Queens Hain Hum 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Maya prepares cake for her in-laws’ marriage anniversary party. MIL comes down and Maya greets her. MIL says cake is looking good. Maya says she made it with sugar-free as she does not want papa to request for cake. Children come with bouquet. Maya asks them to give it to daadi. They say today is daada/daadi’s special day, so they will give bouquet to both. Daadi asks to wake daada then, he is sleeping still now.

Jahnvi informs colleagues how with their new project, their company will benefit and share prices will increase. Kinjal praises her that she did not stoop low like Kevin to teach him a lesson and saved everyone’s jobs. Jahnvi says she did it for herself as she was working hard on this project since the beginning.

Maya asks Desho to serve

bitter gaurd juice to mummy. Desho says on special day she has prepared aloe vera juice with jaggery. Children call daadi loudly. Maya, Desho, and Daadi go up and see dada in deep sleep. Maya checks his forehead and says it is cold. Daadi says he is taking heavy arthritis medicines, so may be because of that. Maya checks breath and pulse and calls doc. Daadi asks what happened.

Akansha and Shreya wait for Jahnvi in a restaurant. Jahnvi reaches. They all joke a bit and get ready to meet private detective. Desho calls Akansha and informs that Maya’s FIL passed away. They all 3 rush towards Maya’s house.

At Tanya’s house, Tanya and her MIL plan about gifts for Maya’s in-law’s anniversary party. Desho comes with Maya’s son Neel and says Tanya that Maya wants her to keep Neel here. Tanya says okay. Desho informs that Maya’s FIL passed away. MIL asks Tanya to reach Maya’s house and consoles Neel.

Tanya and Deso reach Maya’s house and see her busy in arrangments for FIL’s last rights. Shreya, Akansha, Jahnvi, Dev, Chaitanya also reach. Maya speaks to panditji and informs about FIL’s demise and asks about last rights. Pandit says last rights should be performed before 5 p.m. All guests gather. Panit comes and says if last rights are not performed by 5 p.m., they cannot for 5 days. Maya says Avinash cannot reach before 5 p.m. from London. Dev checks flights call center and says Avinash’s flight is late. Pandit says grandson can perform last right. Avinash calls Maya and she informs him about FIL’s demise. Dev takes phone and Avinash says he cannot reach home before 29 hours at least and asks him to take care of family. Tanya’s MIL says as per panditji’s advice, Neel should perform dada’s right. Maya says Neel is a kid and is already upset that his dadaji did not wake up. Tanya’s MIL says they cannot keep daada’s body for 5 days and tells she called Tanya and she will reach with Neel son. Maya says Neel cannot perform last right. Tanya brings Neel. Maya locks him in a room and Neel pleads to open door, he is afraid.

Precap: Akansha says queens what happened to Maya why she is getting so possessive about Neel.

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