You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS) – Episode 10


Helloooo everyone!!! So now let’s go to our 10th Episode.

It’s morning. Dhaani is making breakfast for everyone. She recalls Viplav removing the flour and the flour falling on him. She smiles. Everyone sit for breakfast. Dhaani comes with the breakfast. Mohan calls Dhaani to sit with them for breakfast. Viplav thinks beta now make Dhaani sit beside u. He makes Raj get up from his place and says Dhaani come here. Dhaani goes.

Viplav thinks yessss!!! Dhaani says u said anything? Viplav smiles and says no nothing. He thinks before becoming my wife u know when I think something. Very good!!! Viplav spreads his leg towards Dhaani’s leg but the leg goes upon Mohan. Mohan sees at Dulaari who is sitting side of him. He thinks Dulaari has become very naughty and smiles. Viplav thinks why is Dhaani not seeing at me. He looks down of the table and finds his leg on Mohan’s leg. He coughs.

Dhaani sees this and gives him water. Viplav drinks. Shambhu asks everything ok? Viplav nods. He thinks viplav what u r doing. Now ur leg will go on correct direction. He spreads his leg and now it goes upon Dhaani’s leg. Dhaani sees at Viplav. Viplav smiles.

Dhaani smiles. She keeps her leg on Viplav’s leg very tightly. Viplav’s leg is paining but he is smiling. Dhaani thinks I m also very clever. Now u will know who I m and she gives a naughty smile. Viplav whispers arey meri maa I m sorry. Now leave my leg. Dhaani whispers flirting with me ha? Now u will know who I m. Viplav pinches Dhaani.

Dhaani shouts. She removes her leg. Viplav smiles. Dulaari asks Dhaani what happened? Dhaani says maa I think ant bit me. Dulaari says but here there r no ants. Dhaani says maa ants r so small how can we see it?

Viplav says yes Aunty Dhaani is right. Dulaari says ok ok. Viplav whispers say thank u to me. Dhaani says never. And she goes in the kitchen. Viplav follows her. He says I saved u, why u will not say thank u? Dhaani turns and says why because u were flirting with me? Viplav says arey meri maa I m sorry na. Dhaani says ok ok. Now u r telling so much then i will forgive u.

Viplav says Dhaani…. Dhaani says hmmmm. Viplav says so in the evening I m going out for dinner so I want a partner to go with. Will u come??(he is asking her for a date) Dhaani says hmmm let me think. Viplav thinks I hope she says yes. Dhaani says ok. Viplav says really??? Dhaani says yes. U r saying as if u r taking me for a romantic date. Viplav thinks yes I m taking u for a date. Dhaani says did u say anything? Viplav says no no nothing and he smiles. The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav kneels down and says I love u Dhaani. Will u marry me?

So how was the episode? Hope u all like it. Plz comment and let me know. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Wow louella loved it!! Eagerly waiting for the next episode… Post it soon… 🙂

    1. Thanks Maria. Will post it ASAP.

  2. hoi hoi….. dil khush kardiya Louella princess…
    loved it….naughty Viplav…tezz tarrarr Dhaani…… go on 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  3. Elle madam aap to bahut acha likhte ho. Kya scene tha. Viplav seems to be keen n eager to develop relationship eith dhani abhi ache se baat hui nai or sidhs date. Too good.☺?

    1. Thanks Renu.

  4. Louella y did u steal my ff title??? now only I’ve seen ur ff…..
    I’ve stopped my ff due to my studies, I’ve been posting this ff as Kasam-Tere pyaar ki ( U r my Ki & I’m ur Ka)………….
    I’m soooo sorry but I doesn’t like d people who keep the ff name just like others…………….

    but ur ff is really nice……….. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt u but It can’t be changed so leave it……….. continue ur ff and it seems to be good… of lucks…..

    1. Sriranjani I have not stolen ur ff title. No u didn’t hurt me at all but sorry if I hurt u by my ff. I have not read ur ff and I don’t know anything about it. Thank u for ur positive opinion but I m really sorry if I hurt u.

    2. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

      Hey sriranjani i read ur ki n ka ff it was good oh so u end it due to studies and btw I have seen many ff with same title but they are based on diff shows so shouldn’t be a big problem just think that urs is ki and ka kasam version and louella’s is ki and ka IKRS version. Simple.

  5. hey cutie wow what an episode !!!!!!!!! loved it waiting for next

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. Will post the next one ASAP.

  6. Woww…!!
    Ahhh they are going for a romantic date..!!

    1. Thanks Arshi di

  7. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    This one is awesome too

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