Queens Hain Hum 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Maya and Shreya enjoy roadside chat. Maya says she did not know models can also be so foodie. Shreya says looking at chat, all models forgot dieting. Maya asks if she is not afraid of her saas her highness and if she will not object. Shreya says she will. Two bikers click their pics. Maya notices and scolds them. They speed up. Shreya says he has to reach home before 5:45, else guards will track her on GPS. Maya sees bikers clicking pics again and shouts she will teach them a lesson. Shreya says no need as Adhiraj asked not to get into controversy.

Tanya’s MIL and Sona watch TV. Tanya tells Sona that she should do yoga as it is good for her child. She sees Sona eating cheese balls and says she will prepare something healthy for her. She sees her reading filmy

magazine and says she will get some good magazine also.

Akshansha and her assistant monitor child labor Muniya’s move into factory and sees so many child labors in facory. Boss sees Muniya and asks why did she return, if she brought anyone. Muniya says no, she came to join back. He says he picked them all from orphanage and gave them job, did not push them in brothel. She has to work for 16-17 hours. Muniya agrees.

Maya tells her daughter that they have to plan wedding anniversary of daada daadi and it should be something unique. Daadi enters. They both act as doing something and relax once she leaves.

Shreya in a short nightie in room tells her husband Adhiraj about her pani puri and reminds him that they have to go to Mumbai as she had promised her friend to meet her. Adhiraj says okay. She kisses his cheek as a thank. He gets a message from his mother her higness to meet her in 30 minutes for tea. He asks Shreya to get ready in sari soon. They both meet MIL her highness and enjoy tea. News channel editor calls MIL and informs about Shreya’s gol gappa videoa. She asks him to withdraw news from all sources immediatley and she will compensate him with other news. She then says Shreya that she is tagged as Shreya Rathod gol gappa girl, she somehow managed and warns to be careful hereon. She says she does not want any controversies and then says she knows she is restricting her a lot, but it is for their family’s goodness.

Desho goes to pick Akansha’s son Aniket from school, but school authorities don’t let her in. She calls Akshansha and Chaitnanya. They don’t pick her call. She then calls Tanya and informs her the issue. Tanya says she is coming there.

Muniya’s boss catches her and misbehaves. Muniya repeats code word. Akansha with assistant rushes to factory and confronts boss. Boss warns her that he will shoot her with desi gun. She says she will get him arrested for even posessing desi gun. Police comes and arrests boss. Akshansha frees Muniya and other girls and tells them that inspector will take them to a safe place and they need not worry.

Precap: Akansha yells at Chaitanya that he is so busy in his adult novel that he forgot to pick their son, all men are same. Jahnvi’s boss scolds her that because of her, they lost a big project. Tanya feeds Sona and says even if she fights with Sona, she loves her a lot.

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    Plz update complete episode fast wating since long

  2. so boring track. the serial first started very much interestingly with the lives of five friends their gossips their party and their enjoyment but now it is showing the daily controversies in the lives of them and their families just like other daily sop. i am losing interest in this show.

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