You r my Only My (Chapter 6)

Shivaye was continuously smiling *blushing* while driving he reached airport and finding his beasties come brother here and there finally he see him and on a low sound Rudra!!! Who is busy flirting with some girl …. he said to himself “oh god!! This boy ” & goes towards him patted his shoulder ….. he turn around and in excitement he jump and hugg him shouting Shivaye!!!

Shivaye to hug him and say “welcome to India yaar!!! Broke the hug Rudy say “that’s ok but why r u so late huh!!!”

Shivaye remember his kiss and started blushing rudy see this and say in a teasing tone “ohho!!! Someone is blushing who is she…. wait u searched my would be bhabi ” shiavye just shocked and say covering up “no no have u gonna mad Rudy there is nothing like that ok so stop u drama ” still in smiling & stramming tone rudy say in teasing tone “no no I m not gonna mad u r the one who’s gonna mad in love Right huh!!! Huh!!

Shivaye is about to say something but cut off by a vioce who is shouting “Shivaye baby” both turn and find Tia standing to them face to face and both boy’s face turn into suprise more than shocked ……

But shivaye recover that and went to hug Tia and say “Tia u i missed u ” broke the hug Tia say ” I missed u to shivaye baby but baby I said u na to picked me up but u forget that I m searching u waiting u seen long ” shivaye remember their conversation on phone and say “oh!! I just forgett n baby ….. now came Rudy also here ” Tia in fake excitement say “Wow Rudy!!! (Hug him & say) Hey!!! U came I missed u protein shake !!” Pulling his leg (u known na all Tia doesn’t have any interest in shivaye or shivaye’s any work)

Rudy also pulling her leg say”hii lady baba how r u….. u came back from your riki centre” Tia doesn’t like Rudy at all same as Rudy….
Both r pulling each other’s leg but our shivaye is lost in thoughts of anika…. his anika

But soon he came back with a jerk on his body actually Rudy is shaking him by his shoulder to make him came into this world & say “where r u lost huh!!! …. in some one’s thoughts ”

Stop it rudra…. let go (to tia) let go Tia in om”

What!!! Lady baba …. with us in om ….. she will make your om into riki centre ” Rudy whispered in shivaye ‘s ear … “shut up rudra …. ” shivaye said with glared

” no shivaye baby I want to go home to meet mom u known how much she will worried about me and then i have to go to meet my friend home she is alone there so she pleased me to stay at her home i have to go ” said Tia in a disappointed tone actually she have to go to meet her bf ….

Ok Tia as u say go but take care bye
Bye shivaye baby bye protein shake
Bye lady baba in a cheepy smile Tia leave and Rudy say “Wow lady baba gone …. now tell me who is she”


“Ohho!!! Shivaye u can’t make me fool ok u r blushing… ok now tell me who is my would be bhabi ” with a pleading tone
Rudy i said u na no one is there ok now let go
Ok and they also leave….

Oberio Mansion

Tej is attending a phone call and he suddenly hear a voice saying “tej uncle i m back” tej turn to see who is that & say in a happy tone “Rudy my boy … ” rudra came near to him and hugged him tightly & say ” I missed u so much uncle how r u ” “I m good as always what about u hah!! ” broke the hug rudy say ” i m toh mast uncle …. but now very hungry …” rubbing his Tammy with his one hand and making weired face to which shivaye and tej started laughing …..

Tej said “ok my boy go but first freashnup then came to dinner ” “ok uncle” he said and goes to his room….

Tej is about to say something to shiavye but cut off by shaviye “i have to make a call ” tej get sad becoz shivaye and him have rare time to eat dinner with each other but now…

“I’ll also join both of u …. in dinning table ” saying so he left to make a call and tej is very happy becoz his son is having dinner with him

Dinning table

Trio r sitting and chatting with each other but shivaye is lost in his world only and having a smile on his face…. when rudra see him he make tej to see his son is lost in his world and smiling like maniacs

Both see each other and Rudy says to tej but in a low tone not disturbing shivaye “uncle what happened to him why he smiling like this…. u known he is like this only before when we met in airport ….” tej said in a suprise tone ” yes Rudy… he is smiling like this only …. but why i dont known” rudy say “but i think anything special happened with him that is why he is smiling … hey!!! Uncle i think he is in love with someone isn’t it??? …. I known it our shivaye is chupa rustom in love he love someone yeeee!!! Tej also nodded with happy face… he is supper happy becoz his dream came true his son is in love with his full heart ….

Tej chains of thoughts cut by Rudy who is asking shivaye about his smile… ops no no blushing ?

Shivaye my bhabi Is beautiful right

Not just beautiful but gorgeous

Oooooooo both said

Coming into his sense say ” vo vo nothing like that I just … just …. dad vo … oh Mr Oberio i have to make a call ” saying so he left for his so called “fake” call…

Here tej is in cloud9 becoz after his mom dead he never say him Dad…… but today his son said him Dad …. now tej have wit eyes he wiped off the tears and says …

” I want that girl in my shivaye’s life …. here as my bahu …. I want her in my son’s life she has something …. she only give me my old shivaye who love every one who believe in love… who love his dad … I will go to her with my son’s marriages proposal ….”


This chapter is very bigg so I make this into two parts this is chapter 1 …. I will update my chpt 2..

SORRY GUYS For makeing u all wait …. my school has started now I m in 9 so u all known na students study problem ….. I will update my ff when I get time so plz “MAAF KAR DENA ?” for my lateness….


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