Queens Hain Hum 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Queens Hain Hum 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KT tells Shreya that Adhi’s missing clue heads towards Shivraj and soon Shreya’s problems will be solved. Jahnvi goes to Maya’s salon. Maya is surprised and asks how come a corporate queen came to her salon, she does not have corporate meeting here. Jahnvi says she came to pamper heself. Maa says she will give her full body flower massage. Pushkar enters and gets very happy seeing Jahnvi. They both get excited and discuss that they are college friends. Jahnvi says Puchki baby is her classmate’s brother. Pushkar says Jahnvi bhai was very fond of her and says they all 3 should plan for a party and goes for a session.

Akku reaches home and calls Aniket. Desho reminds that he went to Disneyland with Chaitanya. Akku gets sad. Desho says her children always complain that she

does not give time to them. Akku says yes children need them. They continue chatting and joking next.

Maya goes for jogging in the morning. Pushkar meets her. She asks what is he doing here. He says he has to keep himself fit. She says even she has to. He asks her for a date in the evening. She says no. He says he is going to meet fashion designer friend. She says she is fan of that fashion designer. He says if she does not want to meet her, then fine. Maya agrees to accompany him.

Dev apologizes Tanya for being rude and not stopping her send queens away, says he did not want to see Mummy ji hurt. Tanya says even she does not want mummy ji hurt, it is their duty to keep mummy ji happy.

Shreya comes to Madhurima and asks if she called her. Madhurima says if she spoke to Adhi. She says no. Madhurima says then her call record show she got 3 calls from Jaipur, she does not have any relatives are friends there. Sanaya says she spoke to Adhi’s driver and he told Adhi went to Manali. Shreya says she does not know where Adhi is. Madhurima says then why she is not tensed like her and asks Sanaya to take Shreya’s call. Phone rings. Sanaya picks all. Someone talks like a telecaller. Sanaya says it is a prank call.

Precap: Pushkar tells Maya that he is always near girl without touching them and they themselves get attracted. Tanya asks astrologer if she will not become mother. He says she will if she does what he says. Aaliya asks Jahnvi to accept her relationship and say I love you.

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