You r my Only My (Chapter 11)

Anika’s pov –

“Why u hate me anika” he asked me in his husky voice near my neck I closed my eyes unable to control this closeness  honestly I to don’t known or say that in this closeness in this situation my all anger r vanished crazy right !!! But how can i neglect our closeness he is still holding me by my waist pulling me more into his hard chest caring my back giving me goosebumps all over my body how can i just neglect his hot breathe on my neck giving me shiver …
How can I??

We r so close that he can hear my heart who rapidly beating faster … how can i ?? I hate him ?? Do I??

I damm hate to admit but his touch make my mind go insane his breath make me shiver freaking he’ll his effect on me is like anything why this with me only his presence his touch why affects me   so much why ??? I hate him

Do I really ??

Your anger your revenge anika just pushed him you hate him … remember that you hate him

I pushed him “I hate you nd I’ll always hate you” I almost yelled at him I m not in my sence how can i .. i hate him but this feeling in my heart making me irritated … I pushed him I didn’t even see his face because I known I can’t I known he is hurt 

Hurt but why is he love you or it’s just lust ??

I open the door nd sit in his car i m not in a mood of seeing his car I m just wanna do something which make me feel relax  … i want to eat ice cream I m really starving for that 

Then I realised shivaye also came but i dare to look at him I just closed my eyes take a deep breathe then open my eyes to see the view outside of the window the weather is good i think rain is going to started i can feel his graze on me but I just ignore it …


I m standing in Oberio mansion the journey was silent and i m glad that he didn’t say anything … well !! Infront of me there is standing Mr.oberio rudra nd one girl whom I don’t known but they all are smiling I to smile … fake smile …


I m wondering around in his house’s  garden his family is really sweet I mean very … i can’t believe he is ful on opposite from his dad I mean he is so sweet polite nd he bagad billa ..

We talk aalot I mean rudra me nd saumya she is rudra’s girlfriend so sweet nd rudra is ful opposite of her i mean he is biggest flirty in this world ever …rudra told me about sahil he return back to his school world his exam is going to start .. I didn’t even see him nor I even talk to him once … bad luck

About him I didn’t see his face after our encounter in morning but I can feel his deep graze on me but I just ignore it …


Why not he kissed me nd then ..

You to enjoyed it





No way I hate him

Oh but you feel for him accept it U Like Him or maybe more than that

Shut up you inner voice

Now i m seeing the beautiful garden may i add alone Well !! Rudra is busy in romance with his girlfriend I mean sumaya… and I m just freaking going insane about his thoughts …

Can’t he leave me nd my life

Seriously u really won’t that


Well we ‘ll see that

”Anika” I turn to see whos that

“Yes Mr.Oberio ” I said with a smile

“Come I want to talk to you about something important come with me ”

“Sure” we walked towards some room the room seems like study room big nd classy … but supriseingly there is a lady’s picture with Mr.Oberio nd him a royal big happy family photo like.. the picture is in a big firm covering a whole wall near that wall a instrument a beautiful black nd velvet shining voilin is there which make me smile I love to play voilin… but then I see that pic on the wall the lady seem very beautiful trio are smiling face that lady is sitting on a royal red chair nd both Mr.Oberios r standing nd smiling near her left nd right a beautiful happy family picture but then I realised that both father son r not seems share a good relation he call his father by their name why??

“Anika” I soon realised there r everyone present including him also …
Every one looking happy with there face execpt for him ofcoure how can he smile ?? If he start smileing then his hight become short ..

“Anika I known it is very important thing in your life you have your dream about marriage every girl have .. “then the reality hit me like a boom how I forget about that i-i m going to marriage tomorrow .. tomorrow i  become Mrs.Shivaye Singh Oberio oh may..

I don’t known what I have to say i m just dambfould standing listening that tomorrow i became a married women .. how I thought I’ll marry that person whom I loved the most nd who love me equally .. who have care about me who protecte me who give me happiness in my life but here I hate him moreover he is forcing me he have to take his so called revenge from me …

I soon come into my sense when Mr.oberio me something “Is that ok with u”

“Huh !! What sorry i”

“No problem anika we were asking you that If you ok with today is your haldi at night then tomorrow morning mahndi then your marriage is that ok with you” I just nodded I known there is no chance of leaving all this .. I have to marry him …

“Ok Mr.oberio”

“No anika you r going to be my daughter call me dad ” I see him with teary eyes how can he be so good with me .. after all I m just a middle class girl … he bless me nd I to smile at him with my Niagara fall eyes ..


“I known anika bhabhi marriage is very precious moment in every girls life I know u must be sad that your marriage is happing like that but believe me bade bhaiya make everything good ok .. this is your room for two days ok .. now do some rest today is your haldi so be positive nd happy okay bye see u ” she said nd leave

The room is very big nd beautiful but I don’t care i m very sleepy tied from continuously crying …

I soon get freash nd lied on bed .. tomorrow is my marriage i become his wife I become Mrs.Anika Shivaye Singh Oberio.. tomorrow

I didn’t see his face at all I can’t see him I can’t face him how can i ?? It was so embarrassing nd bad .. I can’t see him no way … I m not able to that

But he is gonna be your husband then he have his right on you if he claim you to him then What will you do …

No i ‘ll not let him touch me what if he is my husband nd this is not a simple marriage this is a forceful marriage a forceful husband he ‘ll not touch me without my permission… I will not let him touch in any way .. I soon get into a deep slumber ..



I m wearing a beautiful Saree a yellow Saree with flower jewllrys … the celebration is in garden area which is decorated with flowers nd lights if its not forcing then I ll get very happy seeing all this but now the situation is not in my favour .. but I have to be happy I ‘ll never forgive you Mr.oberio (shivaye) for this ..

There are not much many people only two to three ladys nd soumaya with a girl hmm beautiful .. I m glad that not many people is here the wedding is simple as all I wish ..

Sumaya nd that girl walked towards me “bhabi this is Tia bade bhaiya’s business partner ” sumaya said i to introduce me when sumaya excuse as then Tia nd me talk a a lot she is nice Tia also told me about her and Mr.oberio(S) that they are going to married but she is not happy with it nd then Mr.oberio helped her.. nd now she is happy in her life .. then we become a good friend let me tell you she is a universe ki dukaan n ful riki centre .. ouff

Soon I sit in sofa nd the other side mr.oberio is siting we cant see each other clearly becoz in between “our” a big light yellow dupatta is hanging .. but I can feel again his graze making me little blush.. effect of marriage I guess !! I can also see with in concern of my eyes he is wearing a yellow Kurta with white pj .. we soon became a yellow prani (creature) …

Nd that was end i have face him in such a way i can’t imagine soon our haldi finish with me nd him push into swimming pool ‘so called younger tradition’i m so embarrass by this he me in swimming pool that to alone.. I didn’t have that gut to match his graze but guess what when I m going he held me again by my hand pull me towards him … that’s what when I see him in his eyes .. his eyes has some other emotion he held me more tightly nd whispher in my ears giving me goosebumps “sweetheart welcome to my world our world ” I shivered he also peck my lip nd I m just standing with widen eyes he smirk nd goes … I m still standing oh may..

Our haldi soon get finish we had dinner together rudra is very funny nd flirty to at the same time .. sumaya nd rudra’s joldi is khirkhitod dad also  funny he tell me about his love life with his wife I mean my mother in law his mom we talk a lot with gigling laughing I get to known one more thing that ..bagad billa knowns smiling nd laughing he to enjoy rudra’s stupid talk like me .. soon we finished our dinner nd departe to our respective room … tomorrow is very special day

I lied down on my bed tired day I must say I recall our moments a small blush crept on my face ..

U like him why can’t u accept it

No it’s not like that

You blush when u think about “your” moments you shivered when he touch you .. you feel good by his presence so why can’t u like  him you r gona marry him

I known i know  but I-i m confused I hate..

O stop this hate n all u like him accept him

No I can’t he is forcing me

But u r enjoying it

No I m not it’s just .. huh !! Way to go

I soon get into a deep slumber thinking about only him…

To be continued



I thought I ‘ll update it yesterday but things go wrong well!! I update it today sorry for lateness
So yesterday was my birthday nd I can’t cop up with it so sorry …

I havve a baf news for you all Well !! I m gonna not update any of my book till one month … shocked
The reason is Ramadan so you might have known on 26 – 27 (I don’t known exact day) Ramadan will get start nd my school too *tears only for school* so I can’t update it till Eid or on Eid I will update inshallah but I’ll try to update in Ramadan also inshallah ..if things go right ..

So tell me how is it so all liked it or not ??

What u all think about anika’s confusion her feeling ?? Do tell me

Bye ..
LOVE u all??

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