You r my KI and I m your KA (IKRS)- Episode 1


Hi friends. Thanks to all of u for ur lovely comments. Note that I m going to start my ff with vidhani’s childhood. So here we go with the first part.

It’s a beautiful morning in the city of Banaras. In a beautiful house, a boy is sleeping peacefully. He is smiling in his sleep as he is having sweet dreams. He is our naughty hero Viplav Tripathi. Just then a girl and boy comes near him. They are Shalu and Raj. They see Viplav sleeping peacefully. Shalu says Raj bhaiya see Viplav bhaiya is still sleeping and Maa woke us up early. Raj says u r correct Shalu. Just then Raj gets an idea and he tells it in Shalu’s ears. Shalu smiles and says what an idea bhaiya! She says let’s start our Mission bhaiya jagaao (Mission Bhaiya wake up). Then Raj takes a jug of water and pours it on Viplav’s face. Viplav wakes up and shouts it’s raining, it’s raining. Shalu and Raj laugh loudly and say together Mission Viplav jagaao successful.

Viplav who is thinking that it’s raining gets annoyed and says wait u both. I will show u what is mission. Shalu and Raj look at each other and says Run run if u want to save yourself today and they run. Viplav also runs behind them.

Here Kanak is praying to God and says Lord you know na that I want to go to America and settle there with my family. But Shambhuji is not listening to me. She thinks I have to do anything to go to America.

Just then Shalu and Raj come running and hide behind Kanak. Kanak is confused. She asks them what happened? Why are u both hiding behind me? Shalu says Maa I will tell u afterwards but plz let us hide behind u or we r gone.

Just then Viplav comes. He doesn’t find them.(they r now children na so that’s why). He asks Maa did you see Shalu and Raj? Kanak who doesn’t knows what is the matter says yes beta I know where they are. They are hiding behind me. Why what happened? Viplav doesn’t answer and chases them. Shalu and Raj also run. At last Kanak gets angry with their behaviour and shouts loudly Stop it. All three stand together. Kanak asks what happened? Why are you all running like this? All three of them start speaking. Kanak does not understand anything. She shouts saying Stop your drama and say one by one. Now again their nhok- jhok starts. Shalu says I will say first. Raj says no no I will say first. Now Viplav also says no you both stop because I will say first. And they start fighting. Kanak says stop it now. Viplav u say first. Why are you running behind them? Viplav says Maa I was sleeping and these both missionwalas came and poured water on my face.

Shalu says Maa it was Raj bhaiya’s idea. Raj says no maa it was Shalu’s idea. And again they started their nhok-jhok. Kanak gets irritated and she leaves saying oh God! Plz save me. Viplav says now where u both will hide? Shalu says bhaiya u know na that we care for you so much. So that’s why we made u bath without disturbing you. Viplav says thank you very much your help but now I have to give return gift to you.

Raj gets of an idea and changes the topic saying Viplav bhaiya you forgot that we had to to Dhaani’s house to play as she had called us. Viplav says oh ya! U both wait for a minute. I will change my clothes and come. Shalu says bhaiya come fast or we will have to start one more mission. Viplav says moti before u start your mission I will come down and he goes. The episode ends.

Precap- Kanak says to Shambhu that it’s Shalu’s birthday tomorrow. We must organise a party. Shambhu agrees.

Guys plz plz comment. The next part will be posted tomorrow. If u want to know the intro here’s the link for it.

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  1. Wow amazing dear very good _…..!€

  2. But I am missing dhaani u there is no scenes of dhaani not in the precap also

    1. Thank u Varsha. The scenes of Dhaani will be in the next part dear.

  3. good one Chhutki…….. its raining its raining…… waah…….. i was imagining the masti ……

    1. Thanks Sujie. While writing even I was imagining the cute scene.

  4. Its good dear keep writing

    1. Thanks Maria. Keep reading.

  5. Cute epi princess…… 🙂

    1. ahana how to put a pic like yours????

    2. Thank u ahana.

  6. louella u are really good dear and ur ff
    i was laughing and laughing while reading. my sis asked me have u gone mad? >:0 >:0
    loved your sense of humour………….mission viplav jagaao 🙂 🙂
    and your best part was nhok jhok between brothers and sister how cute!!!!!!!
    i was totally imagining your story.
    keep writing dear eagerly waiting for next
    i know you are going to give us another rocking episode………..

    1. Thank u lakshmi.

    2. Thank u lakshmi. I m very happy that u liked my ff. Keep reading dear.

      1. update the next soon

    3. Lakshmi I will update the next part tomorrow.

  7. vaishnavi more

    loved ur ff princess full on masti mood i am laughing while reading ur ff keep going

    1. Thank u vaishnavi.

  8. missio bhaiya jagaao hahahahahahahah……kutty pincess simply supeeeerb dear

    1. Thank u Raj. Once again happy birthday. Hope u r enjoying ur day.

  9. Louella,how can u write such an amazing story in this tender age yaar.this one is just amazing and u are even more amazing.a wonder kid. was such a lively episode and itni maza aaya itni maza aaya ki mein bata hi nahi sakti.keep it up and update next part soon.

    1. Thank u Saranya. I m having my summer vacation now so thought of doing a different thing this time. So I started writing an ff. And I had first only thought of writing like this story. I will definitely update the next part very soon.

  10. Wow Louella very interesting keep it up

    1. Thanks fatarajo.

  11. very interesting Louella.

    1. Thank u porkodi

  12. Good start! And that ” it’s raining, it’s raining ” wala part! ?

    1. Thank u Mahira. Even I was enjoying thay scene.

  13. mission “bhaiya jagaao”..superb idea and then “it’s raining, it’s raining .I’m laughing ?????… really your ff is too good. next episode plz ?

  14. Thanks nima

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