Quick Profile of Suhani Birla (fun post)

Heyy guyyss its me komal and i am here with my second Quick profile of our mindblowing actress Rajshri rani a.k.a suhani plz plz plz plz plz plz comment on this

Profile 2

Name – Suhani Birla

Qualification – Acchi acchi baatein karna, all time happy happy rehna (talking in good manner and be happy all the time )

Nickname – Aye ladki

Best friend – P.A bhaiya (sarad)

Enemies – None (cause I’m mahaan)

Favourite person – Mera pati parmeshwar

Strength – Sasu maa ka support, P.A bhaiya ke ideas (love of mother in law and ideas of sarad bro )

Weakness – Family, magar mach ke ansu ( crocodile tears Specially Somu’s)

Trademark trait – Kindness

Favorite food – All unhealthy foods that Yuvraj hates, Samosa & Yuvraj ka daant (scolding of yuvraj)

Favourite drink – Ansu(tears)

Favourite game – Sare games jo pura parivar ek saath khelte hai (all games which full family will play together )

Favorite films – Bacchan Sahab ke films

Favorite TV show – Parvarish (nurture)

Favorite song – Main Aisa Kyun Hoon (Lakshya)(why i am like this ), Yeh Dosti Hum Nehi Todenge (with Somu)(this friendship we will never broke with soumya), Main Hoon Naa (jaha jaha problems)(where s problems ther i am )

One thing you can’t live without – Acchai or Mahaanta

Favorite actor – Somu

If a film is made on your life what would you call it? – Main Chup Rahungi (i will keep quiet)

Favorite animal – Snake

Favorite pastime – Yuvraj ko gussa dilana (to make yuvraj angry ) Sasu maa ki seva karna (taking care of mother in law )

Hidden talent – Sab ki galti apne saad lena (take all problems and mistakes in ur shoulder )

Hobby – Dadi se pange lena (taking screwing from dayyann )

Favorite lyrics – Bebasi dard ka aalam tum mujhe de do apne gum

I feel affinity towards – Sadoo & Akhdu people like Yuvraj, Fake people like Somu

Hidden talent – Sari duniya ka theka apne saad lena (taking all the problems of earth in our shoulder areee its oue duty hahaha)

Favorite phrases – Suraat nehi siraat hi sab kuch hota hai, (outer beauty is not important than inner beauty) Maa aap thik ho naa? Maa are u all right ??)& Lekin dadi… (but dadi )

Hobby – Samaaj Seva (social service)

Only wish in life – Yuvraj ka gussa sehna (endure of yuvraj anger)

Moral of life – Somu humari bachpan ki dost hai
(Somu is my childhood friend)


1. For the separation between u & Yuvraj, who’s responsible actually?
– Kebal hum. Humein adaat hai Yuvraj ki baatein naa manne ka. Issi liye humne usse Sajaan ko nokri se nehi nikaalne diya aur ye sab ho gaya. Wese toh dadi Barbie ko leke ayi thi, jisne humein kidnap karwaya tha aur hum marte marte bache…but dadi ki koi galti nehi hai. Woh toh apne pote ka bhala chahti hai. Yuvraj ki bhi galti nehi hai. Humari galti hai sab

2. So now u returned in Yuvraj’s life, right?
– Aree nehi nehi. Hum apne best friend apne jigar ke tukre apne soulmate apne shubhchintak Somu ka ghar kaise tode? Wese toh usne pehle bhi humara ghar todne ki koshish ki hai, aur humare jaate hi humare pati se shaadi karli par woh humari sirf dost nehi behen hai behen!!

3. That means u don’t want to return in Yuvraj’s life, so u will leave from Birla house, right?
– Bilkul nehi. Hum chale gaye toh Yuvraj apna gussa kispe nikalega? Aur hum chale gaye toh roz roz ke tamashe kasie honge birla house mein? Entertainment bhi toh zaroori hai naa? Warna bacche toh bore ho jayenge.

4. Ok. What about falling for someone ealse or moving on?
– Kaisi baatein kar rahe hai? Hum kyun kisi aur se shaadi kare? Wese toh Yuvraj ne humare jaane ke 5 din ke andar Barbie se shaadi karliya tha & humare jaate hi Somu se tisri shaadi karli par hum kaise kare shaadi? Aisa sochna bhi paap hai.

5. What about Sambhav, Do u like him?
– Sambhav ek bohut acche insan hai. Woh humari care karta hai, humesha humse acche se baat karta hai aur Yuvaan ko bhi pasand hai par hum humesha Yuvraj ke hi rahenge. Yuvraj humesha humein taane marta hai, kabhi dhakka toh kabhi haat mein chot deta hai, kabhi humse sidhe muh baat nehi karta, humesha sabke saamne beijjati karta hai par humein uske outhouse mein rehna hai aur uski biwi ki seva karna hai

Credit to: komal


  1. Arshi

    Komal…. excellent yaar ❤
    Serioulsy , your articles show how illogical d plot is n how frustrated d audience are
    Q&A r really gud esp 4,5…
    Exactly these r d things vch come to ppl’s mind while watching this show…
    They wanted to show suhani as a self respected woman amd independent.
    But since d beginning of d serial they show
    her like a servant of birlas who doesn’t open up her mouth

    • komal sontani

      Thanks god ap sab ko pasa d aaya i am very happy thanls thanks all of u guyys love u

    • komal sontani

      Ab bhai ruby ki sis. Hu to ruby hesa hi dimag hoga n thanls ruby for reading and plz plz support me

  2. Meena

    Yrr… This one is best of all.. Plz someday make quick profile of ssk, sr and sns hate that show and will love to read their profiles….

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