Queens Hain Hum 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Jahnvi’s boss tells her and Kevin that today the are finalizing their project and client is coming soon. He thanks Jahnvi for her hard work. Client comes and Kevin shows them his designs. Client asks where is waterfall and other USP of this project, soon they will remove everything they had planned earlier. Kevin says that land is in dispute. Client says then they are not interested in this project. Boss apologizes client and says his legal team will clear the issue soon. Client asks to speed up, else forget this projection. Jahnvi smirks at Kevin.

Maya and her children plan daada and daadi’s marriage anniversary party surprise. Desho comes and reveals all the plan to daada daadi. Maya twists Desho’s ears. Daadi daadi say it is okay. Maya wishes them

and takes their blessings. Daada requests Maya to call Avinash on time as he wants to celebrate partyy with whole family and asks to arrange his favorite liquor also. Maya says no liquor for him.

Tanya’s niece Preeto gets fever and she takes care of Preeto. MIL says even Sona would not have taken care of Preeto like this and says’s injustice is he gave 3 children for a mother who don’t even care of her children and kept Tanya childless. Tanya feels sad.

Shreya guides her servant to pack her bags for Bali honeymoon trip. Maya messages her to pack her hot dresses also. Shreya says she does not have. Maya messages that world wants to see her tattoos and asks to pack her swimming costumes. Shreya asks servant to pack her swimming costumes. Servant says her passport is missing. Shreya gets tensed.

Maya’s client comes to her saloon and praises her that she has become famous now and Mahurima’s friends will all come to her saloon. Maya asks how is her social dating going on. Client says may boys has approached her and she does not know whom to pick. Her drama continues and Maya and her assistant enjoy drama. Once client leaves, assistant tells client was showing off too much. Maya says client is feeling alone and is doing this, when family life goes offline, there is no other option than going online.

Adhiraj gets passport for Shreya. Shreya happily hugs hm They both reach airport. Shreya excitedly tells all her plans and says if she can change now as she is feeling awkward. Adhiraj says they are still in Bali and she can enjoy affer going to Bali. They give passport for imigration client. Lady applies seal on Shreya’s passport and tells Adhiraj that his passport is full, so he cannot go.

Precap: Adhiraj thanks Sanaya for helping him in canceling his Bali trip. Sanaya says it is her duty and gives him papers. Shreya panics in her room and breaks her and Adhiraj’s photoframe.

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    Adhiraj deserve to go to doctor.. he is foresure gay..??????????? Who want to go far from his newly wed wife???
    Janvi is really smart.????????
    Maya is so lonely and tanaya is having child than even childless and Akansha is so stubbron but so loving

  2. hate adhiraj

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