Queens Hain Hum 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Akansha’s assistant Purab briefs her about journalist Amitabh’s interview and says he grills people a lot, so she should be prepared. She says she is ready. He asks her opinion. She says he is a journalist and can take his own decisions now. He says he heard producer is making film on Chaitanya’s novel and asks to congratulate Chaitanya on his behalf. Akansha smiles and he leaves.

Jahnvi briefs about her new hospital project to her management team. A member asks they are into township projects, hospital is not their specialty. Jahnvi says they have to get out of their comfort zone and expand their wings, she has done all the homeowork. Boss praises her. Kevin gets jealous.

Shreya goes to Maya’s salon sees her sadly looking at her FIL’s photo.

She says sh emust he missing him, she just met him during award function. Maya says her FIL was her support system and he sent her to US for beauticia course when she expressed her wish. She asks if she came to inform about Adi and her love story. Shreya informs about her date and Sanaya gate crashing into it, KT’s presence as a pianist and tells KT does not look professional. Maya tells KT found their location without informing, so she knows her work. Jahnvi calls her and informs that she got a promotion and new project. Maya says that calls for a party. Jahnvi says they will in their farmhouse. Maya says rest they will talk when they meet. Shreya leaves.

Maya then attends her client Mrs Sabharwal and praises that her skin is glowing. Mrs Sabharwal says it is all her VLCC magic. Another client Mrs. Malhotra comments one cannot look like in 15 when they are in 50s. Mrs Sabharwal confronts and their fight starts. Maya handles situation. Mrs. Malhotra tries to leave after facial treatment. Maya says today’s seson is free. Mrs. Malhotrra leaves. Mrs. Sabharwal asks Maya not to entertain these kind of cheap clients. Maya asks her to come back soon and once she leaves relaxes.

Akansha returns home and sees Chaitanya and Aniket asleep. She writes a note thanyou and congratulation note for Chaitanya and informs that he has to attend ournalist Amitabh’s show .

In the morning, Tanya goes to meet Maya. Maya says what a surprise, how did she remember her in the morning. Tanya asks her to lend 1 lakh. Maya asks what is the reason. Tanya says if she cannot give, she will arrange from somewhere else.

Precap: Amitabh questions Akansha that her husband is an adult novelist, will she divorce him at this stage of her career. Chaitanya asks what rubbish. Akansha says yes.

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