some questions n queries ABOUT TWINJ..? by chotu sa cute sa baby haha baby here

Hello guys baby here

I hv sm questions some griefs which I want to share wid u all.we all r gr8 fans of SIDMIN we no dat we love dem bt today I m here to talk about TWINJ.

Guys we all know the upgoing track now we all no kunjs identity is revieled rite n now only we saw in the precap of tmrws episode kunj seeking forgiveness from twinkle n twinkle saying Kunj says to Twinkle i did mistake 5years ago but i wont leave my family and you now, trust me, Twinkle says trust you? what about 5years of pain, i had to live without you, Kunj says i know its my mistake, please forgive me, Twinkle says no i cant trust you, i dont think i will ever be able to forgive you, Kunj is shocked listening this.

Am I rite dis is wat we c soo is dis crct do u guys think she is doing corect she hd frgiven uvraj fr his deeds sooooo easily wat did he didn’t do to her family her husband he tried to kidnap her he tried to kill kunj sooo many tyms he tried to kill mahi n put d blame on her he stooped soo low to give blood to kunj dat wt didn’t he asked her to do den he cheaply marid her n tried to kill her wid himself wt didn’t he do haan n she frgived him so easily n her kunj she is now not trusting him is dis wat dey want to show.

Yah I agree dat kunj didn’t trusted her but bcoz of d misunderstanding pallavi had made between dem atleast yr I don’t think dis was rite at all.

Uvraj was marid to twinkle for d baby d bay did not come still dewy r marid b4 nowing d truth of rocky dt he is kunj she was aftr uvrajs life dat he shuld live his lyf n move on but now as she know her kunj is back she is hesitating to leave him r dey stupid does leela don’t know wt hee did wid dem does she don’t know RT also left her lyk dat fr years she toh frgivd him n marid him n nt letting her daughter ufffffffff..

Yr guys I srsly don’t know wat am I typing bt dey r really some questions please respond if u guys my sissies n my frnds u all agree wid me plsssssssssss………..
Yah I wanted to tell you I luv u all very mch n read all d ffs n os u all ppl know dat I hpe I m sry I always b late smtyms bcz dis site dsnt wrk or smmtyms busy wid studies but luv u all 2 d core n ur ritings make my day.


n yah look guys dont speak about any1 religion here here all r d same n love eo as same n you ppl r no1 to speak anything bad about any1s ritings of anything you dont have rite so i hpe we dont get to c dat agn i think i dont need to mention whom i am talking about u cnt ryt urself so dont cmnt on odrs ritings and all


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  1. Angita

    Baby so sorry but I myself don’t know
    But really what you explained was very true

    1. Baby

      thanks dear

    2. Baby

      n sry i frgot to mention u in d list

  2. […] post some questions n queries ABOUT TWINJ..? by chotu sa cute sa baby haha baby here appeared first on Telly […]

  3. Jiya_Ani

    Hey wrote my name Twice..oye hoyee..I agree wit hour POV but somewhere I feel that Twinkle is correct.. You know jab ham kisi se pyaar karte hain na..toh uska diya hua chta sa zakhm bhi bada ho jaata hai..and jab we don’t love someone.. Toh shayad ek had tak we don’t care care about them..Either they are good or not..Coz our love is with us…
    I hope you understand.??
    Love you

    1. Baby

      yess dear lovely i understand but yr dey r showing dat she is caring fr him as well y but yah i totally agree to u dear take care n get well sonn luv u 2

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Aww..Okay..I’ll take care..And fatafat theek hojaungi..keep loving me????

  4. I also has the same question in my mind.I think cvs are so much confused between twinj and twiraj.and they confusing us also.anyways tei lost its charm when sid and director quit the show. now I don’t bother whether it ends with twinj or twiraj.

    1. Baby

      hey i thnk u hv cmntd here fr d first tym but yah as u wish bt d truth is we all ll lyk if true love which ws being shown shuld win i hp sid returns

  5. Sayeeda

    TEI is completely a crap serial right now ….hoping something good from CV’s is a stupidity coz they only know how to play with fans emotion ..
    First they played with Twiraj fans…then now Twinj ….CV’s them self don’t know what they want to portray …whatever comes in their mind they show that crap in the serial ….

    Always they give us bait …more to say sometimes lollipops of hopes goes in Twiraj fans nd sometime Twinj fans ….They just think that we won’t say anything against the rubbish they r showing. …..

    Even I read the precap she said same lines that u wrote to kunj …hhaahha what a joke Twinkle won’t forgive him so easily …just answer me where were her emotions when she forgiven Yuvi for his deeds …then why not kunj …I don’t say that kunj is right he also did wrong with her but not to that extent that Yuvi did …

    I know I’m saying so much but what can I do when I see my most fav serial getting ruined like this I feel so bad …even sometimes I feel like crying …this serial has a very unique place in my heart …firstly they didn’t allow Sid to continue though he wanted to do so nd then the story line Wowww….it’s just like Sone pe Suhaga ….

    Nd finally Leela ….she forgot everything kunj did for her …not for a single moment she was happy with his comeback ..every time she is provoking Twinkle to stay with Yuvi ….once again hats off CV’s for spoiling the best serial if I would have liberty then I would have given u all the world’s best award for ruining the serial like TEI ….

    1. Baby

      yess sayeeeda di i was jst trying to tell dis only through my words which u hv told i was lyk srsly m ashamed dat i lykd nhi nhi luvd dis serial d things u hv ritn were really very true agree to u even i feel lyk crying same wid me luv u di

  6. Zuha Fatima

    Well baby darling I am not able to conclude who to suport…Yuvraaj or Kunj? Because kunj means SIDDHANT only! And I am a big Zain fan! Well now there is no difference left in Kunj and Yuvraaj! But I feel both are nice! Let’s see what’s the final pair but as far I see I think it will be Twiraj? Let’s see 🙂

    Keep smiling!

    Loads of Love!


    1. Baby

      hey zuha i cnt say anything to ur cmnt bcz i thnk its gonna b twinj as its twinjs luv stry bt lets c bcz now i dont keep any hopes from tei

  7. Jisha

    I thought the same dear.
    1) Twinkle could forgive a person who tried to kill her husband, her sister, her family…UV tortured her in all possible manners and even tried to rape her, but could n’t coz of Kunj. She could easily forgive a person like UV. Now she can’t forgive Kunj who misunderstood for a while and he has realised his mistake.
    2) Leela’s thoughts for me feels like blunder. She wants her daughter to be with UV just bcoz they are doing this marriage play for last 5 years. Doesn’t matter Twinkle still love Kunj and was waiting till this date for him to come back.
    3) Leela was not seen happy to see Kunj alive. not for a single moment…So all that mera beta Kunj was all fake..or all the affections towards Kunj has vaporised…Wow…Kunj has done so much for Leela…I feel sad for Kunj while seeing her attitude towards Kunj..
    3) Now if at all CVs are going to show twiraj story then…Twinkle becomes the most characterless girl in world. Through out the 5 years of marriage, they showed Twinkle loving Kunj and keeping UV away from her. Now that Kunj has come back,whom she was waiting for all these 5 years,all of a sudden she has started feelings for UV. Basically she becomes a girl who marries a guy and loves another guy in her mind…
    Utter non sense…
    So sad to see my serial stooping down this way…

    Sorry for long comment…My frustration came out…

  8. Baby

    noo di nt at all u r crect d things u said r also all true as sayeeda di i wnted to express dis also through my wrds i hp i was able to express dese all d things through my wrds luv u di i totally agree to u wt u hv said n i no twinj ll hv to b 2gthr n i hp sid cms bck

    1. Jisha

      Yes…you expressed it very well in this…I think Twinkle will show some attitude n will finally come back to kunj…bcoz CVs have already made that dr. Negative.i mean they already have planned next was shown that she will do anything to separate them…for that CVs have to unite them…

  9. Cmon cmon guys, time to get happy, our twinki, our jasmine won d award for best debut in d gold awards..she n ridhima (Rajni of bahu hamari rajnikant) had a tie. N did u c Twinj (Sidmin) ka dance on pashmeena n sab tera..??

  10. Joonakanksha

    Yeah u are riet baby
    I hate leela…first she was chanting only kunj name…and all the time uv uv….seems like she just need someone jo bass wahi kare jo woh kahe….
    tei are showing true love never exists……that it cannot pass any hurdles

    1. Baby

      yah joonu u r rite

  11. Kruti

    Firstly TEI has turned into utter nonsense
    And abt d precap its just that twinkle is hurt bcoz her love dint trust on her and bcoz of which all this drama is happening…….and when such situation arises no girl can forget things and move on easily
    And trusting and forgiving Uv was something which she could do easily coz he was the one who was standing by d family when they were in bad times
    And Leela’s character is totally spoilt by cv’s ……the lady for whom her daughter used to matter d most is least bothered abt her feelings and her state of mind
    . the only thing I can conclude is the show has seen great heights of success and is soon gonna see great heights of downfall
    Not just bcoz sid is no more a part of it but just bcoz of its crap story line

  12. Guys everyone is doubting how come Twinkle forgive UV so easily….the reason is that she never loved him so there will be no serious hurt from him…she cud hate him but not be hurt….but abt Kunj she loved him till the infinity but still he didn’t trusted her….the character of Kunj aka Siddhant Gupta and character of Kunj aka Naman Shaw is far much contrasting…. I don’t feel both the Kunj are same….it seems to me that they r 2 diff character with same name….nowadays the story is just crap….the response towards Kunj from Leela’s side was wrong but abt marriage she is not wrong… In reality also think once keeping urself in Twinkle’s place wat u guys will do…the CVS are just making fun of pious relations that’s it..

  13. It’s seriously like that song….
    main idhar chali main udhar chali jaane kahan main kidhar chali….
    are phisal gayi…..
    main CVs ke sang chali……
    I beg Indian CVs to stop aping and infuse some new blood to Indian serial……

  14. Kritika14

    Honestly, the serial has turned to crap! twinkle is right on the post being miffed by kunj but the thing of her not breaking the marriage with yuvi is shit! like she had always loved kunj all these 5 years and now when he has returned back .. this is what she does? why are the writers making twinkle such a shitty person all of a sudden? okay .. tho kunj did many mistakes by not trusting his love and troubling twinkle as well as her family .. but he has realized now .. she needs time? thats acceptable but one thing that crosses my head is when yuvi could do so much bad to twinj for so long and she could forgive him then whats the big deal with kunj … after all he is the one with the soft heart and ready to accept his mistakes .. and leela .. she is complete idiot .. tho i agree they can’t break marriages like that .. but where is the love for kunj gone for leela ? earlier she used to be like kunj puttar and now when he returned .. i couldn’t see any happiness on her face .. was that all fake? how can so many people change within 5 years ? my favorite serial is turning into the worst crap that anyone could ever see. I just hope they don’t hurt anymore fans of twinj. On top of that they have also hurt twiraj fans by giving them hope for the couple. The writers really have to comeback with a good story cuz the plot rn is turning to crap !

  15. twinkle aka shayna

    Whatever it is true luv always win so it will be twinkle nd kunj only nd am a biggggggg fan of twinj nd they luv each other even now so they should reunite nd taxis only miffed with kunj nd soon our kunj will get his twinkle back nd that would be the happy moment f

  16. U r right,,baby… It’s my question also… Twinkle could forgave uv but when it’s about kunj, she can’t… Why??? Anyways it’s a nice one.. Keep writing…

    1. Baby

      thanks sidhanshi bt its jst sm questions n queries by me if u wanna read den all d ffs ritn here by my luvlu luvly pyaari si sissies dear

  17. i hope true luv wins…
    twinkles delimma is ri8 as tw don hav lov wala feeling 4 uv…so she 4giv him…n abt kunj…he didn trust his love…i knw due 2 surgery he became desperate tht tw wont recognise him…bt yes he did gr8 mistake…

    d worst thing is tht leela use 2 say kunj as son bt now wht hap???…ku is d same person who made tw realise abt rt..then now leela she can 4giv rt bt don wan tw 2 4giv kunj…dis is not gud sense…

    i thnk tw told tht 2 ku inorder 2 knw personal views hope so…

    bt 4 uv also felt lil pity as he sacrifice 5yrs bt tht doesnt mean tw has 2 accept…

    hope 2 c positive result…

    i hope sid come back as he said he miss tei bt zee nt allowing so bad….

  18. Baby di thankyou so mich for mentioning my name love u toooo and ya my opinion is that I don’t lnow seriously I don’t know actually firstly I use to think pyar hona toh twinj jaisa varna na ho aur mai abhi bhi yahi sochti hu kyuki mere liye kunj hamesha sid raha tha aur rahega mere liye kunj matlab hi sid hai but abhi ke track ke liye I think sorry I don’t know actally twinj ab vo twinj nhi rahe yr tw aur ku ka pyar pehele alag tha aur abhi pura change hogaya hai toh mai yeh kehena chahti hu ki tw ko yrrrr I realy don’t know so sorry but somewhere I agree woth u

    1. Baby

      i agree wid u manu dear bt i m here talkng about twinj love story nt sidmin love story mere liye bhi sid hi hmesha kunj rhega uski jagah koi nhi chura skta dear

  19. I totally understand your pov and after with it but thnk from twinkles pov .. She loved kunj and he left her for 5 years .. and yuvi did so much for her and what wrong did was in his mad and obsessed phase .. he said it himself to twinkle in 1 of the epis. . Maybe unknowingly she fell in love with him and didn’t realise until now that kunj is back .. and feels for her 1st love again … yuvi …. anyways that my pov don’t know about others

  20. If i was twinkle I would have definitely fell for yuvi .. he did so much for me .. supported me when i was in the verge of breaking down … my pov

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