Quick Profile of yuvraj Birla (fun post)

Heyy! Guys i am komal ,i read all of ur ff all are awesomeeeee i think u guys know me here i am posting quick profile of are wonderful yuvraj its a fun post and not written by e its written by a girl i do t know who is she bt when i read i think its different and so i think to share with you guys she post on fb if u like it so plz plz plz comment then i will post other of suhani , dad , soumya

Name – Yuvraj Birla

Qualification – Dadi ka ladla, (I’m ameer, don’t need to work)

Nicknames – Mr. Sadoo Birla, Halki Dari Bikhri Baal

Best friend – Sharad

Enemies – Previously Rohan, right now Sambhav

Favourite person- Dadi

Strength – Dadi ka pyaar, Maa ka ashirwaad

Weakness – Ego, Dumbness & beauty

Trademark trait – Anger

Favourite color- White (gora rang)

Favorite food – All healthy foods specially Salad

Favourite drink- Fruit juice

Favourite game – Shaadi Shaadi, office office

Favorite films – Khamosh, Akrosh, Jani Dushman, Yaado Ki Baraat

Favorite TV show- Naagin

Favorite song – Confusion hi confusion hai solution kuch pataa nehi (3 idiots), Ye Ladki Hay Allah (K3G), Yeh ladki hai diwani (KKHT)

One thing you can’t live without – Suhani ko daantna

Favorite actor – Dadi

If a film is made on your life what would you call it? – Bewakoofiyaan

Favorite animal – Dog

Favorite pastime – Office jaana, 
Suhani par chillana, Soumya se advise lena

Hobby – Dusro ke baccho ko apna naam dena, dadi ki bakwas sunna

Favorite lyrics – Naa hai ye paana, Naa khona hi hai

I feel affinity towards – Gora rang

Hidden talent – Bina saans liye 15 minutes tak taunt karna

Favorite phrases – Chee Suhani, Disgusting!!

Hobby – Jogging

Only wish in life – Dadi ki har baat manna

Moral of life – Dadi is the best


1. For the separation between u & Suhani, who’s responsible actually?
– of course Suhani. Though Dadi brought Barbie, she planned everything, she lied about kids but Suhani is responsible for everything

2. So now u got ur son & wife back, what will u do?
– Of course they’ll stay in my house, my son with me & my wife in the outhouse. I won’t let her take my kids away. Though she gave birth to them but kids are mine only.

3. That means u don’t have any business with Suhani . Will u let her go?
– of course not. I won’t. She’ll stay here, otherwise how will I torture or taunt her?

4. Ok. Means she can marry someone else as u married someone else?
– Nope. She can’t. Cause her hubby won’t allow me to taunt her, so she shouldn’t get married & I’m just pretending to be married. Nothing else.

5. Why are you pretending?
– simple. Soumya is good woman & mother. She loves my daughter. And of course she’s dadi’s favourite gori bahu

Thank you for reading !!

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  1. This is pure gold ???? Lmao good one komal

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks Aqsxxh and i hope next bji apko aacha lagega kasss ye bhi sab readers ko aacha lage

  2. Shonali

    This is treasure ??
    I am actually ? ? ? ? ROFL
    Absolutely hilarious and cent percent true. Good lord! I loved it, it’s epic! *wipes a tear off*

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou so much shonali

  3. Hahaha,,,,,now that was superb…………………!

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear !! Plz read next part also

  4. Sarayumane

    It is really very nice

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks for reading dear…..

  5. Haha…i had a hearty laugh komal….lovely

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear !!

  6. NAPSHa J

    😀 😀

    1. komal sontani

      Thank you Napsha J dear !!

  7. Hi………
    Ye kiski bhi creaation ho….
    La javaah he……
    Seriously …….it’s really funny….

    1. komal sontani

      Thank u rithu u are absolutely right its perfectttt

  8. A.K

    LOL 🙂 🙂

    1. komal sontani

      Plz tell me where is inbox

  9. It’s too funny dear… Will surely read the next part also

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks farhat darling !!

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nb!!

  10. Wonderful… 😀
    Go ahead with other characters too
    Waiting fr Suhani’s next

    1. komal sontani

      Ya sure i have already updated soon it will be published thankyou

  11. nice komal it was really funny

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks khushi and plz tell to neetu and jenny to read this plz

      1. Nithu

        Komal i also want no where is inbox

  12. Plz post abt Soumya,dadi,menka,Rags also,,,,,,this is superb……

    1. Thank you roz bt I dont havw the quick peofile of ragmen sorry but of dadi and soumya I will definitely update it

      1. Okkayy yaa thanqq,,,, 😀

  13. Haha! That was funny. On point komal! Sounds exactly like him as well.

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou ????????? Love u dear

  14. haha, very good one…just like Yuvraj! hope to read more on other characters as well.

    1. komal sontani

      Ya sure i have already updated of suhani as soon as possible it will be published thankyou vidya

  15. hahaha Awesome dear..you have a great mind

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou ruby and its credit goes to that girl

  16. shrutika palkar

    waah waah! Lajawab!

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks shrutika darling !!!

  17. This is hilarious my ribs are sore from laughter though didn’t understand staff written in hindi. Am from South Africa so don’t understand hindi please translate as well next time.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks mercy and i will try to write in English

  18. Nivika

    jaldi se jaldi suhani ..dadi aur soumya ka post karo..its vey funny

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou snehal i have already updated

  19. Sorry for commenting late! But anyways it was awesome! Very funny and also this is the truth.. U have to start writing an ff soon Komal

    1. komal sontani

      Yaa sure thankyou Thankyou so much sabne comment kar diya execpted jenny i am feeling very sad

  20. Wow… awesome.. 100% correct… enjoyed a lot….

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou jisha dear

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