Queens Hain Hum 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maya’s chat friend Jimmy calls her and starts lewd comments. She warns that she will inform police. He says she can do whatever she can, he is calling from private number. Avinash takes phone and asks who is it. Jimmy disconnects call. Avinash asks who was it, why she was telling police, etc.. Maya says not to worry, it is telecaller. Avinash says they call even at night now.

Jahnvi goes to Akku’s house. Akku says what a surprise. Jahnvi asks why her phone is not connecting, she should hire a bird to relay messages. Akku says she had forgotten to pay electric and telephone bills and starts praising Chaitanya that he used to pay everything. Jahnvi says he is not a superman and he was free, so he was doing all chores. He cannot do handle both office, children, and personal life

like Akku. She insists her to accompany her for swimming. Akku agrees and says Desho will come home by 1 p.m. Jahnvi says she should meet her at 2 in club directly.

Maya is at salon. Jimmy calls her and passes lewd comment that she is looking s*xy in her dress. She looks all around. He says it is waste searching for him, he has sent her a rose for rose. She sees rose bouquet on sofa, picks and searches him again. Katyal notices her tensed and asks if she is fine. She throws bouquet and gets into her cabin. Her assistant follows her and Maya says Jimmy has started stalking her. Jimmy calls her again. Katyal notices it and asks assistant reason. Assistant tells him whole issue. He tells Maya that a boy had stalked his sister once and he handled it diplomatically. He downloads call recorder in her mobile. She thanks him. Floor cleaner is shown hearing their conversation.

Jahnvi calls Maya and insists her to come to club by 2 p.m. as Akku is also coming. Maya says some other day and asks Akku to cancel meeting. Jahnvi insists.

Dev and Avinash meet in a club and wait for Chaitanya Chaitanya comes wearing blazer. Dev says he has changed after his novel clicked. He sees new car keys. Chaitanya says he bough a new SUV. Dev says then he owes party. Chaitanya says okay. Avinash says he should patch up with Akku and move on. Chaitanya says even he missed Aniket and Akku as they are married for 10 years. Akku comes with Maya and Jahnvi and hears their conversation. Chaitanya sees and fumes that she planned all this and called her friends. Akku says she did not know he is here. Chaitanya yells on everyone. Avinash suggests to patch for Aniket’s sake. Chaitanya says never, Akku must have fixed CCTV cameras to trap him again. He yells further and leaves. Akku tries to walk behind him, but Jahnvi stops her and asks to bend in front of Chaitanya, etc. Maya asks what is she telling, this is not her office. Akku frees herself and runs behind and tells Chaitanya that she did not know her friends are coming, she will not let anyone come between them. He leaves shouting enough of her now.

Precap: Desho gives Akku a courier parcel. Akku I shocked to see divorce papers. Jahnvi encourages Akku to fight for her rights and not bend in front of Chaitanya.

Update Credit to: MA

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