Queens Hain Hum 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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During Chaitanya’s book launch, publisher introduces book to reporters with Chaitanya’s pen name. Reporters identify Akansha as sting operation lady and ask what is she doing with Chaitanya. Chaitanya says she is his wife. Reporters ask why is he using pen name when his photo is already printed on book’s back page. Chaitanya confronts publisher how can he do this blunder, he should recall all the books. Publisher says already copies have been distributed and he cannot recall them all, it will be a huge loss. Akansha angrily walks away ad Chaitanya runs behind her.

Shreya sees Adi with a woman and thinks she must be Sanaya and asks Adi to introduce her. Adi introduces Sanaya. Shreya says Sanaya is the one who stays more than her with her husband. Sanaya smiles.

Shreya asks Adi to take her out tonight. He agrees. She hugs him. Sanaya parts Shreya and says Adi has important meetings and needs to go. Shreya asks Adi not to forget his promise. Adi smiles and leaves with Sanaya.

Desho works Maya’s household work rudely. Maya’s tries to speak, but Desho says she is just her maid, so why is she getting so friendly. Maya asks if she is angry that she did not inform her about Neel and apologizes. Desho asks who is Neel’s father. Daadi hears that and scolds nobody will talk about this topic here on and warns to shut her mouth. Desho promises. Daadi asks her to fill water mug and get it to her room.

Akansha starts bursting on Chaitanya for publish his photo on his adult novel. Chaitanya says he did not and it is publishing house’s mistake. Akansha continues yelling and tongue lashing him. Chaitanya confronts and shouts that he always helped her in her career decisions and himself stayed at home taking care of Aniket and home, but this is what she gave him. He just wanted to earn some money and did not know about publishing house’s mistake. Akansha yells that his male ego is hurt that she is earning and he is idle at home. Chaitanya confronts again and says he really did not know and this is the reward he got for supporting her.

Kinjal tells Jahnvi that Shodhan had gone to her home thinking of meeting me…Jahnvi looks at Shodhan’s clip expressing his love for Kinjal thinking as Jahnvi and asks Kinjal if she loves Shodhan. Kinjal nervously agrees. Jahnvi says she will get some twists and turns in her love story to spice it up.

Precap: Akansha’s assistant suggests her to cover some celebrity’s show. Avinash tells Maya in his absence, only his son Neel had right to perform papa’s last rights. Chaitanya goes to Akansha’s office and Aniket asks how did he know he is here. Chaitanya says he knew. Queens meet detective to spy on Adi and are shocked to hear detective’s foolish questions.

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