Queens Hain Hum 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Akansh’s assistant briefs her about a factory which runs on child labor and women harassment and police cannot help them. She plans for a sting operation. Another colleague brings the girl who was a child labor in factory and Akakansha gets an idea how to do sting operation.

Maya reaches home early. Her in-laws ask how come she came so early. Maya says when they are here, how could she be in her work. She gives their favorite snacks. Father-in-law says medical checkup was just a reason, they wanted to spend time with children. Maya says she has fixed a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Her children come and get excited seeing grandparents.

Queens then get on a con-call and discuss what to give Tany on her goad bhaari function. Jahnvi is with Kevin and Akshansa

jokes withh her. Shreya asks who is Kevin. Jahnvi says her Afganisthan’s aunt’s son. Shreya asks really. Jahnvi says she is busy and they should finalize gift and suggests baby gift hamper. Everyone say she thinks only corporate kind of gifts. Their conversation continues.

Tanya wakes up her husband at midnight and discusses about stem cell banking for their child, school, saving money, etc.. He asks her to relax an think of how will she handle his mom’s 3 friends, they are too melodramatic.

Jahnvi’s husband jobs on treadmill and Jahnvi gives him juice. She then tells she has to go on a sting operation tomorrow and tonight to she has to attend Tanya’s baby bump party. Husband says technically he has to attend it. They both laugh.

Maya gets a courier and gets very excited seeing VLCC slimming center franchise letter. MIL says it is her hard work. Maya says her husband did all the formalities and will call and thank him right now. MIL says it is 5 a.m. in London. Maya messages him thank you. She then calls queens and ask to get what she got. Everyone guess. Tanya says she must have opened a new parlor. Maya says right, she got VLCC franchise. Shreya syas it is very good, she used to go ther in Mumbai. They all start promotion VLCC.

Tanya’s MIL eagerly waits for her friends. Friends enter and excitedly hug and repeat their friendship dialogues. Tanya’s husband says her that she has to keep them happy and they like new things, papa used to call them tridevi. Tanya does their aarti. MIL asks to bring something for them. Desho serves them water. They say what about juice. Tanya serves mocktail and describes what fruits she mixed They all praise her and then wait eagerly for starters. Tanya prepares paneer starter with garlic and onion. Dev tastes it and says it is tasty with less garlic. Tanya tastes and says it is tasty. MIL enters kitchen and hears about garlic and onion. Friends enjoy starter and discuss that they are doing some special fast and should not eat garlic and onion.

Precap: Tanya tells Maya that she did a big mistake, she gave fed garlic and onion to her mother-in-law’s friends and they are fasting, so should not eat garlic and onion. Ladies ask Desho receipe of dish. She describes paneer, onion, garlic. They drop plate in a shock..

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