You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 7


A big hi to all the members of ikrs family and also silent readers. We have reached the seventh episode. Thank u very much for ur support and today’s episode is something special. So today I also want all the silent readers to comment. Here’s the seventh episode.

In America, it’s early morning,
Viplav and Raj are packing their bags. Viplav says chotte I m feeling very sad. Raj says Bhai what happened? Everything ok? Viplav says nothing is ok. If I will go from here then what will happen to all the girls here? Before Raj could say something Shalu enters and says bhaiya u just think about my best friend Dhaani. U r not the last boy left in America. Give others also a chance to flirt. Once u will meet Dhaani u will forget me and Raj bhaiya also.

Viplav says ok ok. Shalu says u didn’t finish packing till now. Do fast I want to meet Dhaani as soon as possible. Raj says ok ok. But Shalu is still standing there staring at both of them. Viplav says mam u will go now or I bring taxi. Shalu says hmmmm don’t bring taxi bring aeroplane. I will reach early. Viplav hits her and says moti go fast or I will kick u out. Shalu says calm down bhaiya don’t be so angry. Before ur marriage only u will become an old man. All ur hairs will become white. Then who will marry u? Viplav says I will marry raj. Raj says bhai r u mad? Shalu says ok bhaiya I m going or I will become mad with both of ur romance and she goes. Viplav says ab aayi line pe.

Viplav’s family reaches airport. They sit on the plane. The aeroplane is seen flying in the sky. In two hours they reach India. There also Viplav and Raj are flirting with a girl. Shalu comes and says bhaiya chale.

They sit in the taxi. Shambhu explains to his children about his and Mohan’s friendship. Viplav and Raj are fed up of listening. Viplav says papa one day u will give divorce to maa and marry Mohan uncle. Kanak, Shalu and Raj giggle. Shambhu says what rubbish r u talking. God knows when u will change.

In the taxi Shambhu is still going on talking about Mohan. Everyone there r fed up of the same thing. Viplav says maa how can u marry such a person who is in love with another person. It would be better if u would have Dhoni. Kanak says if I would not have married ur papa how could u three be here. Viplav says bechari maa!!! Shambhu says stop it now. Don’t open ur mouth now. Viplav puts his finger on his lips.

Soon they reach out of Dhaani’s house. Viplav comes out of the taxi. All the girls see him and get happy. Viplav again starts flirting. Soon all the girls surround him. Raj see this and he also goes to the girls. Shalu goes to them and says bhaiya at least leave them. Come on. Let’s go and she pulls both of them. Shambhu and Kanak go towards Dhaani’s house. All three follow them. They knock at Dhaani’s house. Dulaari goes and opens the door. And there is our hero’s family. Dulaari gets happy seeing them. Kanak and Shambhu greet her. Dulaari also greets them. She asks them to come inside.They all go and sit. Mohan comes and sees his friend. Shambhu and Mohan hug each other. Viplav thinks accha toh yeh hai maa ki soutan.

RL Dhaani are in their room. Dulaari comes there and says RL, Dhaani come down. Viplav’s family is come from America. Dhaani is shocked as well as happy. RL says we r coming. Dulaari goes. Dhaani happily says RL Viplav is come. I told u na that they will come. RL says di chale. Dhaani and RL go down. Both of them greet Kanak and Shambhu. Mohan introduces RL and Dhaani to Viplav’s family and also introduces Viplav’s family to Dhaani and RL. Shalu hugs RL and Dhaani. Dhaani says I missed u so much. Shalu says me too. They all smile seeing them.

Our hero is mesmerized seeing Dhaani. His eyes r completely on her. Dheere dheere se…….plays……… Raj says bhai love her? Viplav says yes…no no how can love her? Raj says Bhai yes or no? Viplav says no way.

Mohan says u three go to Dhaani’s room. Go there and chat and we will chat here. RL, Dhaani and Shalu go. Viplav follows them hidingly. Dhaani, RL and Shalu sit and chat. Viplav hides and sees them. His eyes r fixed on Dhaani. Raj comes to Viplav and says bhai chupke se baate bhi sunne lage. Viplav says talk slowly or we will get caught. RL says you know Shalu di loves Viplav a lot. She is waiting for him for 16 years. Shalu says ohooo! And they both tease Dhaani. Dhaani feels shy. Viplav hears all this and thinks she loves me and smiles.

Shalu asks Dhaani now I will take ur interview to see how much u love bhaiya, ok? Dhaani says ok. Shalu says so ur first question is what do u think is love. Viplav thinks love is a feeling which one can never describe. Dhaani says the same. Viplav smiles hearing the same answer. Shalu says very good answer. Now tell me what can u do for ur love? Viplav thinks I can give my life for my love. Dhaani says the same. Viplav is thinking wow. Again same answer. Then Shalu says who is ur love? Dhaani immediately says Viplav and Viplav says Dhaani. Raj says what happened bhai? Why r u calling Dhaani? Viplav comes to his senses and says nothing. Raj says accha toh aapko Dhaani se pyaar ho hi gaya. Viplav smiles and says ha mujhe pyaar ho hi gaya. He smiles.(not ordinary one, that killer smile). The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani is sleeping in her room. Viplav comes climbing the pipe through the window to Dhaani’s room to meet her.

I hope u liked today’s episode. Don’t forget go drop ur valuable comments.

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  1. OMG! Goosebumping Episode! ? Loved every bit of it!! You took the story soothingly Thank God! Viplav also started to love her! ? A much wow episode dear! Can’t describe more!! How much I loved it! Out of words! ?

    1. Thanks a lot Mahira. It means a lot to me.

  2. Louella…. Louella …… Louella….. Tumne maar dala ….. Awesome….. Viplav loves Dhaani…Dhaani loves Viplav……. Go on dear… Loving it

    1. Thank u so so so much Sujie

  3. Wow Louella its too good episode and both of them loving each other good going ya I loved soooo much post next episode soon

    1. Thank u so much Latha. I will post the next part today itself.

  4. Wow louella awesome yaar loved it thoroughly pls update it soon pls and I love your ff very much. Thank u so much for this treat!! Love you ?

    1. Thanks Maria. Even I love ur ff so much. I will post the next part today. Love u too dear!!

  5. wow! Louella, what a ishq ishq episode…n that Viplav aka Mishal’s killer wala smile maar dalega 1din 😉 😛

    1. Thanks Nima. Hahaha mishal ka smile ek din sabko maar dalega.

  6. Elle this writing at yr age is wonderful god bless u.a typo error it takes approx 16 hrs from us to india not 2 hrs.

    1. Thanks a lot Renu. Arey u r in Louella’s world where we reach India just in 2

  7. louella hume bhi pyaar ho gaya tumse aur tumhari ff se

    1. Thank u so much Lakshmi. Aapse aur aapke ff se mujhe pehle se hi pyaar ho gaya tha. Aapke ff ko jaldi post kar lena.

      1. jaise aapke marzi 😉

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