Queens Hain Hum 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kishan uncle last recites get over and everyone go home.
Janhvi parents invite shodhan & pampers him. He call Kinjal and kinjal lie to him about work. Janhvi comes back home and their parents commedy starts.
Kinjal informs janhvi about shodhan call and janhvi ask her to relex.

Avinash come back home and appoligise to his father for not doing last recites and mother for being not good son.

Tanya and Dev makes plan about going out and chilling out, but sonakshi mother come and ask them for money for mother care. Dev gives her cheque.

Akansha son broke vase. Akansha gets set. Chaitanya ask to get her ready for party of book publish. And ask her to wear black saree.

Maya purify whole house with Ganga jal. Avinash thanks her for performing all duties well. Maya says its was our duties. And I was always alone during my father dead and now at my father in law dead. And I am use to about your behaviour and we all have adjusted. Avinash says I am sorry.
Maya say you can’t even say sorry to your father now. Avinash say I was wrong and Did wrong to everyone I am Sorry.

Precap- 1. Fan ask Chaitanya to sign on book. He ask how do you know that i wrote book. She shows photo printed.
Akansha gets angry and goes.
2. Akansha says that I am ashamed on you as I earned and you stay at home.

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  1. Lots of grammatical errors.. Writer should learn proper sentence forming skills.. Basic grammar.


      Sorry for errors

  2. Akansha is irritating

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