Queens Hain Hum 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Akansha wakes up in the morning and finds it is already 11 a.m. She sees Chaitanya not at home. Her assistant calls and says she has to take a celebrity’s interview. She goes to Aniket’s room and he asks where is papa, he needs to go to potty. She says she will take him and sends him to toilet. She then rushes to office and Aniket pester her there. She says if he does not sit quietly, she will send him home. He says what will he do alone at home without papa. Her assistant comes and asks her to grill celebrity.

At Maya’s house, daadi tells she wants to go back to jaiput and perform satsang for daadaji. Maya says she will not go anywhere. Daadi says daadaji’s supervised himself and built house there and she wants to light lamp for him in their house.

Maya says she has informed sevant to light lamp twice a day, she need not worry and cannot go anywhere again. Daadi agrees. Neel comes after cricket match with dirty clothes. Sister taunts him and says since dadaji’s funeral, he is not normal at all, may be that is why mom did not want him to perform dadaji’s last rights. Avinash asks Maya why she did not want Neel to perform papa’s last rights. MAya says Neel used to play with papa since childhood and he could not handle setting fire to papa’s body…

Tanya enters and Maya greets her in. Maya tells Avinash that she doe snot want to talk to him as he was not with Maya when she needed him the most. Maya says she sorted her issue with Avinash and it was not Avinash’s mistake, he was really stuck. She starts chatting and cheers up Tanya that soon she will also have her own baby and she will get him/her golden bangles on his/her naming ceremony. They both laugh.

Aniket continues pestering Akansha and insists to have mangoes. She says next season. Aniket says papa would have got him mangoes somehow. Chaitanya enters and Aniket happily hugs him and asks how did he know he is here. Chaitanya says he went to his school and came to know that he did not come to school at all, so he came here. Aniket says he wants to have mangoes. Aniket says they will have mango and his favorite litchi ice cream. Aniket asks if mama and papa had a fight. Akansha says no and tries to speak to Chaitnaya. Chaitanya ignores her and takes Aniket along.

Queens reach a restaurant to meet spy and wait for her. Maya says spy is a master of disguise and they have to find her. Spy comes disguised as waiter and serves them drinks. Maya says they did not order drinks. Spy says it is her KT and starts her jokergiri with weird questions. Queens listen to her in a surprise.

Precap: Shreya meets Adi in a restaurant and spy watches them. Sanaya comes there and Adi asks what a surprise. Sanaya says he messaged her to come. Akansha goes to Aniket’s school to pick him up and teacher says he already left.

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