Queens Hain Hum 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maya’s MIL gets ready to leave for Jaipur. Children hug her. Maya asks her to return within a week. Desho gives snacks for traveling. Avinash returns and asks mom if they can go now. Maya says he had meeting. He says yes, but family first. Maya is surprised. He tells mom he can come along to Jaipur. Mom says it is okay. Maya and Avinash leave with MIL to drop ehr to station. While returning home in their car, Avinash says let us go for a dinner date, who knows if they will get a chance again or not. Maya says children are alone with Desho. He says when Desho is with children, why she is worried. She agrees.

Akansha watches Chaitanya busy helping Aniket perform his homework and they both enjoying. Publisher’s assistant comes and congratulates Chaitanya that his

novel is a hit and critics are praising him a lot. She says publisher got even calls from producers. She gives him cheque and says here his first royalty cheques and he will receive many more. Chaitanya looks at Akansha.

Akansha gets a interview confirmation message from journalist Avinash. She informs all queens and they all congratulate her. They discuss that Amitabh grills his guest a lot and Akansha should be prepared. Akansha tells her school incident and says she does not care about all these small worries. Maya goes to a restaurant with Avinash. They order each other’s favorite drinks and start chatting. Avinash gets repeated calls from office. Waiter says it is already 12:30 and they are taking last orders. Maya nervously smiles. Avinash’s phone battery drains and he returns sadly. She says he should work too hard. He praises her that she manages work and home so well. She says today he has to eat her prepared dry food. He says okay. She asks if she prepares dry food. He says no…They both laugh.

Tanya and her MIL travel in an autorickshaw for shopping and see Sona having panipuri at a roadside stall. They get down and ask Sona if she is not admitted in 24 x 7 rehab facility. She asks what.. They realize Amrit conned them. They take Sona to their home and Amrit comes. Dev asks Amrit what did she do with 1 lakh rs. She starts yelling that Sona’s in-laws insult her a lot. MIL confronts and warns Amrit to return their 1 lakh. Amrit yells she will return with interest. MIL asks to return tomorrow. Sona says we should go home as her husband will be coming there directly. Drama continues.

Precap: Akansha’s assistant informs her that a big producer is making film on Avinash’s novel. Jahnvi tells over phone that she is very happy that she got promotion and..An intern clashes with her while walking. She scolds intern to be conscious if she wants to learn work. Tanya asks 1 lakh from Maya. Maya asks reason. Tanya says it is okay if she does not want to give.

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  1. Love all the queens except Jhanvi,,,she just knows to yell without any reason

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    Fan of queens. Really fantastic .

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