Queens Hain Hum 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dev comes to kitchen and makes Tanya get up.Sumitra comes and asks what happened? Dev says she slipped. Sumitra asks her not to work in this condition and says Sona will do the work. Sona gets irked. Tanya says I am fine, just wanted to make prasad with my hand. Sumitra asks her not to enter kitchen again. Tanya says prasad is ready, and just dry fruits needs to be added. Sumitra asks Sona to add dry fruits. Sona says I will do. Sumitra and Dev take Tanya to room. Sumitra asks Tanya to be at home and come to temple just 5 mins before the puja. Dev says else I will come. Sumitra asks her not to move and says we all are going to temple.

Shreya is sad thinking at KT’s death. She says I can’t believe that KT is no more. Adhi asks her to drink juice first. He tells her that they will not leave

KT’s murderer. He then tells her that Maya called as she read about KT’s death in the newspaper. Shreya asks when did she call and recalls she has to attend pooja kept for Tanya. Adhi says you can’t go now. Shreya says I have to go else Tanya will feel bad. Adhi says it is highness order. Shreya says she is not scared of the threat. Highness comes there and asks her to be wise. She says enemies can do anything. Adhi says if Shreya wants to go, then I will go with her. Shreya says we shall not give chance to enemies and can’t risk with your life. Highness thanks her and says she has kept maun vrat now, and can’t talk to them for today. Shreya asks why? Highness says she will tell later. Adhi goes.

Sumitra is making arrangements in the temple for puja. Sona is irked. Dev tells that Tanya messaged him the list of things to be brought for puja. Sumitra praises Tanya and asks Sona when she will learn these things. Amrit says she taught her everything, but didn’t teach her to take others’ credit. Dev calls Tanya, but she is not picking call. Sona smiles. Dev calls on landline number and thinks why nobody is picking call. Sumitra asks him to go and bring Tanya. Dev goes

Shreya is having food with her family. Maharaj comes. Shreya greets him. He tells that he called Sanaya, but she didn’t pick his call. He tells that he wants to talk to Madhurima. Sanaya says she can’t talk to you today. Shreya asks what you will take today. He tells that he is having fast today, and says today is his repentance day. He tells that he left Madhurima and Adhiraj on this day and says may be I would have changed myself.

Sona tells Amrit that Dev is clever and is lying knowing that Tanya is not pregnant. Amrit tells that they are doings puja for the baby who do not exist. Sumitra hears them. Amrit tells that I have a feeling that fake pregnancy will be exposed.

Maharaj tells Adhi that he showed him trophy 14 years back, but I was self obsessed and left home. He asks can you repeat those words. Adhi says time can’t be brought back for anyone. Maharaj shows the sweets and says you like it. Adhi says he don’t like it now and his preference is changed now due to bitterness. Adhi asks him to come to point and asks him why he is talking nicely with him. Maharaj says he wants to do penance and wants their forgiveness and their family. He apologizes to maharaj and says he can’t be away from his only son in this age. Adhi asks can you return our lives’ 14 years, those moments etc. Maharaj says no. Adhu asks when you are asking us to forget everything. He refuses to forgive him and goes.

Janvi tells Akku that where is Maya. Akku says Tanya shall know that she is not pregnant. Maya says if Dev don’t tell her then we will tell her. They are about to leave, but see Tanya coming there. They panic and asks why she is crying. Tanya cries. Akku, Maya and janvi ask her to tell what happened. Tanya tells them that she have a miscarriage as she slipped in the kitchen. She realized later. They are shocked. Tanya says I lost my baby again. Maya asks her to stop crying and listen to her. She says you didn’t have a miscarriage and says it is monthly normal cycle. Tanya says pregnant lady don’t get that. Akku says Maya is saying truth and that you was never pregnant. Janvi says this is truth. Tanya asks what you people are saying.

Tanya asks Dev if he knows. Dev says I know everything. Shreya comes to the place and tells that she is feeling unsafe here. Later someone threatens her. Dev calls his mum and asks her to make Sona and Jatin sit for puja. Sumitra asks Tanya what happened?

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