You r my Only My (Chapter 9)

Shivaye pov..

I m thinking about her ya from when i realised i fall for her deeply she is ruling my life my mind & ofcouser my heart I think about her every now & then… she is making me crazy … I want to confess my feeling but this meeting …. I have to attend this … I don’t even think I fall in love that with her

Seriously u known very well she has something in her when u everyday follow her isn’t it ?? My inner soul mocked me

“Yeah whatever I known she has something but I never knewn i get head over heels with her” i snapped back

Oh God !!!

Seriously she didn’t even known how she badly affect me … but now I want her by hook or by crook … I love that’s what I known she love me or not I don’t care …

Liar liar liar

“B***h u care …. u want her but wholeheartedly without hurting her because u can’t see her in hurt ” my inner soul say to me

ya it is true i… forget that … focus on what r u going to do now I m thinking but soon distrubed by a call I picked up

“Sorry sir meeting get postpone u don’t have to came …. ”

“Ok” I said nd end the call now I have to do my really important work …. wow … now god also with me

I soon park my car “oh!! God I m feeling hell nervous …. but this is not your first time shivaye u can do it u r shivaye Singh Oberio u can do anything ok so just go & say to her” I m saying this to me because I can’t become nervous in front her

“This is your first time Mr Shivaye Singh Oberio because before u never fall in love with anyone remember u don’t believe in love ok so technically this is your first time nd ya she is not your ex gf types she is anika be prepared nd ya don’t show your attitude to her” inner soul mocked me

“Shut up ok i known what i have to do or what not ok nd please stop your mock i known very well u r becom7mg happy see8ng me in this situation but remember that who i m ” I snapped back this inner soul making me more irritated nd nervous but I known they saying truth

Ok fine shivaye just concentrate on anika ….

I m about to go inside but the veiw in front of me make me hell shocked m I dreaming or what ??

“Shut up u can’t see this is real ” my inner soul tell me

But I can’t believe this Mr Oberio Rudra in anika’s house what r they doing here nd what they r talking about and about whom i can say that the conversation is very serious there face expression r like …… What???? They r talking about my marriage with anika

How ??? Why ???

Why!! Why ?? Means u only want this na so why r u shocked u should be happy isn’t it??

Ya but I’m ..

Shut up .. u r impossible u should be happy now listen what they r talking about …

They r talking about my marriage with anika I’m happy that Mr Oberio thinks about me is he really care about me ???

Still confused I must say she came into my life nd my life become a confused status like seriously

But the reply she gave my heart broke into million piece I known she hates me i known that but I don’t known i felt this much pain hearing this word from her

She said “No” she even said she can’t think to spend her whole life with me it hurts me gave a pain that I can’t even express then I realise I m crying ….

This is my second time when I m crying first when my mom leave me forever nd sec now …. this feeling oh god!!

And get back into my sense when I see Mr Oberio and rudra caming out from her house …

I don’t known what to do i better prepare for this … but now what ??

I have only two option
1st make her marry me by hook or by crook or wait for her to love me wholeheartedly my mind nd my heart telling me to do so …..

What to do now I can’t wait for her to be mine but I can’t hurt her also I love her … but she never understand my feelings


Now I m going to making her mine my mind is saying right when she marry me she hate me more but my love for her care for her make her Heart melt …. nd than she realised I love her …. I have to do this…. I have to turn in my Sso version….

I did my signature style … nd went to her house i open the door she is facing her back I thinking she is crying …

I m becoming weak ….

”NO shivaye no u have to be strong … strong enough to make her agree for marrying u just be u the Shivaye Singh Oberio” my mind tell me giving me strength but my heart…. my heart my soul not supporting my mind I known why

She think I m mr Oberio so she say “I said u uncle I’ll never change my disicion I’ll never marry your son please leave …”

Strong shivaye strong …

I again did my signature style of hair it give a complete help to make me a arrogant rude sso

‘U have to marry me ” I said to her with much my cold voice

She turn to me a shocked yet hated look towards me i known i deserved this …

“I said never” she said


“And I said u have to” I said to her her eyes …. her eyes have full hate … hate for me …

“Why” she questioned

Oh God!!! How I tell her Why??

“Because i said nd what I said i mean it to ” I said with heavy heart if i tell her how much pain… how …. I m feeling now like killing my self for this …

“And who r u to say that ” she said who m I to her nothing but what she to me everything

“Shivaye Singh Oberio…” my so called dialogue for her

“I don’t care ” ya I known that’s was one of the reason of loving u

“U have to …. u have to marry me no matter what ” Why can’t she understand my feelings for her why ??? Can’t she see the love for her in my eyes ?? Is she that much hates me ???

“And if i say no than” she said sarcasticly which makes me angry now she is making me do something which i dont want to
regrate later

“Than” i chuckled now my patient has gone she regrate for this … nd me too
“u don’t want to see my bad side ” I added

“I see your bad nd ugly side Mr Shivaye Singh Oberio u can go to any accent for your cheap thinking but remember that I m not any sl*t of yours” now I cant tolerate this she saying me ugly I can handle but sl*t ..


I slapped her yes I slapped her I can’t handle my self any more I grab her arm pull her towards me she is crying “I said u that u don’t want to see my bad side but u did .. now what the use of crying” I said to her which is true she is the one who make me angry by her words

Now she is regrating…..

“I don’t want to marry u please leave me just go away from me go!! ” she said to me in her cracking voice soon to be crying …

I have tears in my eyes but composing my self I said “No u have to marry me no matter what I gave u one last chance if u agree happily than its good for u or else I have many more way for that in my style …”

“My ans is still no ” she said she have the guts to say this …

That’s why u loved her she has a guts to say no to u

“Your brother … what is his name ….. huh Sahil he is gone to his bff house did u want your little bro went missing did u??”

I will regrate it but now who cares!

“No u can’t do this ”

“Trust me i can do this ”

Enough now she have to agree I want to finish this otherwise I don’t known what else I’ll say nd did to her

“Say yes ” I demanded

“Yes” while crying

U broke her heart ….

Nd your to …

“Good now go call my da… I mean Mr Oberio nd say to him that u agree for marry me .. nd don’t u dare to use your brain ” I known her very well …

“Ok ” she said compose her self call my dad and say what I want
I m just staring her

U gona hate your self for do this

I known!!!

“I say to him ” she say after completing her talk

“Good now be ready day after tomorrow u gona be Mrs Shivaye Singh Oberio ” I felt happy nd hurtness too “nd I m appointing my bodyguards here to keeping an eyes on u that u do not do any type of stupidity which u will regrate later ” I added

She nodded I live her and go because I can’t control my tears anymore I calm my self nd go back to Oberio Mansion

Now I have to do two works more
1st Tia nd second my deal

I can’t lose my deal nd nor anika

That’s why I say to her day after tomorrow

To be continued….


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Hey!!! Friends how is it liked it ???
It’s my first time that I write whole pov epi … I want to make my writing skill good it’s my first try … I hoped u liked it … I m bigger wala sorry I having my test so I’m late ?? but I missed u all nd your comments thank u for reading nd supporting friends…

And plz give me your feedback I want to known what i write it’s good or if it’s have same mistake plz guyz i want feedback not “update soon amazing …etc” Please Don’t get hurt but plz give your feedback

Bye …. love u all??

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