You r my Only My (Chapter 7)

“But what about lady baba…”

“I don’t care about her…. that anika … that anika become Oberio khandan’s bahu …. this is i decision that’s all I known …. anika is the one who return my old son…”

“But shivaye never agree to it u known na for him business deal is everything and that lady baba …. u also known shivaye is marrying her just because of that deal …”

“For him business deal is everything Right!! But for me my shivaye is everything ….. he is shivaye Singh Oberio so I m also Tej Singh Oberio his father… he have to marry anika…”

“Yeeee started doing dance tej also get happy
I will talk to him ” he add

“No not now when anika accept our proposal then we will tell him ok ”

“Ok but that lady baba ”

“I will handle her now go take rest Good night ”

“Good night uncle”
They both leave to there respective rooms …. And get a deep sleep thinking about tomorrow…
Unaware the fact that their one decision make shivaye and anika ‘s life more complicated …

Shivaye room

Shivaye is standing near the window seeing stars and moons his cross hand folding near his chest & closed his eyes …. thinking something about his old moments with his beloved mom…

Fb (note: English & Hindi r sentence not same but meanings and feeling r same ok so word par math jaana feeling samjhna ok)

A lady sitting in a garden of her house seeing stars and moons caressing her son’s hair who is lied his head on her lap and talking about some random talks and that lady… his mother listing his son’s Funny talks and laughing….

That boy & his mom …. they r shivaye & jhanvi

Suddenly shivaye get sad which is notice by jhanvi she ask…

“What happened beta ”

“Mom i m thinking…” (get sad)

“What tell me..”

“Mom i m thinking that why u love dad …. vo tho hamesha apko daat the rah the hai par kuch nahi kah thi …. ap kehthi hai ki ap unse bahuth pyaar karthi hai tho Kya pyaar insaan ko kaamzor bana detha hai..”(dad always hurt u but u never say anything … u say u love dad is love makes person weak)

Jhanvi get sad but soon a smile crep on her face she replay…

“Kisne kaha pyaar insane ko kaamzor banatha hai …. balki pyaar tho insaan ko aur mazbooth kardetha hai …. and yes i love your dad…” (who said love makes person weak …. no love make person more stronger … I love your dad)

“Par dad.. (but dad)

“Vo bhi mujhse bahuth pyaar karthehai ..” (he to love me)

“How can u say that…”

“U will not understand now when u fall for someone then only u will understand ….. u known what when love happens u love that person’s hatness also …. your dad also love me … now he is angry with me thats all…. but u will see one day he will come to me & say he loves me more than I love him …. then u understand that falling in love is very easy but fulfilling that love is very difficult …”

“Mom i”‘ll also love someone like u love dad …. that promising or fulfilling love typo …:”

Jhanvi laughed at her son’s word…

“Of course my dear …. u will … but always remember u will fulfil your love by your heart …. always be with her even if she didn’t want … And ya if u love her with your full heart than also learn and accept sadness & hurriness in life (thinking his husband her life with him get sad) promise me if u fall for someone u give her full happiness and love in her life saver hurt her …”

“Ok mom promise I’ll never hurt her and give her happiness (Jhanvi smiled) but she didn’t love so what should I do..”

“So u make her believe in your love …. And if she get angry like your dad had with me… so u’ll win her heart by your love your heart … like i m doing so … but with only your heart….”

“Ok mom .. but one more q ”


“How will I known that I fall in love or with whom..” said with innocence in his word

“O ya this is a problem .. but I have a solution ..”

“Ok!!! Then … tell me na…” *curiosity*

“When u can feel her pain when she get hurt …. when she get happiness u feel happy…. And when u see her or she touch u .. your heart beat increased your heart gives u hint that this is your lady love … love of your life …”

“Oho mom than so I could never fall for anyone..”

“Aare kyun… (why).”

“Mom u said na when she get hurt or get happiness u also feel the same like her or more than her … but I could feel this even now …”

“Now feel … means ..”

“Means … mom when u get hurt or sad I feel your pain & when u feel happy I also feel happy … when I love u more than anything and can feel u like this than how could I love and feel like this for someone else …huh!!!”

She heavenly Smile as her son love her so much

“Ohh!! See then she become more than important than me..”

“No … no one is important than u I love u mom ”

“I love u to beta ..”
They both hugg each other with smiles on their face

Fb ends…
A smile appear on his face remembering his lovely moment with his beloved mom…

And then started thinking about anika her smile laugh & her crazy behaviour gave a smile on his face then her worst condition her words her tears make a tear rolled down from his eyes on his face …

He open his eyes see the moons & stars and started talking with them (When his mom dead … he started talking with moons and stars considering them he is talking with his mom his mom love moons and stars night light … when he get happy sad confused and confessed something he always talks with moons and stars )

“Mom u said that day when someone pain and happiness affect me… then I understand that I fall for someone … I remember that promise mom i will give her happiness in her life…. but hates me…. she hates me mom i known i did wrong with her first that in club and then office … she hate me for this … (complaining) u known she have more attitude than me… (proudly) but i m also your son u said me na u win her heart by your love so I will win her heart surly she will fall for me like i fall for her … but mom she is very stubborn… so what I m also shivaye Singh Oberio … I will make her fall for me but in my style… u just wait and watch mom your would be bahu is coming… but haan remember one thing no one is important than u I love u mom bye good night..”

He also get in deep slumber…

Where as anika’s house

Anika is in her room darkness but moonlight is coming sitting on floor closing her eyes leaning her back on wall folding her legs ….

“I hate u shivaye Singh Oberio I hate u…. I known u all did that because of i slap u I hurt your ego right so u want revenge for me … u take advantage of my condition… u kissed me taking my condition as as your advantage … I won’t leave u … u think I m weak right i couldn’t do anything but no I will take my revenge … I have my self respect… which means everything to me …. I hate u … I hate u …” shouting after few mins she goes into deep slumber….

Both r unaware the fact that life is getting changed



Guy “u have to marry me otherwise…..” he said with angryness holding a girls hand

Girl “never …. I hate u…..” screaming


Taking marriage vows

“I will destroy u … I make your life hell u have to pay for it …”

“I make your life full of happiness I”‘ll win your heart ….”

Together “I promise to myself ”

S. 3

Girl ” I love u ..”

Guy “u cheat me i hate u ..” goes from their in angryness and that girl is crying badly…



U may have liked this ….. like or not give your view i m very happy from your comments and your love …. thank u all of your who is commenting reading and silent readers also …. supporting me and waiting for my ff actually I m late not because of my school i m late becoz i m not getting any idea in my head … ?? I want to make shivaye’s feeling and bonding special with his mom and make sso a good with dark person … forget that …. focus on promo this ff is getting with long to reach my promo so wait&watch and enjoy ….. to see shivaye with dark yet good lover

Bye take care …..
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