Queens Hain Hum 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Madhurima insists Shreya to tell where Adhi is. Shreya says she does not know. Adhi calls on Shreya’s number. Madhurima picks and asks where is he, if he is fine. He says yes and will come soon. Madhurima yells at Shreya that she is trying to separate her from her son. Shreya says Adhi is a grown up adult. Madhurima says she is tolerating her because of Adhi, she woman like her cannot even enter this palace. She gets a panic attack and stumbles. Shreya tries to hold her, but Madhurima warns to stay away from her.

Maya and Jahnvi are at Pushkar’s place. They all joke. Pushkar says he needs a cowriter and insists Maya to become his cowriter. Maya says she is busy in her salon and personal life and cannot. Jahnvi says she should accept it as hobby and just have to travel with Pushkar wherever he goes and write a review. Maya agrees.

Tanya goes to meet astrologer who checks her kundali and says she cannot become mother, but children will be attracted to her a lot. Tanya asks if he can do any havan or pooja. Astrologer says he is an astrology scientist and not a scamster baba, he can just help her with truth. She should pray god, that’s all.

Shreya calls doc and asks to come over as Madhurima fell ill. Madhurima warns her to get out and orders Sanaya to send her out.

Jahnvi sees her intimate pics with Aaliya on Aaliya’s social media page and fumes. She calls Jahnvi who asks her to accept their relationship that they are a couple. Their argument starts. Jahnvi disconnects call angrily.

Madhurima gets a bad dream and murmurs in sleep not to take Adhi. Sanaya wakes her up and asks what happened. Madhurima says Adhi’s father is coming back and he is very cruel, she cannot let him take Adhi away. Shreya and KT watch everything live via pen CCTV camera and discuss why Madhurima is so worried about Adhi, if Shivraj will take away Adhi and reclaim property back. They have find it out.

Precap: Tanya says even she wants a baby. MIL says she has found a solution now. Madhurima tells Adhi that his father Shirvraj is coming back. Pushkar tells Jahnvi that he will prove how health extramarital affair is for a healthy marriage. Jahnvi angrily orders him to stop car right now.

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