Quite unfair

Since so many people are voicing their opinions on the show i also thought about writing something to express what o feel. No offence to anyone but i watch this show mainly for tejaswi and namish. The show is always revolving around swasan and swara the adarsh bahu and how ragini is always the reason for her troubles. I have no issues with swara getting importance. But since the name suggests swaragini it is meant to be a balance between the two. Or else the name should be changed to swara. Firstly the thing i hate the most is that people tend to judge tejaswi’s character because of her role. I mean common guys its just a role and she was the one ready to leave the show when her role turned into negative which shows that she hated it more than us. And on that also people were happy that she was leaving it as if the creatives wouldnt have brought any new girl with the same character . And commenting on her personal character and beinging her down is no class. We ragini fans never ever try to raise a finger on swara’s character even if we feel that it is due to her that ragini’s character is not getting its due importance….. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone no intentions but had to write the truth.

Credit to: Ananya


  1. Ananya

    Please friends, do not comment. I did not write this for anyone’s comment. I am just paying my point of view, NO COMMENTS

  2. Firstly m a SwaSan fan mainly….. i want to say that ppl often forgot that swara n ragini are imaginary characters… ppl strts bashing helly n teju … itz just cz they cant get a simple point that swara is different frm helly n ragini is different frm teju.. i personaly doesnt lyk that negtve development of ragini bt i still appreciate teju’s acting in grey shead..

  3. Anjali

    Okk…now why the hell is everyone giving analysis suddenly??
    I don’t understand the need for such an analysis….
    I’m sorry ananya… I didn’t mean to tell that you should not give ur opinion..buy srsly its starting to piss me off… everyone hates ragini or swara… who cares… it is a show… and they have reunited…
    Raglak fans will see them together again
    Swasan fans too will see their couple together…
    So y on earth is everyone bashing the leads??
    We don’t know what is going on in that cv’s head… so chill and enjoy the half an hour ur gonna see it…
    And swara being called a mahaan is irritating… have you seen thapki or dhaani …when they are there, swara isn’t anywhere close to being called a mahan
    In fact the only time she was one was when she moved aside for kavita…
    Again in sorry ananya…. I took ur forum to vent my feelings… sorry to hurt you

    • I agree with u swara is no where mahan she just fights for her and her families welfare and the thing which is tight she even takes her own stand … Thus swara is not mahan but a ordinary girl and ya kavita’s part was exception but still at the end she took her stand against her

    • Its absolutely fine. I didnt wish to write this . But after reading other’s analysis i felt like ppl always get over her personal life thats why i wrote.. Sorry if it hurt you

  4. Ananya who said dat ragini fans never ever raise a finger against swara..u ppls always do.. Always bash swara nd also my helly too nd acts to be mahan. ..nd i dnt wanna to say furthur bcs fed up of reading same thngs again nd again..dramebazz…is heading is imp dan stry fr u guyz???

  5. Actully we are slliwed to comment aur waise bi aapne humne nahi rukj kar saktha hai kise ko be be jante hai vo comment kar sakthehai-ias officer asmitha

  6. Krithi

    Guyzz guyzzz guyzz
    What’s this it’s a drama not a reality that u all should be fighting like ….
    Leave it, its my humble request to SWARAGINI FANS and NOT to raglak or swasan fans plzz guyzz DON’T fight in the name of raglak or swasan as in the show only they are ragini,swara,laksh,sanskaar out of the show they are good friends so plzz DON’T REPEAT THIS CAT FIGHTS

    and ananya sorry sorry sorryx10000
    I agree with you that swaragini must be equalised not only swara not only Ragini it should be SWARAGINI

    Sorry guyzz if hurt anyone

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Tehreem ( love helly and teju)

    Guys it is not swara or ragini’s fault
    It is the writers and directors fault our stats are just playing the roles if we have to voice our thoughts then it must be to the writers and directors not the actors and actress
    Please stop accusing swara,ragini,helly,tejuand others they also have self respect
    And about teju she did what was her role in her hart it is right to leave the show because of all the hating comments and she also have feelings ,selfrespect and great acting sense
    In a way it good that she can show her acting skills to all of u

  8. swati

    Hey dhani is not Mahan and how can u say swara is not Mahan haven’t u seen the serial always she acts like a mahan

  9. taiana

    Ananya u asked do not cmt but i just want to express my view so only i cmt here… Lik u im also temish fan in fact im more teju fan n watch the show one only for teju n raglak pair.. Im also upset that teju didn’t get any importance in Swaragini… Teju n nami both r very talented actors but the cvs is wasting their talent.. I just want to say one thing if u really want temish get importance in show n if u hav a twitter account just tweet to colors n the writers asking to giv them equal screen space… It’s better rather thn express her… Her u will only get some hate cmts frm some fans which will make u upset… It’s just my suggestion dear….

  10. tanu

    thik h u r ragini fan no problem nice view too but 1 thing wrong u said that ragini fans do not bash helly …they do so …they even called her mahanta ki Devi n much more bad which is wrong …its all a imaginary character so what Is the need to bash helly

  11. Rani

    I totally agree with angel watch the story na why u r worrying about name n ya ananya tel me name of tejaswi fan who never raise finger on swara character btw u r forgetting its a story ,a soap, drama they r just doing their part .

  12. Ohh god I am really sorry for writing this. I feel as if I have done something big.. I had just written it to place my opinion in a country whre we have freedom of expression I suppose.And sincere apologies to angel and rani.. No intentions to hurt you but if you ever log in to their instagram accounts you can see the difference between helly’s picture comments and tejaswi’s picture comments. Just to clarify and i dont wish to drag this any further . I am sorry i tried to show how i feel. And my whole point fot this was my dislike towards the directors and cvs.. I personally am a big fan of even helly’s acting.. She is doing wonders at such a small age… But i am pointing out to swara which is a charactr of the show.. But again i am sorry

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