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Jahnvi enjoys lunch with Kinjal and praises her culinary skills and suggests her to marry Shodhan/Gujju boy. Kevin joins them and says Jahnvi’s artificial spring and lake idea and asks how does she get those kind of brilliant ideas. Jahnvi proudly says work is her passion. Kevin says it is totally impractical idea. Jahnvi fumes. Her mother video calls her and says Shodhan liked her a lot and wants to marry her. Kinjal laughs. Jahnvi says who is Shodhan to accept her, even she has to accept him. Mother says he is from Vaishnav community and it is very difficult to find Vaishnav community boys. Jahnvi says he will not cook for her, massage her legs, do household chores and will not even take them on world tour or let them be together. She introduces Kevin to mother and says

he works with her. Mother asks Kevin to convince Jahnvi to marry Shodhan.

Tanu serves pizzas to Meet, Preet, and Aniket. Chaitanya reaches to pick Aniket back. Dev asks why did not he pick Aniket from school on time. Chaitanya tells him that he was busy in a meeting with publisher and had asked Deshoo to pick Aniket, but school people did not let her in. Akansha finishes her sting operation and sees Tanya’s 15 missed calls. She calls back Tanya who says her son Aniket forced her to call his mamma. Akansha asks when did he come here. Tanya says she picked Aniket from school as school authorities did not let Desho pick him. Akansha fumes that Chaitanya is irresponsible.

Tanya serves diet food to Sona. Sona pushes her hand and says she does not want to have it. Tanya says it is healthy for her baby. MIL asks Sona to try at least. Sona says she is not pregnant for the first time and used to enjoy chats and spicy food during her earlier pregnancies.

Jahnvi’s boss enters her cabin and asks how could she be careless with their housing project, it was so important to them. Jahnvi gets tensed and apologizes. Boss laughs and says he was just joking, they bagged that project and congratulates her. Kevin enters. Boss asks them both to execute their project practically nnonw. Once boss leaves, Kevin says he knew about this earlier and investors liked his design a lot. Jahnvi asks what him, it was her idea and he excuted it, it is their idea.

Akansha reaches home. Chaitanya and Aniket greet them. Akansha asks Aniket if he had food. Chaitanya says yes and he was taking Aniket to bed. Akansha carries Aniket and makes him sleep on bed. She starts yelling at Chaitanya that all men are same, he did not pick aniket due to his publisher meeting of his adult novel, she wil not tolerate itt. He says his phone battery drained and even she should have picked. She shouts she was busy saving a girl and only woman has to work at home and outside. Chaitanya says they both did mistake and Tanya handled situation, so she should relax. Akansha continues yelling. Chaitanya waalks out. Akansha then sees a collage of her, Chaitanya and Aniket and with cheque and note from Chaitanya that it is his first earning and he wants to spend it on her, thanks her for coming in his life. She feels guilty.

Dev gives flower bouquet to Tanya and says it is the day when he saw her first and praises her that she is most important in her life. She also praises that he is most important in her life and thanks for coming in her life. Soon they are getting their baby. Dev asks if baby is so important, she will forget him soon. She says yes. Sona calls her to get lichi-strawberry ice cream soon. MIL asks in this season? Tanya brings ice cream and says she can do anything for Sona as she is very important, they may fight but they love each other a lot.

Precap: Shreya’s MIL tells her that her friend Maya should get women enterpreneur award. Doc checks Sona and tells her baby is absolutely fine. Someone throws stone in Akansha’s office with a message to delete video, else she will die.

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    I have a doubt that may be akansha may die and she will give aniket responsibilty to Tanya… ?????????????
    As they are more focusing on her than others.
    And May be Sona will not give her child to Tanya as Sona will have baby boy and due to her infuence of her mother she may deny. ?????????

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