You r my Only My – (Chapter 2)

Hiii everyone !!!! I known i m late …… I m sorry friends ok ok so first we start the episode then I do my bak bak …… kindly ignore wrong error

At Oberio Mansion

Shivaye smirked with his evil mind .
After some time

“Ring ring” his phone ringtone he picked his phone it’s khaana

“Yes khaana say what details you have ”

Khaana told about her …. her every single detail like her job house life… and most important her love her weakness her little brother sahil .

“Ok” saying this he hang up and stood face to mirror and say ” I m coming Miss Anika Sharma …. get ready for your new life “.

Saying this he walkout from his room but suddenly he felt some one is tapping his shoulder and saying

“Shivaye where r u going come let ‘s have breakfast together” said by shivaye’s father it’s tej

“No !!! I m not hungry… nd please Mr Oberio don’t show your fake concern towards me …. And I m getting late …” he said and goes from their with hate for his father

“Shivaye I known u hate me because u think I killed your mom …. she is my wife to i love her before….. now … And….. after my death also … how … I tell u that I love u and your mom….. my wife more than anything …. but I known one day u UNDERSTAND me….. I have faith on god …. when u love someone na then u feel what is the condition of me now….. I hope that some one will come in your life and fulfil u and u…. love her more than your self …. I really hope so ” he thoughts with his wet eyes he wiped off the tears and says to himself ” I really which shivaye u didn’t do that mistake which i do and now I regrate in my life … every time every sec with guilt i m living…. just hope that ” saying this he also goes for his work .

Here somewhere in Mumbai

Sahil !! Sahil !! Shouted with full angry and hurriness & say ” sahil mere bhai ut ja kithna sooye ga kumkaran kahi ka dekh tho fir school ke liye late ho raha hai sahil !! … anika shouted

Aare didi kyun apna gala faar rahi ho dekho mai tho taiyaar ho sahil say

Àare wah!! Aj suraj kaha se nikal aaya she says with i can’t my eyes expression

“Didi main ab bacha nahi raha aur vase bhi aj mujhe late nahi hona tha vo *blushing* vo Priya hai na ose apne dil ki baat baata na hai ”

Acha ji!! Tho isliye ithna jaldi aur ithne ache se taiyaar hua hai ….. aur ye Priya kaun hai with realising what he said

Didi apki bahu said with blushing

“Aare tu bacha hai tho bacho ki tarah baat kyun nahi kartha ” with iska kuch nahi hosakhta expression

“Didi vo sab chooro ….. dekho kithna deer ho gaya mujhe late ho raha hai chalooo na ” with his angry hurry yet cute expression .

” ok ok !! Chalo .. ” saying this she and sahil come out of their home and locked the house …. And going towards their respective work with laughing and chatting with each other .

Here someone is following her while she going or say passing by him but unfortunately she didn’t see him he is none anther than

Shivaye Singh Oberio…..

Days passing like this he follow her …. her every now& then her smile her laugh her lips her eyes her move her expression her behaviour everything he noticed.

He is falling for her Yes he is….. the great shivaye Singh Oberio is falling for that girl who he wanted to take a revenge but here…..

… her everything her every move is driving him crazy …. but …. but his angar his ego ….. he just ignoring his feeling but ….

When heart vs mind war going on u known that heart always win ….. And his heart now not in his control and when heart is not in control then *raita phel jatha hai* something that happens in shivaye’s life ….. ya say mind….. in his room on his bed lost in her thought …. And then he think some thing and go in deep slumber…

Next Morning

In anika’s office

Everyone r standing and discussing about something

“What happened ria??? (Her best friend) everything ok na.!!! With concern

“Yah!! Our new boss is here ” she exclaimed in happy but worry also expressions


“Yes !!! Our old boss sold this office to our new boss u known he is really handsome hot yaar” with dreamy voice

“He is your new boss remembered that !!!

“Oh!! Plz anika when u see him na u also agree with me “with full admiring her boss in her thoughts

“We will see !!!! …. but who is he ???

“U known what he is very popular business tycoon …..”


Oh!! *unbelive expression* really anika u r just …. boring …. yah!!! Very very boring ” ria is about to say … but

Miss anika came sir is calling u !!!


Cabin … he is facing her back

May I come in sir with smile on her face


“Hello sir my name is anika Sharma nice to meet u ”

Now revealing his face

A smirk in his face and a shocked anika … he ..

Shivaye Singh Oberio….

What mistake tej did ???

Thank u my dear readers for your love and I soo sorry I will try to give u a quick updates …. so how is it you like this aur not plz tell your views…..

Take care ???

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