Queens Hain Hum 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Immigration officer informs Adhiraj that there is no space in his passport, so he will not get immigration clearance. Shreya gets very tensed. Adhiraj asks officer if he can get a new passport. Officer says his flight is afte 2 hours and it takes 1 day to get new passport. Adhiraj asks if something can be done. She says sorry no. Adhiraj goes to Shreya and Shreya asks how can he be so careless. He says his staff must have not checked and promises they will plan another trip soon.

Jahnvi’s boss calls her and requests her to take over project again. Jahnvi asks it is not her job now, she worked hard from day 1 on this project, but just because company got an NRI employee, they snatched her project and gave it to him, now that company is facing losses because of NRI employee,

why should she help. Boss says her anger is valid, but if they don’t get this project, many colleagues will lose job. Jahnvi says she needs time to rethink and will get back to him. Boss says he knows they did injustice to her without promoting her, he will rethink about her promotion, till then she should think of project. Jahnvi says okay and goes to her cabin and informs Kinjal about this. Kinjal says she will be project head again. Jahnvi says not yet and project is on 50% agricultural land, it is illegal. She calls Akansha and seeks help. Akansha sends advocate’s number.

Tanya takes care of Sona’s ailing daughter Preeto. Preeto insists to speak to mamma. Tanya calls Sona’s parent’s house. Her mother picks call and Sona tells Preeto wants to speak. Mother yells that Sona is sleeping now and cannot speak, she will neither come there and asks Tanya to take care of Preeto till then. Sona asks her why did she lie. Mother says Tanya whould have emotionally blackmailed her and asks to enjoy samosas.

Adhiraj asks Shreya to go home while he goes to passport office. Shreya leaves. Sanaya comes and gives new papers to Adhiraj. Adhiraj hugs and thanks her.

Jahnvi tells her boss that she has readded all the features required by client. Kevin enters. Jahnvi tells him that they are discussing on project and he can leave. Boss says same and says Kevin he will let him know when new project comes. Kevin leaves fuming. Jahnvi tells him that she solved disputed land problem and explains how she did it. Boss praises her. Jahnvi says this is what makes her unique from others. Boss gives her promotion letter. Jahnvi thanks her and leaves.

Shreya cries reminiscing Adhiraj’s closeness to Sanaya. Maya messages her to reply back after flight takes off. She replies that flight is cancelled. She then snuffs cocaine and throws glass on her and Adhiraj’s pic and collapses on bed.

Precap: Jahnvi explains her project changes to client and client praises her. Maya informs queens that Shreya is not picking call. They all rush to Shreya’s house and sees her unconscious on bed. Kevin proposes Jahnvi to marry hm.

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