Queens Hain Hum 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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At award function venue, Maya comes down with queens. Her beauty parlor clients discuss Maya has used her political contacs to get award, else everyone knows what all she did. Maya greets them all. Chaitanya praises Akansha that she is looking ery beautiful. Dev tells Tanya same and Maya’s children to her. Dadaji tells Maya that he spoke to Avinash and he will reach in 20 minutes. They all sit. Adhiraj hosts the event and briefs about women power and their achievement in all aspects of life. Queens praises Shreya that her husband is hot like George Clooney. Adhiraj praises even his mother for upbringing him well and calls Maya for a dance performance. Maya dances on badal pe paon hai…song….After performance, Maya joins back family.

Dadaji speaks

to Avinash and tells Maya that he is on the way and will reach soon. Adhiraj calls his mother her heiness Madhurima Rathod to come and speak on stage. Madhurima briefs about award categories and she has included categories this time and tells all successful women have backing of their family, so each family member will come and receive award.

Adhiraj calls each award recipient. Maya eagerly waits for Avinash. Adhiraj is about to call Maya when Madhurima interrupts him and says she has one more announcement to make andsays she has included bravery award and calls Akansha on stage. Akansha and queens jump in happiness. Madhurima annouces 30 lakhs frm her charitable organization . Akansha goes on stage and thanks Chaitanya and Aniket for being her support and calls them on stage to receive award.

Maya’s turn comes next. She eagerly looks at door and ggoes on stage sadly. Queens and children encourage her to rock the stage. Maya says her role model is Madhurima Rathod for being her inspiration and says she searched on internet for role model and realizes each woman is a role model and shares her lengthy moral gyaan. Everyone claps for her. She thanks her in-laws for supporting her and then her children and queens.

Precap: Shreya slips and Adhiraj holds her. Queen smile looking at them. Avniash apologies for not attending function. Dadaji scolds him. Madhurima asks Shreya to go and sleep and scolds if she did not learn Rathod family rule yet.

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