You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 2


Hi friends. I m very happy that u all liked the first part. Now let’s see the second one. Here we go.

In a beautiful house small girl is playing with a girl and a boy. That girl is our cute princess Dhaani and she is playing with Rajlakshmi and Ram. They are actually waiting for their friends Viplav, Raj and Shalu. Rajlakshmi says today is Sunday and we were supposed to play something nice but where is Viplav, Raj and Shalu. Today I will definitely not leave them. Ram says u r right Rajlakshmi we will not talk with them. Dhaani says arey why u all r becoming angry. I know why they didn’t come. They had told me that Viplav is sleeping and they will wake him up and come soon.(actually Dhaani only doesn’t knows that why her friends r not coming. She is telling lies so that at least she can play, aaj kal ke baccho ko khelne ke liye jhoot bhi bolna padta hai)

Rajlakshmi asks Dhaani u r telling lies na? I know that u want to play that’s why u r telling lies. Dhaani says ok u ask Viplav only that why they came so late and I m super sure that Viplav would be sleeping and that’s why they came late.

Here at Viplav’s house, Viplav gets ready and comes down. Raj and Shalu look angrily at him. Viplav sees this and asks what happened? Shalu says bhaiya we were waiting for u for half an hour. How much time do you take to get ready? Are u going to meet your girlfriend or going to play? Raj says even maa doesn’t take so mucj time to get ready. Viplav says cool down and let’s go or at Dhaani’s house again Rajlakshmi will give us a lecture. Shalu says arey ha. Again if we will get that lecture then I will sleep over there only. Viplav says moti u always think about eating and sleeping. Now let’s go. They all leave for Dhaani’s house.

Viplav, Raj and Shalu are on their way to Dhaani’s house. They are talking while walking. Let’s see what they are talking. Shalu says bhaiyas do you remember what is tomorrow? Viplav says what is tomorrow. Do you know Raj? Raj says no Viplav I don’t know.(They both know that it’s Shalu’s birthday tomorrow but they are doing this to tease her).

Shalu says u both really don’t know what is tomorrow. Viplav and Raj nod their heads. Seeing this Shalu gets angry and she begins to walk fast. Viplav and Raj also smilingly follow her.

They reach Dhaani’s house and ring the bell. Dhaani opens the door and says u all are coming now and asks them to come inside. They go inside and they see Rajlakshmi and Ram sitting angrily. Viplav asks Dhaani what happened to them? Dhaani says because of u. Viplav says me, what I did? Dhaani winks and says that u came so late so I told them that u had informed me yesterday that u will come late as u will be sleeping but they r not ready to hear me and from half an hour they are sitting like this and not even talking to me.

Viplav goes to them and holds his ears and says sorry I forgot to tell you both now plz Maharani sahiba and maharajaji will you come to play or today u r doing monvrat(not talking whole day).

Ram and Rajlakshmi smile and says ok ok we will come. Viplav and others also smile but only Shalu is sitting angrily. Dhaani notices and asks Viplav what happened to Shalu? From when I m seeing she is angry. Viplav and Raj giggle and then laugh out loudly. Dhaani says what is this? I m asking you something and you both are laughing. Viplav smilingly says I will explain u what happened and he says everything that happened on the way. Rajlakshmi then says arey ha. Now I remember what is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday. Raj and Viplav laugh out loudly. Dhaani says tomorrow is Shalu’s birthday na? Shalu smiles and says Dhaani only you are my best friend. Others all are making fun of me. Ram says now leave all this and let’s go to play and they all leave.

At Viplav’s house Kanak, Shambhu, Dulaari and Mohan are having tea and talking. Kanak says tomorrow is Shalu’s birthday we must celebrate it in a special manner. Shambhu says we will organise a party. He says to Mohan that you both have to come with your children at our house on the occasion of my daughter’s birthday. Mohan says we will definitely come as it is my best friend’s daughter’s birthday and they both take their leave. The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav is at the edge of a large dam and is about to fall. He shouts for help but no one comes as there is no house nearby.

Friends plz comment and tell your opinion about today’s episode. The next part will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. Just amazing princess u rocked it………. shocking precap

    1. Thanks ahana.

  2. I think Dhaani will save Viplav, am I right? Lovely ff louella

    1. Thanks Fatarajo. I will not say anything but let’s see what happens next.

  3. vaishnavi more

    nice epi..n scary precap

    1. Thanks Vaishnavi.

  4. Louella….. so much of creativity …..good going Chhuttki 🙂 love your ff

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  5. Wow Louella kya jhakaas kahani hai loved it especially the part where dhaani actually knows that viplav was sleeping

    1. Thank u butterfly. Happy to see u commenting.

  6. OMG! Precap! ?
    Surely, Dhaani will save him. ?
    And them kids! ?

    1. Thanks Mahira. Let’s wait and watch what happens next.

  7. Wow cutie so amazing yaar

    1. Thank u meghs

  8. nice episode… precap is so scary

    1. Thanks Nima.

  9. How can u write with this maturity princess!if u are going like this then u will become a super girl and a star by the time when u reach clg.keep doing all the best dear.

    1. Thank u Saranya

  10. whats this?? what have you done… i think you totally wasted your time

    1. Thank u xxx. Actually u r correct. I wasted my time as it is my summer vacation. And making someone happy by my ff is not waste of time. Well thank u for increasing my comments.

  11. deewani, haan deewani, deewaani ho gayi….
    well done dear bring next soon

    1. Thanks Raj.

  12. Wow elle good just was wondering how old are they . Well one thing if u have made viplav as tripathi ‘ which is kayasth n dhani is raheja means punjabi that means u have to di intercast marriage ha ha just joking

    1. Thanks renu.

  13. Good episode. Loved it.

    1. Thank u porkodi.

  14. our little princess is also a good writer!!! Really Louella u r very talented in such a small age.. Oh really!! u kept Dhani’s surname as Raheja!!! Ha ha ha..hmmm..interesting.. Sorry not gone through the intro so was not aware..
    I loved this innocent bachpan wala story..keep rocking!

  15. louella tumhare wahan children aise tarah ki baat karte hain kya?
    just joking yaar really enjoying it

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