You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS) – Episode 12

Hello friends. Finally the time has come for me to end this ff. So as I have told u there will be a leap. So let’s go. Come with me. Let’s search if anything has changed with our vidhani or no. Come fast.

After 5 years,
In a big mansion, a boy is running and a girl is catching him. The boy says to the girl Vidhi u will not be able to catch me. U r a slow coaster. Vidhi gets angry and says Deepak wait I m coming. Now see how I will catch u. She starts running very fast.

Just then someone comes with two glasses of milk and says Vidhi Deepak come fast and drink this milk. Vidhi and Deepak ignore saying mama not now. We r playing. A man comes and says Dhaani leave them. One day they will not drink milk then they will not get weak. At least on their birthday leave them. (Yes she is Dhaani)

Dhaani says accha ji. Viplav leave their birthday aside. If u remember then today is my birthday also. Viplav in a forgetful manner says Dhaani today is your birthday?? Oh sorry I forgot. Dhaani sits angrily.

Viplav signs Vidhi Deepak to go near Dhaani. Vidhi and Deepak go to Dhaani and say happy birthday mama and kiss her. Dhaani smiles and says Happy birthday to both of u too and kisses them. Viplav comes and holds his ears and says sorry and also happy birthday my lovely wife. But Dhaani is still angry.

Viplav then jokes saying Dhaani now kiss me also na. U kissed Vidhi and Deepak but not me. Not fair. Dhaani smiles and says Viplav?? Vidhi and Deepak laugh. Viplav says Vidhi Deepak look that side. I want to do something. Vidhi and Deepak close their eyes and look the other side.

Viplav quickly gives a kiss to Dhaani and whispers Happy birthday Dhaani. Dhaani smiles and gives him a kiss back. Viplav smiles. Vidhi asks papa romance ho gaya? Viplav says keep quiet. Come on now drink this milk. Vidhi and Deepak turn behind and say papa plz today no milk. Dhaani says now stop buttering and drink this milk fast. Today evening there is a party. Guests will be coming. Drink fast and go get ready. Vidhi and Deepak drink the milk and run to their room to get ready.

Dhaani goes but Viplav hugs her from back. He says Dhaani…. Dhaani says hmmm tell. Viplav says today is your birthday and also our children’s birthday. So nice na. Dhaani says yes when Vidhi and Deepak were born it was the best day for me. I became mom and u became dad.

Viplav says so have u thought about one more child?? Dhaani says Viplav?? Viplav says what? I m serious. This is not fair. Yours and our children’s birthday is same but what about me?? Dhaani says what about u means?? Now leave me and get ready. Viplav says no I will not get ready. Dhaani says don’t become childish and leave me or…..

Viplav says or what?? Dhaani says or I will pinch you. And she pinches him tightly. Viplav shouts in pain. Dhaani laughs and says I told u leave me now shout. She runs away. Viplav gives his killer smile.

Dhaani is getting ready in her room. She is looking beautiful in pink saree. Viplav comes in the room and gets mesmerised seeing Dhaani. Dhaani sees him through the mirror and smiles. Viplav goes to her. He says Dhaani you r looking too good.

Dhaani says bas only good?? Viplav says no not only good but u r the most beautiful wife in this whole world. Dhaani says okay thank u so much for ur compliments. But will u come in this Kurta pajama? Go and get ready. Viplav says Dhaani I m tired. U come and change my clothes na. Dhaani says Viplav again u started? She pushes Viplav to the bathroom and says now go get ready. Viplav smiles and gives a flying kiss to her.

Dhaani says now u r going or again I give u a pinch?? Viplav says ok ok going. Dhaani smiles. Just then someone comes to the room and says Happy birthday Dhaani. Dhaani turns back and gets happy seeing RL and Raj. She goes to RL and hugs her. Raj says Happy birthday bhabhi. Dhaani says thank u devarji. RL says di where is jiju?? Dhaani says your jiju is getting ready. By the way I have told u many times not to call me di but bhabhi. Now u r Raj’s wife. At least now call me bhabhi.

RL says di I will call u di only. Dhaani says ok ok. But where is rachna? Just then a small girl comes from behind and says maasi happy birthday. Dhaani gets happy seeing rachna. She bends down and hugs her and says thank u beta.

Raj asks bhabhi where r our hero and heroine?? Dhaani says they both r getting ready in their room. Both of them r like their papa. Always late!! Viplav comes out and says accha ji. Always late?? Dhaani says yes always late. Viplav says oh hello birthday girl I m never late. See I m ready in two minutes. Not like u ladies. Dhaani says we ladies never be late. And they both start their nhok-jhok. Raj and RL who is seeing all this puts their hands on their forehead. Seeing this rachna also puts her hand on her forehead.

Just then Vidhi and Deepak come and see their parents fighting. They both go and say mama papa at least have little shame. Viplav and Dhaani hear this and get ashamed. Raj and RL giggle. Dhaani says RL stop giggling. Viplav says the same to Raj.

Raj says ok leave your nhok-jhok. He goes near Vidhi and Deepak and wishes them happy birthday. Vidhi and Deepak smile and say thank u uncle. RL goes to them and wishes them too. Both the children smile.

Rachna goes to Vidhi and Deepak and says Happy birthday!!! They both smile. Vidhi says come we will go to our room and play. They all run.

Raj asks bhaiya bhabhi where r the others? Dhaani says Raj all r not like us. Some r like your bhaiya while some r like me. See now your bhaiya is always late so others r also like him and I m always on time so you both r like me. Viplav says again u started. U r wrong. Dhaani says no. Viplav says yes. Dhaani says no. Viplav says yes. And again they start their nhok-jhok. Raj and RL go and sit on their bed and just watch the drama.

Just then someone comes and says bhaiya bhabhi again u both started?? Viplav and Dhaani turn back and see Shalu and Ram. They both smile. Dhaani hugs Shalu while Viplav hugs Ram. Just then a small boy comes from behind and says who will hug me?

They all break their hug. Dhaani says Raghav come here. I will hug u. Ur aunt is there na. Raghav goes and hugs Dhaani. He says Happy birthday aunty. Dhaani says thank u Raghav. Raj and RL stand up and sigh in relief. RL says Shalu good u came or there would be a world war here. Dhaani pats RL. Raj, Shalu and Ram laugh.

Viplav says oh stop laughing now. Raghav asks Viplav uncle where is Vidhi, Deepak and Rachna? Viplav smiles and says beta they r in their room. Go and play with them. Raghav smiles and runs to their room.

Shalu says bhaiya today is bhabhi’s birthday. What gift did u give her? Before Viplav could say anything Dhaani interrupts and says Shalu ur bhaiya didn’t give me any gift. Viplav says accha ji. Come with me down. I will show u your gift. Dhaani says as u say pati dev. They all go down.

Viplav calls all the children Rachna, Vidhi, Deepak and Raghav. They all come down. He says all of them to wait and watch. Viplav whistles loudly. Suddenly chocolates and balloons start falling. Dhaani gets happy seeing it. They all enjoy.

Viplav looks up and signs them something. Then Dhaani hears a sweet song-
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday dear Dhaani,
Happy birthday to u,
May God bless you,
May God bless you,
Happy birthday dear Dhaani,
Happy birthday to you!!!

Dhaani gets super happy. ( want to know who sang the song?? Okay so keep reading). Viplav then looks up and signs them to come down. One by one all start coming down. They are Louella(that’s me), Lakshmi, Saranya di, Arshi di, Nimisha di, Sujie, Renu, Meghs di, Mahira, Laxmi, Rajee, Raj, Avijit bhai, Latha, Batool, Goldie, Priya, Laxmi, Pethu Sri, Maria, Fatarajo, Nima, Shuruthy, Nancy, Dr. Sweety, Maha,Meena, Vavachi, Vaishnavi, Varsha, Butterfly, Porkodi, Swetha di, Meena and all others.(sorry if I missed anyone) Viplav introduces all of them to Dhaani. Dhaani greets them.

They all together wish Vidhi and Deepak. Vidhi and Deepak smile. Viplav says arey why is there so much silence?? Let’s dance. All of them smile. Viplav plays the song Lungi dance. Everyone dance. All of them r happy. Later they all take a selfie. The episode ends with their smiling faces.

Hope u all loved today’s episode. Thanks to all the commentors for supporting me. I m very tired to take everyone’s name. As most of u know I m a bit lazy. Plz comment and give me your feedback. Also I want all of u to read other ffs too and comment there also. Also watch ikrs daily. Will meet u down in the comment box. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Wow Louella how can you write so good at such an age!! You are truly amazing loved it!! God bless you! Love you dear??

    1. Thanks Maria for your support. Keep supporting me like this in my other ffs. Love u too dear!!!

  2. Aww this was such a cute ending. All are happy 🙂 Your story was really nice re. Just sad it ended. And haan, thanks for the invitation at the birthday party <3

    1. Thank u so much Shruthy. Don’t be sad. I m writing more two ffs on vidhani. So u read those. Well thanks for your support.

      1. That’s also true. We havent lost you 🙂
        Oh it’s ok, all pleasure is mine 🙂

  3. oh louella dance for lungi dance omg i can imagine how it look….its rocking yar, thank you for this lovely episode really love it…..

    1. Thank u so much Kaviya.

  4. Such a cute lovely episode…….
    Thanks for mentioning my name chhutki….
    Keep rocking…..yeh ff toh end hogaya…but aur bhi baaki hai….
    Love you…

    1. Thank u so much Sujie. Ha abhi aur bhi bahut kuch baaki hai. Love you too dear!!!

  5. Cuteness overload?? This is the cutest episode?? you are the best Louella. Thanks for including me.?? Love you??!!

    1. Thanks a lot Butterfly. Don’t appreciate me so much. I m already on cloud nine.

  6. Is that my name you mentioned?????????

    1. Yes!!!!

  7. No words to say Louella.such a cute awesome episode. Thank you for mentioning my name.. love you?????????

    1. Thank u so much for your support Latha. Love u too dear!!!

  8. Elle baby today again u nailed it . Omg i cud not believe vidhanis sequence was writtrn by u?☺anyways it is too good as u involved everyone n with sweet kidsvof all couples. Good to know abt twins but it wud have been great if it was vidhi?n VIDHAN?.JUST KIDDING ??WHATEVER U WRITE IS FABULOUS. ??BLESS U

    1. Thanks Renu. This time I thought to keep some different names. Viplav and Vidhi and Dhaani and Deepak. This way I kept their names. Also for RL and Raj and Shalu and Ram I did the same thing.

  9. Wow cutie … Such a cute ending .. Lungi dance hahaha … Nice…

    1. Thank u so much Meghs di.

  10. Sorry for super late comment louella will miss ur ff a lot and thanks for including me 😛 I wish they show like this in real IKRS

    1. Thank u Fatarajo. Even I wish it happens in our real ikrs.

  11. it was amazing louella imagined each and every scene loved it .. thanks for mentioning my name i enjoyed alot while dancing on lungi dance 😀
    and sorry for late comment

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