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Akansha’s assistant tells her that he has found a new big office space opposite metro station. She gets Maya’s message and asks assistant to excuse her. Jahnvi explains her project’s new changes to client and she has already acquired disputed land, etc. Client praises her and says he will send contract and cheque soon. Boss also praises Jahnvi. Jahnvi looking at Kevin says she likes to work smart than using cheap tricks.

After meeting, Jahnvi calls Akansha to ask why she called back. Akansha is already on concall with Maya. They then include Tanya and discuss after Shreya’s honeymoon trip got cancelled, she is not picking call at all. They all reach Shreya’s home and knock her room door. Servant opens door via duplicate key. They all see

Shreya unconscious on bed and try to wake her up. They ask for water and sprinkle it on Shreya. Shreya wakes up. Madhurima orders coffee and gives it to Shreya. Once she leaves, Queens ask Shreya if she is fine. She says yes. They find a drug packet and asks what is this. Shreya says this is her migraine ayurvedic medicine. They ask why did not she go on honeymoon. Shreya says Adhiraj’s passport pages were full and immigration authority did not agree. Akansha asks queens if they don’t feel something is wrong, Adi is a VVIP and usually PR and others handle everything for them, Sanaya must have noticed it before. Maya says something is wrong with Sanaya and asks Shreya if she met her. Shreya says not yet and she did not find Sanaya’s profile on net at all. Maya says something is definitely. Akansha says they should do sting operation. Maya says they should hire private detective and many of her clients used private detectives. Tanya says this is wrong and suggests Shreya to speak to Adi and sort out issue. Maya says everyone is not Devta like Dev and says 4 queens are in favor of private detective, so it is final then.

Jahnvi reaches home after work. Door bell rings. She opens door. Kevin enters with flower bouquet and proposes to marry him. Jahnvi laughs and asks to stop joking. He says she had proposed her. She says if he really thinks she will marry a man like him and shows him door. Her parents enter and see them together. Jahnvi introduces Kevin as her colleague. Her mother’s jokergiri starts in typical gujrati housewife style. Kevin says he actually came to propose Jahnvi for marriage. Mother gets impressed and says she is okay with this alliance. Jahnvi says he is Kevin Cooper and eats nonveg. Mother says okay. Father shakes her and tells he eats nonveg, fish, beef, meat, pork, etc… Mother panics and says he will spoil their religion and asks to get out. Mother then tells Jahnvi to think about Shodhan. Jahnvi says she is ready to marry Shodhan. Father says he knows Jahnvi well and she will marry some African, American, or some weird man. Jahnvi laughs. Their drama continues.

Precap: Kinjal thanks Jahnvi for saving their jobs and tells colleagues how Jahnvi did it. Maya finds her father-in-law expired. Maya’s son in Tanya’s house insists to go home and Desho tries to console him.

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