You r my Only My – (Chapter 3)

Hiii friends this is a suprise for u all but with a sad news i m going on trip for 3 days so I will not able to update so that why I m giving u all a quick update today it self …… And one more suprise is their for u all hope u liked it ……

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Tum !!!!!????

“So u remembered me Miss anika Sharma ” with a smile on his face moving towards her

“So u r the new owner of this office Mr …”

Shivaye Singh Oberio …” he said with pride and tadi

“Oh !!! I listen that rich people ‘s r very arrogant rude etc…. etc… but I didn’t known that they have disgusting personality !!!! Also ” said with her tadi

Oh ho !!! Miss anika u r forgetting that u r now my employee in my office he said with teasing tone

Oh !! Ya i forget that Mr.Oberio and thanks to remembering me and now I m rezaining the job with angarand hated look she turn and about to go but …..

“Give my 50 000 rupees and rezain the job !!” With evil smirk on his face

What ???!!

Ya Miss Sharma !!

50 000 rupees !! But why ???? With shocked yet confusing tone

Miss Sharma i think u r a intelligent girl but I m wrong ….. so u didn’t read the agreements paper before sign said with fake disappoint look yet smirk

What do u mean ???

Oh so I m right ok then read this and understand what I m saying forwarding paper to her

She is reading the paper carefully with full concentration and in this concern she didn’t notice that some one is staring her with his kanji eyes

Shivaye pov

I m staring her i couldn’t take off my eyes from her she looking stunning in her white crop top & black jeans with minimum makeup really simplicity is beauty !!! Now I Believeing in it her soft pink lips i just vona grab her lips into me and sucking her …. no no shivaye control your self … I calm my self ….. she complete her reading with shocked expression i smirk …. but how someone look hot & se*y in this shocked look i thought and chuckled on my own thoughts it seem that she is gone into her deep thoughts i m just lost in her….. her Chico browny eyes

Pov end

Anika pov

I read the papers and it’s shocked me i m totally blank for few min… coming into my sense i looked him with my shocked expression and he is staring me but I m in my own world i cursing my self for careless yes he is right i didn’t read this paper becoz i want this job at that time so I did not care for this but now I really want myself to give me a one slap but I didn’t
Pov end

So give my money or else join this job with attitude

I….i *stamring*

What I . .I… say it clearly

I will join this job … unwilling

Oh !!! That ‘s great now go and continue your work … (taking pause) and remember one thing call me sir with respect understand now go with mush arrogant in his voice but with hidden feelings

Ok sir … *sadness*

Wow how feel good listen this word from your mouth now go….

She is going and whispered “Bagad billa kahika” with irritate voice

Stop!! Did u say something

No sir with cheesy smile and goes towards her desk

Anika pov

I have to join becoz the agreement says i have to work here for 6th months and if i rezain in between this 6 months i have to give amount to office ….. what kind of agreement is this (I also thinks that but for shivika i have to do that stupid agreement ?) how disgusting this person is …. god plz help me … from this kanji aankhom wala bagad billa with irritate look i thought I did no known when I reached to my desks where my friends r discussing something my best friend karan and ria a smile crep on my lips …. now anika calm down calm down i closed my eyes when I open my eyes what i open my eyes what I see o my god …. not again shit …. o god plz don’t do this to me plz …. riacame to me and say

Wow anika what a luck u have see your sit is front of sir ‘s window u can see him every time with teasing tone

I control my self and say….

Ria plz… I hate him he is a true disgusting man i ever see in my life say with hate and angry looks

But she seem to be confuse and I get it and then i explain her everything that club that word and slap when I complete she seems to be shocked expression i also execpet that…. when she recover with that shocked

I m sorry anika i didn’t known that he is such a cheap person i m really very sorry she said with gulity

No ria this is not at your fault this just becoz of my bad destiny i really vona kill him he….. he such a cheapda …. (I said with full hated and angry looks and taking pause ) and plz don’t say this matter to anyone plz i request her

Ok fine i dont say this matters to anyone promised and ya in careful she said with concern towards me i give her a fake smile when she goes i started my work full concentration i notice that this Bagdad billa is staring me making me little uncomfortable…. I want to give him a one slap but I m helpless …. ok stop all this and concentrate on work i said to my self and started doing my work.


Shivay pov-

She is working i could sense that she is uncomfortable but I don’t care when I see her i just mesmerized by her beauty….. I m falling fo…. what no shivaye no stop all this feelings u r shivaye Singh Oberio ……. she is the one who slap u … u have to take a revenge for that slap i want leave her she have to pay for her deeds …… with that I sat on my chair and start doing my work… when I notice something which make me hell angry ……

Thank u for reading this my lovely readers
So how was that interesting????? I hope so
Plz give your views ….

Take care ???

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    And dear this is what i assume to be the future story, this is just my thinking, urs can be totally different..
    So what i asume is that Shivay has started falling in love with her and soon Anika will fall in love with her and they will decide to get married and on wedding day or after the wedding and consummation Anika will somehow know the bet which Shivay had with Aditya and will start hating him or might even leave him and then Shivay will be in pain and broken and might get into his SSO avatar to get Anika back..?
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