Queens Hain Hum 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tanya feels guilty for serving garlic and onion mixed dish to her MIL (mother-in-law)’s friends. MIL says it is okay, she shoud not inform them though. Tanya says she spoilt their fast. Maya comes and Tanya informs her same and gets worried. Tanya asks her not to worry, they all will handle situation well. Tanya’s husband dies tries to convince aunties that there is no garlic and onion in dish. They say they smell it. Maya says even her MIL does not eat garlic and onion since childhood, she will taste and test. Maya’s MIL tastes dish and says there is no garlic and onion. Maya says Desho gets confused with dishes and even confused aunties. Aunties relax.

Jahnvi asks her secretary to go on a date with the guy her parents are sending instead of her.

Secretary hesitates. Jahnvi gives her money to get a new dress for date and says if she needs promotion, she needs to do it. Secretary agrees.

Akansha enters with her son to Tanya baby bump party. Maya asks why did she came so late. Akansha says her son took time to get ready as krishna. Shreya also joins them followed by Jahnvi. Maya asks if she is wearing 14 lakhs necklace set. Shreya nods yes. Maya, Shreya and Jahnvi get excited. They all joke about Tanya’s MIL and others punjabi dressing style.

Tanya’s MIL calls everyone for baby bump ceremony. Tanya comes with her pregnant devrani. MIL says she is very happy that her her elder bahu is getting child after 7 years and is adopting her younger bahu’s child. She is happy that her both bahus are becoming mothers. Shreya realizes the secret behind Tanya’s no baby bump.

Party continues. Tanya’s MIL calls her friends to do the ritual. Pregnant bahus mother starts yelling it is her daughter’s goad bharai, but she is not invited for ritual. MIL says she can perform and handles situation. She then taunts Maya that her son is very fair andd daughter is dusky. Maya’s MIL confronts her and gives a her slapping reply. Queens continue enjoying party. MIL’s friends taunt that Tanya’s family did not come for ritual. Queens say they are Tanya’s sisters and friends forever. MIL’s friends ask if they really know how to perform ritual. Maya says they know many styles and ask if they are ready for bharath darshan.

Precap: Tany’s pregnant devrani feels uneasy due to crowd. Her mother starts yelling that nobody is taking care of her daughter well. Desho confronts her that because of her taunts, her daughter may change her mind and not give her child to Tanya.

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