thanks. U go and bring the flour.

Viplav climbs the stool and says it’s very easy. I will bring it in 10 seconds. U count till ten and the box will be in ur hand. He is looking at Dhaani and removing the box. But his leg slips and he falls down with the flour all over him. Dhaani sees this and laughs. Viplav is just looking at her. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho…….plays……. Dhaani says u wanted to give me the box or u wanted to bath with flour. See urself. Viplav sees himself and realises that the flour is all over him. He says I will change and come. Dhaani smiles seeing him. The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani is sleeping in her room. Viplav comes climbing the pipe through the window to Dhaani’s room to meet her.(naughty Viplav.)

Friends I know it’s short but plz understand. U all know my leg pain so I m not able to post properly as I have to rake rest also but after my leg is alright I will post a longer one. If u liked this episode plz comment.

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  1. wow nice louella…and wat happened to your leg anyway i hope it will be fine soon..good luck with your next epi…

    1. Thanks batool. While playing I got hurt on both my legs. Not able to walk properly. Anyways I will post the next episode soon.

  2. hey cutie no problem pehle tum teek ho jao uske baad post karo ok?
    by the way variety scene liked it. :-*

    1. Thanks Lakshmi.

  3. Flour over Viplav………. hahaha………. loved it Louella….
    and yes…. pehle tum thik ho jaao and then post longer episodes…. thik ho jaao chuttki and till then no masti…no more playing …give complete rest to your legs…. 🙂 okay??

    1. Thanks a lot Sujie. Ya I m taking complete rest. Didn’t go to play also. Thank u so much for ur care dear. It means a lot to me.

  4. Hi princess get well soon, and as usual loved it and get well soon and update it soon!! Love your ff

    1. Thanks Maria. I will post the next one tomorrow itself. If u all r there with me I will definitely get well soon.

  5. Finally! You posted! ? I was so anxiously waiting for this! ? Loved it! ?

    Yeah.. take rest! ? And next time play with care! ? Get well soon!

  6. Thanks a lot Mahira. And sorry for the late post. Thank u so much for ur care.

  7. Lovely writing Louella. well done. Glad to hear your taking it easy. Xxx

    1. Thank u so much Nimisha di.

  8. Nice epi… Get well soon

    1. Thanks a lot Goldie.

  9. Hai Princess,its really superb but i think the story started only now.and u are very clever na,how perfectly u recreated that flour scene here.u repeated it but in a very creative way.i just loved that recreation brilliance.keep rocking like this and take care of ur leg.take care means not to run but to take rest,ok?

    1. Thanks a lot Saranya di. Ya I m taking rest. Thanks a lot for ur care.

  10. Very nice elle take care get well soon then post?

    1. Thank u Renu.

  11. Its awesome
    But cutie first take care of ur leg n then post ur ff..

    1. Thanks a lot Meghs di.

  12. Reminds me of kasam… But awesome to imagine it with vidhani… Recently I’ve started reading this ff… ?????

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