You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 5


Hi friends!!! First of all a big sorry to all of u for not posting my ff for nearly a week. Today’s episode I will make it longer. So here we go.

The episode starts with Shalu crying. She says today is my birthday and papa did not fulfill my wish. Kanak consoles her. Just then Mohan and Shambhu come downstairs. Shambhu goes to Shalu and holds his ears and says SORRY!!! But out Shalu is still crying. Shambhu says if I fulfill ur wish then will u stop crying? Shalu nods yes. Shambhu says then ur wish is fulfilled. Shalu and Kanak smile. Viplav and Raj ask but papa what is the wish? Shambhu says beta the wish is that we will go America and stay there for 16 years. Raj and Viplav smile but Dhaani and Dulaari are shocked. Kanak thinks no Shambhuji not 16 years but forever.

Three days passed. It’s the day when Viplav’s family r going America. Viplav and his family r standing out. Dhaani’s family is also there. Mohan and Shambhu hug each other and Dulaari and Kanak hug each other. Viplav is sitting in his car. Dhaani comes to him and gives him her toys. She says u told me yesterday na that u will forget me after 16 years then take these toys. This will make u remember me. Viplav takes it and smiles.

Kanak sees all this and gets irked.(actually she likes Dhaani but also she wants Viplav to get married to a girl of her choice.) She hidingly takes the toys and throws it in the dustbin. She thinks I will not let Viplav remember Dhaani. Shambhu says Mohan now it’s time for us to leave but I will never forget my promise. Mohan smiles. Raj and Shalu wave bye to their friends. They all sit in the car. The car moves. Dhaani rubs behind the car. Viplav sees this from the window. He removes the locket from his neck and throws it to Dhaani. Dhaani catches it. Humari adhuri kahani song plays…….

After 16 years,
A beautiful girl of age 22 is shown doing puja. She finishes her puja and turns behind. But before she turns behind a girl comes and puts her hand on her eyes. The girl says u r Rajlakshmi. RL says Dhaani di u always recognise me(oh so she is our heroine Dhaani). Dhaani says only u do like this naughty things. Ram has gone to abroad for her further studies. And Viplav…. Saying this she stops. RL understands that she is in pain but she wants to know the reason for her pain. So she asks what happened di? Why u stopped? Everytime u take Viplav’s name and u stop. I know u r waiting for him. U still remember him but maybe he has forgotten u. They have not even called us till now then why r u waiting for them? Today u have to tell me. Dhaani says RL stop it now. U want to know the reason na. I will tell u. When I was 18 years old papa had told me that Shambhu uncle had promised papa that after 16 years he will come back India and will make me and Viplav marry. And also I loved Viplav from childhood itself.

I have waited for him for 16 years and I believe that he will come. I have not forgotten him and also he must have not forgotten me. Saying this she holds her neck but it’s empty. She gets shocked. She says RL give me my locket. RL smilingly says di do u think I have taken it? Do u think I m chor? Dhaani says when did I say u r a chor? Now give me my locket. It’s given by Viplav and if it gets lost I will not leave u. RL says ok di cool down. Take this locket. Dhaani takes it. The episode ends.

Precap- A handsome boy is shown in a party flirting with all the girls there.

Any guesses who is he?

Guys again I m very sorry for not posting my ff. But now I will try to be regular. If u liked it comment. Bye bye!!

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  1. Hi elle it is interesting but short. Also that guy is viplav ‘ is it.

    1. Thanks Renu. When I was posting I did not know whether it is short or long. Now I realised its very short. Next time I will try to make it long.

  2. finally you came
    ..good episode and hero ka entry hoga of course 😛

    1. Thank u Avijit bhai. Yes I m back.

  3. I love your ff dear and the boy is ofcourse our handsome hero Viplav, and post the next one soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Maria. I will post the next one ASAP.

  4. love it Louella…. go on

    1. Thanks a lot Sujie.

  5. mmm interesting…. interesting… come oooooonnnnnnn

    1. Thank u doctor sahiba.

  6. Hmmm soooooo interesting dear…..well done…..loved it

    1. Thanks a lot ahana di.

  7. Finally! You came! Bari dair lgga di aany me! ? Anyways, episode was good as usual! Excited to hell for next episode! Viplav is coming! Huraah! ?

    1. Thank u so much Mahira. Again very sorry for coming so late. Kaan pakadke sorry bolti hu.

  8. louella as usual u rocked
    i think it would be viplav or it will be raj

    1. Thank u so much Lakshmi.

  9. Cutie finally u come backe ha with ur ff… Ya it will nxt hero entry only…

    1. Thanks Meghs di. Ya I m back!!!

  10. very interesting episode…flirting karnewala hamara naughty viplav toh nahi? 🙂

    1. Thanks Nima. Aapko sab pata chal jayega next episode mein.

  11. Well done Louella! Xxxx

    1. Thanks Nimisha di.

  12. Interesting louella..
    Waiting for next one… for our hero’s entry ?
    Update soon hmm..!!

    1. Thanks a lot Arshi di. I will try to update it ASAP. By the way how r your studies going on?

      1. STUDIES….huh..trying n trying without having any gurantee of success..

        Following ur ideas..taking rest after every 2 hrs and come to TU to refresh myself or else sleep..

    2. Good Arshi di.

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