You r my Only My (Chapter 10)

Anika’s pov

Tomorrow that devil is going to marry me how can he do this with me just because I slapped him …

Yes I slapped him I did right he deaserve that I’ll never ever regrate for slapping him he is truly a monster a devil heartless man who can go to any assent to do what he wants a richi rich ..

I can’t marry him .. but I can’t do any thing to stop this marriage his chamche bodyguards r wondering around my house I can’t even go out of my house nor call someone nd nor escape from here …

Oh God why on earth u r doing this to me u always snatch my happiness I don’t want to marry that … that devil that monster that heartless creature who doesn’t even have a heart in him

And his father i want to tell him avout his son what he did to me or what he going to do with me i-i can’t marry no!!!

Why he want to marry me i don’t understand I m going insane how he treat me that day I can’t forget but I see something in his eyes like love

Are u mad anika he or love never ever this can’t be

But u see his eyes … his eyes has some feeling for u


Now think about how to esacape I have to do something think think anika think anything but what???

My chain of thought cut when I felt someone was coming towards me ….

Ya how can i forget that was he

Devil!!! Really thinking about devil & the devil appears

“Thinking about me”he said with his so called arrogant tone … jerk!! ya just thinking how to kill u

“Well baby don’t stress your little brain u can’t ever esacep from me u have to marry me as I said no matter what u have to by your wish or not ” Oh my god I don’t want why he is here

“Why r u not leaving my life me why can’t u see me happy cant u have a heart huh!!! Why u caming into my life see I don’t want to marry can’t u see i hate u ” this was my anger I can’t control more my mind my heart my body going insane  my heart I don’t known want this heart want nd talking about  my mind it only say hate hate nd soul this soul alway have peace when I’m near him when we kissed that feeling still I have in my soul

Nd now his eyes his memerasizing eyes I have to say he is hot handsome jerk !!! His eyes always says some another feeling like i have heard eyes speak more than words meant kinda of this … my heart my soul alway lost when he came near me I have see hurt love in his eyes

Is this true ??? Or Not

“U hate me i don’t care but I don’t ” this make my breathe hitch is he saying he love me ???

“Do u love me??” This came as a whispher from me this is the only answer i want Yes ya No

“I-i” tell me “I don’t known i don’t but I don’t hate u is that clear ” what is wrong with him  why he wants me if he hateS me

But he don’t

Yes but he even dont love me

But he can

“Now just stop ok tomorrow is our wedding I m here to take u to your would husband’s home … my home get ready nd yah don’t worry about that arrangement & all its my responsibility nd one more thing don’t try to be over smart to talking about Mr Oberio about this …. is that clear ?? ” married for a second i forget about but he  he have to make that I m helpless i was about ask him but cut off by him

“Sahil is fain he is in my nd soon to be our house so dont stress about it ” he said in a very polity nd calm way is he real ?? First he become bagal billa nd than sweet billa

Seriously anika cute do your check up u r going crazy

Sahil I completely forgot about him how can i be so irresponsible

“Sahil he is fain right?? ”

“Yes I said he is good nd enjoying rudra’s company nd now don’t waste your or my time just come with me ”

“But ” again he cut me off

“Your things will come now come”

What he wanna do i-i don’t want to marry him can’t he see

“I don’t want to marry u ” I regrate for this word

In mean sec i m in between my wall nd him he pressed me in between him that I can feel his hot breathe in my cold skin how he affect me like this ???

I closed my eyes i can’t control his proximity closeness “I said u have to can’t to understand in simple way i m trying to be polite with u but u r taking advantage this is my last warning if u said this again u will regrate it hell badly” he said in his husky voice still i can feel his breath his eyes on me i always lost my self I hate to admit it but I like when he is near me …

His eyes has emotion which i can never understand … his one hand is holding me tightly nd pressing himself into me nd me into wall

I totally lost my self my heart beating  rapidly even he can hear my heart beat I wouldn’t known when his hand is now on my waist pulling me into his chest nd one hand caring my hair for this one min I can feel his feeling Gor me in his blue ocean orbs maybe love …
He again pull me my hand is now in his shoulder his intense graze on me making me little blush I lower my graze than he started to coming closer to me his is not looking at my eyes anymore his graze on my lips is he going to kiss me ?? Again

I couldn’t think more when I realised his lips on mine I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure his kiss gentle yet passionate I held his collar more tightly he is kissing me like his life is depending on our kiss I don’t even realised when I to started reciprocating that kiss i could feel my butterly stomach

Our kiss is passionate he is kissing me like anything pulling me by my waist
“U r death of me ” I could hear his word still in kiss he is pulling me nd I m slowly crossed by arm in around his neck giving him permit of going to my month i can’t help I can’t control my self any more I want his love I can feel his love in his kiss i could forget my hate my anger my revenge for him becoz all I need is love care affection which i never get from anyone ….

sucking my lips exploring my mouth I to exploring him his lips his love in this kiss pulling each other into himself we broke the kiss unable to breathe we still closing r eyes I could his breathe in my neck kissing my neck in almost gentle I couldn’t help but little moan his breathe on mine his rough lips on my soft neck giving me butterrie feeling in stomach… kissing my neck in softly way saying

“why u hate me anika ??”

To be continued…..

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