Queens Hain Hum 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Queens Hain Hum 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode start with Maya and Tanya discusing about their past event. Maya and Tanya have Kaka famous coffee and just than Sonakshi calls and informs about cramps and false pain and Tanya get tensed, but clarify she is fine and Sona mom cancels the call. Maya ask Tanya to relex.

Chaityana comes in Akanasha office and they flirts with each other and discuss about college days and romance. After that they decide the fake name for book that is Romeio, which Akanasha normally calls him and used to call in college, than they both leave to pick their son from school.

Queen(expect Sherya) meet at maya house and discuss about sherya and Adhiraj honeymoon. They try about America, paris. But cancels. Than about Thailand and get naughty by dreaming about massage. Tanya says very bad thinking

and all laugh. Than finally Tanaya suggest about Bali, romantic destination. All jokes how she knows and Tanya inform she wanted to go their but went kashmir due to mummy ji, all laugh And all like idea. After that Maya informs about surprise party of her in laws.

Sherya Mother in law gets call and she inform that Sanaya left just now. Sherya sees her and decide to follow. Sherya follows Sanaya car in auto and stop at some place. Just than adhiraj come their and they both went into one car. Sherya recalls her MIL words that adhiraj have important meeting in Chandigrah and faints.

Sherya open her eyes and Adhiraj inquire her about her health and inform that auto driver dropped her back to home. MIL says your BP is low, take rest and ask if need anything. And goes.

Tanya reach back home and get upset with Dev. Dev ask her to have tea but she says that why did he not inform about Sona health?? Dev says that it was not big deal and you take tension. Tanya MIL inform that she asked Dev not to Inform Tanya as she take ttoooo much tension and ask her to relex and make Malai Koffta in dinner.

Servent informs Adhiraj and Sherya about packet given by Queens. Adhiraj read on packet- for love birds adhiraj and sherya. They both see and find honeymoon package and Sherya gets happy about Honeymoon package in Bali for 5 days.
Adhiraj ask her mother to make sherya realise about my campiange. But sherya says that his campiange is starting next month. Adhiraj says that Sanaya already made my schedule. MIL says that work will be done by me and Rathor family daughter in laws need not to wait to go out, asking adhiraj to go and she will handle everything. MIL prasies Queens about idea and its presentation. And ask Sherya to start packing. Sherya gets happy and thanks her. And goes for packing. Leaving Adhiraj tensed.

1. Maya says to her employee that lonelynes is not easy to handle.
2. Tanaya take care of Sona ill childs. Her MIL says its so strange that who do not care about child is having 3rd child and who cares for child even doctors are fail to treat that person (praising sona)
3. Adhiraj and Sherya are at airport, where receptionist inform that she can’t put stamp kn adhiraj passport as it is full, adhiraj smiles a little and sherya gets tensed(trick played by sanaya and adhiraj).

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