You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 6


Hi friends. I couldn’t post the next part due to telly updates server maintainence. So here’s the next one.

In America,
A party is going on. It’s someone’s engagement party. A handsome boy is roaming around flirting with all the girls there. He is the one and only Viplav Tripathi.(friends don’t throw rotten eggs on me for this). Not only that even his brother Raj is doing all this. They both are roaming around flirting with girls and asking their phone numbers.

Shambhu and Kanak see all this. Shambhu says see what ur sons are doing. Kanak says even I m seeing. But what we can do. Shambhu says at least we can go back India. Viplav is 23 years old now. He has to marry Dhaani. Kanak says we cannot go India and she goes from there angrily.(Friends Kanak likes Dhaani but is not ready to accept it. Don’t worry I m there na. I will make everything alright. U all just enjoy the party).

While Viplav and Raj are roaming, a chubby young girl comes from behind and says bhaiya again u both started. You boys r disgusting.(humari pyaari Shalu aa gayi) But they don’t response and continue walking. Shalu says oh God!!! Now u only do something. Just then a girl’s father comes and holds Viplav’s and Raj’s ears and says u both r flirting with girls. Viplav says yes but first leave our ears. He leaves their ears. Raj understands that he is a girl’s father with whom Viplav was flirting. Viplav says who r u to tell me? Raj tries to stop Viplav. But our hero says dont tell anything chotte. He then says to that man oh uncleji have u seen yourself. I know that after sending me u want to flirt with them right? Arey u look like her father. Raj whispers in Viplav’s ears Bhai he is that girl’s father. Viplav says what? Viplav lovingly says to that man Namaste uncleji hum toh bas mazaak kar rahe the.(Dono ko saath mein sanskaar yaad aa gaye. Abhi gusse mein baat kar rahe the aur ab pyaar se baat kar rahe hai) and they both run away.

They both stop and Viplav says chotte baar baar bache. He says why didn’t u tell me that he was that girl’s father? Raj says Bhai I was trying to tell u but did u listen? Viplav says leave all this and he points to a girl and says let’s go to her and they go.

In India,
Both sisters r chatting. RL says di if u want to see Viplav I have an idea. Want to know? Dhaani excitingly says tell tell.(arey dhaani itni bhi kya jaldi hai) RL says I will tell u but u have to give me something. Dhaani saysk but what u want. RL says I want a cute handsome boy to marry like Salu. Dhaani who is confused asks who is Salu?RL shyingly says arey u don’t know Salu. He is Salmaan Khan. Dhaani says oh Salmaan Khan. Tune na usko bhi nahi choda. RL says chalega? Dhaani says chalega. RL says pakka. Dhaani says ha baba pakka. RL says u search in facebook na. U will find him easily. Dhaani says I searched and I found 100 Viplav. RL shockingly says di u can’t handle one and u r behind 100 Viplav. Dhaani says Chup kar. Now listen I got 100 people named Viplav. So my pakka wala promise cancelled. RL says what? Di now I will not leave u and she chases her. Dhaani runs and teases her.

In America, it’s night.
Kanak and Shambhu r in their room. Shambhu sats Viplav is now 23 years old. It’s time to go India. Kanak says Shambhuji why there is a need to go to India? We r living here happily na then why India? Shambhu says because it’s time for Viplav to marry with Dhaani and I m sure he will agree for this marriage.

Suddenly Viplav and Raj come to their room.(they both heard only the word marriage.) Viplav shockingly says what papa!!! U r marrying again. Who is thay girl I will not leave her. Raj says oh God!!! What will happen to maa. Shambhu says what rubbish. Viplav sats now we became rubbish for u. Kanak says stop it both of u. Shambhuji is talking about your marriage not his. Till when I m here no one cam marry Shambhuji. Viplav says wah maa kya dialogue maara hai. Shambhu says we r going India tomorrow itself. I want to meet my best friend Mohan and also we have to decide about Viplav’s marriage. Viplav and Raj say tomorrow. Shambhu says yes tomorrow.

Just then Shalu comes. She says what is tomorrow. Shambhu says tomorrow we r going India to meet my best friend Mohan and ur friend Dhaani. Shalu says Wow India. Then I will meet my best friend Dhaani. Viplav and Raj say u know Dhaani. (shalu remembers Dhaani but these boys do not.) Shambhu says Shalu now u have to make a habit of calling ur best friend bhabhi because now she is going to marry Viplav. Viplav says how can I marry. What will happen to all the girls of America? Shambhu says once u will see Dhaani u will forget all the girls. Just wait and watch. Now go and sleep. Tomorrow morning we have to reach the airport. The episode ends.

Precap- Someone knocks at Dhaani’s house and opens the door. She gets happy seeing them.

Friends if u want to know who is the one who came to Dhaani’s house and seeing them Dulaari got happy u have to wait for the next episode. And don’t forget to drop ur valuable comments.

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  1. Wow elle good they have come back to
    India. Felt bad viplav does not remember dhani. Lets see what happens next. One minor correction it is BAL BAL BACHE.BLESS U dear.

    1. Thanks Renu. Arey don’t worry our hero will soon remember her. So sorry for that mistake.

  2. Wow very interesting episode louella keep it up cutie pie

    1. Thanks a lot Fatarajo.

  3. Louella princess …great going…. Hamara Viplav…Dhaani ko dekhega to American girls ko bhool jayega….keep going chhuttki

    1. Thank u Sujie. Sahi kaha aapne.

  4. Interesting episode dear pls post the next part soon

    1. Thank u so much Maria. Will try to post the next one ASAP.

  5. Hey friends, what is this new story?

    1. Shah this is a fan fiction written by me.

  6. hey princess i dont hv words for ur ff its simply greatttt keep going..

    1. Thank u Vaishnavi.

  7. Haha! I could seriously imagine that Carefree Viplav! ? Loved it!

    1. Thanks Mahira. Even I could imagine carefree viplav.

  8. Go on louella go on.i am just waiting for viplav’s entry to india.dhani be ready for meeting our carefree viplav.

    1. Thanks a lot Saranya. Arey Dhaani is already ready for our Viplav’s entry,

  9. sudhar jao viplav jyada ladkiyo se flirting dhani k liye hanikarak ho sakta hai samjhe ya samjhaye ?
    Louella superb episode keep it up dear.?

    1. Thank u Nima. Aapne samjhaaya hai toh Viplav samajh hi jayega. Kyun theek kaha na?

      1. ?….haha?

  10. very interesting story louella well done, all the best my dear…..

    1. Thanks a lot kaviya.

  11. Awesome Cutie i am waiting for nxt prt

    1. Thanks meghs di. Will post the next one on Monday.

  12. cutie very nice waiting for next one

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