Queens Hain Hum 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sumitra waits for Dev and Tanya. Pandit ji says mahurat is ending. Sumitra says Dev and Tanya will come. Amrit asks her to call Dev. Jatin says he will go and check. Sumitra refuses. Amrit tells that her dream might come true. Sumitra calls Dev. Tanya feels bad and asks her friends why did they lie and hide the fact from her. She says pregnancy is a big thing for me as if Yashoda got Krishna. She says you have acted with me since 15 days. Maya apologizes to her. Tanya says you all have broken my trust, says she was happy with her pregnancy and thought she will have her baby atleast. She says you have broken everyone’s trust.

Dev comes there and says this is not truth. Tanya says you are here? Dev says Janvi called me. He says Queens haven’t done any mistake and says your fake pregnancy

plan was mine, I am your guilty. Tanya asks why did you hide the fact. Dev says you was so happy that I couldn’t say truth. He says Queens wanted me to tell truth to you and I had promised them that I will tell you after Puja. Tanya asks why did you do this? Dev says if I had not done this, then I would have got engaged and remarried. He says he don’t want to lose her.

Sumitra calls Dev. Dev says what to tell her. Maya says tell her that we are coming there. Tanya says ladies can’t go in this condition. Dev says we will apologize to God later. Tanya says we can’t go temple. Janvi says you are a 21st century woman and saying this. Akku says nobody agrees with this. Tanya says she will not go to temple and will not sit in puja. She asks them not to force her. Maya says I can understand. She says we don’t force our opinion on each other. Akku says we have to do something else we will be back to square one.

Sumitra calls again. Dev panics. Maya asks him to pick call and make any excuse. Dev picks call. Sumitra asks where are they? She asks if Tanya is fine. Dev is silent. Sumitra asks her to give call to Tanya. Dev says she is feeling pain and is unwell. Sumitra says she will cancel the pooja. Dev asks her to make Jatin and Sona do the puja. Sumitra asks him to take care of Tanya and ends the call. She tells Amrit that Tanya is resting as she is unwell. She asks Jatin and Sona to sit for puja. Pandit ji does the puja.

Dev asks Tanya to come home and asks her not to tell anything to his mum. Janvi tells Dev that Sumitra is stubborn and is scaring Tanya. She says many options are available, adoption, surrogacy etc. Maya says we have discussed this. Akku tells that they are with them. Dev thanks them.

Chinu gets the court notice. He reads it and tells Shelly that Akku replied to his case and don’t want her to get visiting rights. She asks what you will do? Chinu says he will prove her bad mum. Shelly says she used to do work and parties. Chinu says I will not let her get his sole custody.

Adhi brings Shreya to Chhatra pur bungalow and says it is 1 hour away from Delhi and safe too. A strange woman Rukhi comes and greets them. Adhi says she is caretaker of the bungalow. Rukhi says rani saheb came here for first time. Shreya tells Adhi that she is getting bad vibes here. Adhi says this is safe place and asks her to forget her fear. They get inside the bungalow.

Sumitra comes home and asks Tanya how is she? She says you don’t take care of yourself even in pregnancy and asks her to rest. She says Sona will do the work. Sona gets upset. Sumitra gives prasad to Dev and Tanya. Tanya don’t take it. Sumitra asks her not to refuse prasad. Amrit says there is a reason, may be you have monthly ladies problem, or you have become nastic. Dev takes the prasad and says Tanya is a devotee of God and didn’t take prasad as she haven’t washed her hands. Tanya goes. Sumitra asks Dev why she is silent and scared. Dev says she is fine as of now.

Shreya is in her room. Electricity goes off. Shreya asks Adhi to switch on torch in his phone. She sees someone and calls Adhi being scared. A man is seen standing behind her….Shreya asks who is he and asks him to come infront.

Tanya tells truth to Sumitra and promises her that she will get Dev remarried. Adhi is bitten by the snake. Shreya is shocked.

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