Quick profile of somu janwar (fun post)


Hii its mee komal i am reposting this bcoz my dearest friend Aqsxxh is not able to read it in hhindi so i am writing in english
Profile 4

Name – Soumya

Qualification – Dusro ki haq mein qabza jamana
(Taking claims i other)
Nickname – Somu

Best friend – Evil people

Enemy – Suhani

Favourite person – Dadi

Strength – Daughter Krishna

Weakness – Fake marriage 

Trademark trait – Rona dhona(crying wring)

Favorite food – Kheyali pulaav

Favourite drink – Ansu (magar mach ke)(crocodile tears)

Favourite game – Saazish(playi g games and chal chalna)

Favorite films – Snakes on a plane, Catch me if you can

Favorite cartoon – The jungle book

Favorite fictional character – Kaa (The jungle book)

Favorite TV show – Naagin

Favorite song – 
Main naagin dance nachna (nagin dance), Bholi si surat, Drama Queen

One thing you can’t live without – Luxury

Favorite actor – Sridevi, Mouny Roy, Adaa Khan

If a film is made on your life what would you call it? – Pati Patni Aur Woh (I’m the “woh”)

Favorite pastime – Brainwash karna

Hobby – Flop plans banana

Favorite lyrics – Hum toh bhai jaise hai wese rahenge

I feel affinity towards – Rich people

Hidden talent – Ankhow mein ankhew daalke jhooth bolna

Favorite phrases – Jo tera hai woh mera hai, jo mera hai woh toh definitely sirf mera hai(it means which is urs that is mine but wgat is mine is only mine)

Only wish in life – Bas aish aur araam se kate zindagi(life with full of luxury only)

Moral of life – Birla house ke luxury ka rasta dadi ki chamchami se hoke guzarta hai(the way of birla luxury is gone from dadi’s camchagiri )


1. You’re not Yuvraj’s wife & his real wife has returned. So what to do?
– So what? Birla house mein sirf dadi ki chalti hai. Jab tak hai haath mein dadi ka haath, Aish aur araam nehi chorega mera saath. (Sp what in birla house dadi is the main and till dadi’s hand is in my hand luxary will never leave my hand)

2. Whom do u love?
– Late Krishna, my hubby. I miss him. Par mujhe Yuvraj ki haat se sindhoor pehenna hai. Dadi ke samne natak bhi karna hai uski care karne ka. But I love Krishna. Par I need luxury so after his death, I left his home & came here. (Of coursemy hubby krisha but i want yuvraj to fill my mang i have to do care for him in front of dadi but i love Krishna i also need luxury so after jis death i left his home and came here)

3. That means u don’t want Suhani to return in Yuvraj’s life, right?
– Ditto. Toh kya hua woh uski legal wife hai, uski baccho ki maa hai, woh sirf usse pyaar karta hai. Toh kya? Nakli hi sahi I’m dadi’s 
favorite gori bahu.so what 7f she is legally wife so wgphat if she is mother of her children so what if she love yuvraj i am dadi’s favourite gori bahu)

4. Suhani isn’t interfering in Birla’s lives, so when will u stop plotting against her?
– Why should I? Woh wapis kyun ayi? Accha khasa chal raha tha sab. Sab andhere mein the ke Yuvraj aur Suhani ka dusra baby nehi raha duniya mein. Ayi kyun woh? aur uske khilaaf plans toh banaungi hi. Mujhse dosti karne ki kimaat chukani paregi use. Aur humesha meri bhalai chahna aur apni behen manne ki kimaat bhi. 

5. Oh! So what will u do next?
– Ab toh bas Oldy ko apne kaabu mein rakhna hai. Uske pote ka brainwash karna hai aur Suhani ka shaadi karwana hai Sambhav se, though ye thoda sa asambhav hai. Waiting for Rags bhabhi. Do intelligent ladies milke sabka jeena haram karenge. wait & watch.

Credit to: komal

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  1. how sweet of you di! That’s show you really care for others..I am proud that you are my Di

    1. komal sontani

      Thankscdarli g i am also feeling proud that my small sis is writing wonderful ff love u

  2. Aqsxxh

    OMG TYSM KOMAL YOU ARE THE BEST! AND THE MOST KINDEST PERSON I KNOW 😀 You are officially my most dearest friend on here 😀 as well as others Ty Means soooo much! n

    1. komal sontani

      Its ok no need of thanks amd ya plz update soon ur ff

  3. Credit where credit’s due! That was very nice of you komal.

    1. komal sontani

      I did not understand ur comment sorry ???????

  4. Hey guys pls yaar any one tell me na.. Y sahil not invited rajshri and gaurav to his marriage…. Even barbie also invited by him

    1. Aqsxxh

      They had a little argument off screen, they still haven’t enclosed any information, but I think they will patch up soon! http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/buzzin-hot/31733-i-was-not-invited-for-sahil-wedding-rajshri-pandey-aka-suhani.htm this is exactly what they said but there is no reason why unfortunately…

    2. komal sontani

      I think ee should not have been ay problem as rajshri mam also dont have and i am proud of mam as she said its ok i dont have any problem and sahil be happy for ur married life

  5. Aqsxxh

    Komal I still don’t understand in what way I should thank you! Is there anything you want me to specifically add in my ff for you? Or shall I make an appreciation post becos this was soooo sweet 😀 And how you classed me as a dear friend I am touched Ty Komal, Hats off You too!

  6. Good one komal…

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