Queens Hain Hum 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Jahnvi’s mother force feeds Shodhan. Father asks when will he marry Jahnvi. Shodhan saays whenever Jahnvi says. He asks when will he buy house in US. Shodhan says when Jahnvi says. He replies same to every question. Shodhan asks where is bathroom uncle. Father asks to call him papa. Shodhan leaves. Father and mother laugh that they convinced Shodhan easily with food and juice.

Maya’s MIL asks why she does not want Neel to perform Krishnakanth/FIL’s last rights. Maya says there is some reason. MIL says she knows Neel is not Avinash’s son, so she does not want him to perform FIL’s last rights. Desho hears their conversation. Queens discuss why Maya does not want Neel to perform last rights, may be she does not want Neel to go through psychological

stress. Tanya says Maya is feeling alone without Avinash. They discuss everything will be fine, Maya will come. Maya asks MIL if she knew this from before. MIL says nothing can be hidden from a mother. Maya asks why did not she confront till now. MIL says at this stage of life, she has learn to compromise. Maya cries that she is a big sinner and does not want to do more sin, so she willl not ask Neel to do papa’s last rights. MIL says they cannot decide about sin and good deeds, she did it because Avinash was not with her when she needed him most. Their emotional bonding continues. MIL says though Neel is not Avinash’s son, he is Biyani family’s grandson always and will perform Krishnakanth’s last right. She aks her t promise that she will not tell about this to Avinash as he will over react like any other male. She says Neil will become Biyani family’s grandson forever after performing last right.

Pandit ji asks Dev till when they will wait, muhurath is passing away. Tanya’s MIL aks herr to go and check. Maya comes down with MIL and gets Neel out. Neel runs and hugs her.

Madhurima tells Adhiraj and his PR consultant Sanaya that as a royal politician’s wife, Shreya should not have gone to Maya’s house and will warn her not to do anything wrong again. Adhiraj says Shreya is still angry on him regarding trip cancelation issue. Adhiraj says Sanaya saved her on time. Sanaya says it was her duty. Madhurima prays Sanaya that she is doing good job. Sanaya asks driver to get Madhurima’s car out. Madhurima leaves. Sanaya tells Adihraj that he has an interview with female journalists and his female fan base has increased.

Maya gets Neel out in traditional hindu dhoti for last rights. Neel walks holding pot while others carry Krishnakanth’s body. Maya and her MIL cry holding each other.

Precap: Avinash cries and tells his mother that papa was right, time does not stop for anyone. Amrit extracts money from Devv in lieu of Sona’s treatment. Chaitanya requests Akansha to attend his book publishing event. Avinash apologizes Maya and pleads to forgive him.

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