You r my Only My (Chapter 5)

Hiii friends!! I said u na. i have a for u all that is our Rudra ya guyz i m introducing rudra …. I known i said that no omru but now I changed my mind rudra is there but om i can’t say its depend on my future story line so now procesed the epi….. kindly ignore wrong error…


Rudar Singhaniya – same as serial fun loving naughty flirty .. shivaye and he r bestie and neighbour also … but for higher study’s rudra went to London tej treat him as his son and rudra’s parent live in London so when ever he came he stay in om . Love shivaye and tej. Want shivaye to accept tej as his father and bring bhabi for him …. (hope u all liked my idea)


Shivaye woke up & he get ready fast and goes towards dinning table were his father having breakfast and reading news papers ….

Good Morning shivaye!!!

My breakfast…..

Can’t u wish your father ???

I said my breakfast robin .. (his servent)

Tej get sad but change the topic…

So shivaye i notice u now a days u r lost in your world and some times tho smiling… is something special or someone special??? Stressing that word

Started coughing…. tej said “u r ok …. panii??

No … no…i m ok ..and what r u talking about there is no something or someone special ok!!

Ok!!! *smiling*

Why r u smiling..??

No I m not….

U r…. tell me why r u smiling???

I said u na nothing …. like u say ???

Whatever!!! ….. And ya today at 7:00 pm rudra is coming….

What!!! Rudar is coming that’s great!!!

Ya !!! Now I m going to office…

Ok Bye!!! ….. shivaye but who is that ….

Who ????

Your unknown smile’s reason and lost dreams….

I said na no one is there …. And don’t interfere in my life he goes

I known shivaye that girl is effect u…. but .. u don’t mean it …. I have to do something because that girl have some thing special ….. but what could i do ???

After thinking so much he got an idea …

Ya this is right when rudra came I will tell him everything then he will help me ….. And he also goes for his work . ..

( Yes!!!! He knowns everything about shivaye and anika from the club to office …. aditya is like son to tso and aditya everything told about him about shivaye’s life when he got to known anika firstly he is very shocked because a girl slapped shivaye Singh Oberio is not a big deal …… And office … he known his son very well he think about to meet that girl with rudra)

In office

Shivaye enter in his office and asuasvall ful on tadi everyone stand and greet him but he didn’t give any attention and goes towards his cabin ….. sit in his chair and started doing his work ….. therefore anika is also working on his boss’s demand …… both r busy in their respective works.

In shivaye’s cabin he is busy on his work but time to time he see his anika from his kanji ankhan…


All r gone to there home but our shivaye and anika is in “alone” and working and ……. suddenly light goes off

In cabin

Fhat the wuck!!! Now what happen to this light got damm it

He calls khaana & say khaana what is this what happened to this electric do something


Ok do it fast !!!

He cut his call and suddenly his attention caught something he look towards anika’s desk and find their is no one but someone’s crying and sobbing’s sound r coming he came out of his cabin and searching anika here and there screaming anika!!!! Anika !!!! Where r u ???? Anikaaa!!!!

And suddenly he see anika in her worst condition like this….

Anika is sitting in a conner of her desks and swating & crying badly her legs r folding to her chest and her both hand coveting her face she is repeating “don’t beat me plz don’t beat me !!! I didn’t do anything plz let me go !!! Help !!! Help!!”

Shivaye fastly rash to her side and sit beside her remove her both hand from her face she is crying badly and tightly closing her eyes repeating only “leave me plz leave me!!! Don’t beat me plz !!!

Shivaye can’t see her in this condition he say cuping his both hand on her cheeks and say “nothing is happening anika open your eyes i m there for u!!! No one is beating u …. u r safe…. safe with me …..” trying to pacify her.

She open her eyes but crying and repeating that word again n again which makeing shaviye more tensed and helpless….

But anika she is repeating those words only he didn’t known what to do he is feeling helpless…
Suddenly he kissed her in her soft roseylips….. she stop her crying and to his suprise she to started reprocating that kiss both r kissing each other passionately…

Shivaye’s both hand on anika’s chin pulling her into him and anika’s both hands tightly holding shivaye’s collar both r lost in own world kissing each other deeply sucking each other’s lips …. shivaye was about to go into her warm mouth but (to there bad luck) lights comes on and anika came into her sense & realised what she is doing and with her full force she pushed him hard and shivaye fell on ground having jerk on her sudden action .

Shivaye thoughts “What he did just now ”

Both stand and anika shouted….

Saying this she goes….. without saying anything else and without looking into his eyes.

Therefore shivaye has a smile on his face he touch his lips and think what just happened now but his thought of chain cut by our rudra’s phone call

He picked up his phone

R- shivaye where r u man i m waiting here in airport …

S- oh!! I forget man i m coming ok just wait there

R- I m waiting for u seen long just come quickly ok

S- ok ok i m coming…

He cut his call and goes to pick up him with his killer smile on his face brighting glowing he is blushing remembering their kiss after all it is their “First Kiss ” with this thoughts he goes.. ..

To be continued…..


So how it is ???? U all like it or not…..

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