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Tanya’s MIL’s friends taunt her why did not Tanya’s family come to perform her goad bharai ritual. Queens hear that and say they are Tanya’s friends and sisters forever, they will perform goad bharai via different state cultures. Each perform goad bharai ritual in bengali, gujrati, marwari style, etc… MIL’s friend taunts they must have seen it on internet like her granddaughter does and ask to explain the ritual. They all 4 explain significance in detail. Ladies praise that they know well and clap.

Tanya’s husband Dev tells Akahansha’s husband Chaitanya that he is very excited about the baby, changing diapers, consoling at night, etc…In fact, he and Tanya attended parental classes also. Chaitanya says he should take his advice,

he is just a call away.

Queen present their gift to Tanya and Sonakshi and say baby will get 2 mother’s love. Devrani’s mother taunts kanha had Devaki and Yashoda, whom did he love most. Maya says her daughter will give this answer, she calls Meet and Preet and asks devrani whom she loves most. Devrani says both. Maya says mother she must have got her answer. Mother fumes in anger. Meet, preet and Akansha’s son Aniket dance on Bada nathaka hai ye kishan kanhaiya…song…as Krishna and Gopikas.

Dev asks Chaitanya how is his novel work going. Chaitanya says he gave novel for publishing, but publisher did not agree. He was compared to shakespere in college and his juniors are doing well, except him. Dev asks what did he write. He says adult novel. Dev asks to give it to him also. Chaitanya gets embarrassed. Dev says let us go in and check what they are doing. They both peep standing near door. Tanya’s MIL sees them and ask what are they doing. She asks Chaitanya if he wrote any novel or is still idol. Chaitanya feels ebarrassed and says he is working on a new novel. Sonakshi’s mother starts taunting Chaitanya that he is a housewife like them and just sits idol at home. Akansha hears that and asks Chaitanya w hat is he doing here. Dev says he was getting bored alone, so he called Chaitanya for the party, why should only queens enjoy and not kings.

Queens dance on serial’s title song. Everyone clap for them and all ladies dance. Chaitanya, Jati and also join them. Sonakshi feels uneasy and falls down. Everyone get concerned and make her sit on sofa. Sonakshi’s mother starts yelling again that her daughter is doing so much for this house, but they don’t take care of her at all, she told her not to get pregnant for Tanya, but she did not. MIL confronts her. Mother continues yelling and irritating everyone. Desho confronts her and saays if she continues her yelling like this, Sonakashi may not give her child to Tanya. Party finishes.

Queens then get together again. Jahnvi shows CCTV footage where her secretary Kinjal has gone on a date with her mother’s sent boy. They all watch it and laugh. Jahnvi calls Kinjjal and asks her not to disconnect phone. They all see boy and ask who is this lallu. Jahnvi says he is the one her mom thinks as perfect Jamai.

Precap: Kinjal’s tell boy that she is from Bhavnagar. Boy realizes she is not Jahnvi. Tanya tells Dev that Sonakshi did a lot to them. Akshansha plans a sting operation and tells young girl will help them.

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