Queens Hain Hum 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maya gets a call from her chat friend who lewdly talks. Maya warns she will file police complaint. Man says he is calling from private number, how will she complain.

Tanya gets Sona’s daughters ready for school and asks Jatin to inform Sona that she has to take baby for injection. Jatin asks to tell herself as he does not want to interfere between their fight. Tanya informs Sona. Sona shouts she does not have to worry about her baby and has no right to tell her. Argument starts. Sona says Tanya is infertile and is trying to snatch baby. Dev confronts her and tells her and Jatin that their mind changed and they don’t want to give baby. Jatin says they did not promise him in writing and starts blaming Tanya. MIL comes out and confronts Jatin and Sona. Jatin says after bapuji,

nobody cares about him, so he will leave this house right now. MIL says they can go right now. Tanya and Dev try to stop them, but they get adamant and leave.

Shreya and Adhi return home from vacation. During breakfast, Madhurima scolds why did not they pick her call. Adhi says he saw Sanaya’s call and tried to reply her, but her phone is not reachable. Madhurima says Sanya is attending meeting in London on Adhi’s behalf. Shreya happily says then no work for 2-3 days. Madhurima says it is not her modeling career that she wakes up at 2 p.m., does work for 2 days, parties whole night. In politics, one has to work hard.

Before leaving office, Jahnvi asks Swati if she did not go home yet. Swati says she will in sometime. Jahnvi asks what happened to her PG issue. Swati asks if she knows about it. Jahnvi says she is not that cruel and knows what her staff is going through. Swati says she did not find PG yet and will stay in some hotel. Jahnvi says it is very dangerous, so she can stay in her house as she stays alone. Swati she does not want to intrigue her privacy. Jahnvi says she stays alone, so she can stay with her and find PG from there.

Akku is busy in a meeting with her client. Desho enters with Aniket. Akku sends clients out and asks what happened. Desho says her MIL came home and is brainwashing her husband that he has to cook even after having wife, so she cannot work for Akku from hereon. Akku says how can she do that, she is dependent on her, she can pick Aniket from school and wait until she returns home. Desho says she will try, but she has to go home today.

Maya is busy with Avinash and her son when she gets messages. Avinash says queens are messages her a lot now a days. Maya picks phone and her chat friend’s lewd messages.

Tanya tells Dev that because of her, Jatin and Sona had to leave house. Dev says she is not the reason. MIL blames Tanya and says because of her infertility, her sons had to fight and separate.

Precap: Tanya tells queens that she broke Tandon family, Jatin and Sona left home. KT asks Shreya why her saas/Madhurima roams as half widow and half suhaagan. Maya gets a call from her chat friend that he is outside her home, he knows her office and home address and has her pic.

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